They are so different, yet so the same.

He has no family, and has been alone most of his life. He has always dreamed that he can be better…that he will be better. He is not the brightest boy, yet carries an incredible amount of empathy.

She however, has always been surrounded by her family, and has never been left alone in a room, let alone owning her own apartment. She believes herself weak and insignificant. She is cunningly smart, as she was forced to be, yet she has never lived a normal life, so finds it hard to relate to others.

Yet they are so similar.

Although she has never been without family, she has always been alone just like him. She, just like him, is always fighting to be better, no matter what others think. She is courageous like him, and she is abused like him.

Yet, unlike him, she was never noticed.