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Lelouch gulped. Suzaku smirked sexily as he inched himself, if possible, closer to the blushing-naked-sexy boy. Both teens were in the shower - the violet-eyed boy being pressed into the tiled wall by a very horny, and scary Suzaku who had just interrupted his comrades shower by coming and shoving his very large erection into the raven's stomach and trapping him in-between his arms. Lelouch said, blushing furiously, "What are you-"

"Shh…" Suzaku whispered into his ear. He meshed their faces together and rubbed his hands down Lelouch's body; first going over pert nipples - to the pretty boy's slender waist - to sliding tan hands around his milky thighs and finally giving his ass a nice squeeze. Throughout this, Lelouch was surprised at how he was gasping and whimpering like a shy schoolgirl as his ass was violated by his best friend. Suzaku sighed then, in relief, and hot white liquid drenched down, mixing soon with the water, against Lelouch's stomach. The brunette removed his hands from Lelouch and places his palms flat against the shower wall. He hung his head for a moment. Lelouch's whole face and body burned red.

"Morning wood," was all Suzaku had said before he left the room with a deep chuckle, leaving Lelouch in a very frantic and aroused state.

A/N: Hehe .... I admit Lelouch did seem a little OOC, because some of you may think he would have shooed Suzaku out of that shower, but I, however, feel that a part of Lelouch is very shy and submitting when he's faced with, unspeakable actions And I intend to show that side. *evil laughter*

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