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normal POV

-Black Order Headquarters-

It was chaos. Everything was in ruins and falling apart. They got attacked again since those fom central thought it to be a good idea to put the information they got from the egg to use and of course it had to be done in the Order, so yes they had a not really functioning akuma machine(it got destroyed already) and three four level akuma up on their neck.

If it wasn't good enough they had to find out now that the generals aren't invincible since the monster and the lady with the monkey had their hands full with two of them and Tiedoll still couldn't quite choose from protecting the order members or fight and leave them die(the akumas didn't wait until they evacuated) and the other exorcists were no match for the level four and did I mention there were level three and below as well...

So yes it was chaos and there was only one thing a certain someone could do, even if it meant his death since his body was fused with his innocence, if use more from it's power it won't be able to support his body anymore. He will die.

But at the moment at Lenalee's scream he could be careless and so he spoke to his partner and with it they started their last attack. It wasn't even anymore about synchronisation since he and the innocence were two in one body. Innocence give it's everything to it and with a blinding white light there was as if a million spikes everywhere and mostly in the akumas since these went into them and cut them up from the inside.

It was only a moment long and after it there was only silence, all silent not understanding what just happened, at the scream they got to know where to look.

Lenalee cried. She tried to go to Allen but his innocence didn't let her, it was furious.

It was their fault. It's partner's suffering was their fault. Allen did all he could but they accused him being the fourteen, whispered behind him instead of helping him to get the Noah out of him and wanted him to be judged as a heretic which would have meant his immediate execution. And still he wants to give his life for these.

So innocence was furious as Allen's body was crumbling and he was slowly closing his eye with a smile on his lips.

But it can't hurt them, Allen wouldn't forgive it and it can't do against the will of the only one who though of it as his equal as his partner and not some weapon, not a curse.

Rabbi hurried to where the scream came from and saw Lenalee trying to go near a white and red mist but it pushed her away not even near gently but even so she was back the mist was getting smaller the second eventually disappearing completely.

Allen died.

-somewhere the north part of the Earth-

they where on the edge of a high hill everywhere in sight trees and on the left side a river way below them.

It was blowing heavily and felt really good. He wanted to sit up but found he couldn't so he opted to just look up. There was a white thing above him with a mask resembling a clown.

It's face was looking like as if it was smiling and Allen found himself smiling back.

"Who are you?"

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