A/N: A two part mini geass special for you! Enjoy~

Play Time: Part 1

"Alright children, it's play time!"

That was their signal to go do whatever they wanted and have fun. Immediately all the little children got up and ran to different parts of the room to play with toys and the like.

"Lulu, let's play house!" Suzaku exclaimed.

"Okay but I pick who I am this time!" He pouted and Suzaku shrugged as they both ran to the playhouse. The two dug into the costume box and each pulled out various items. "I'll be the daddy, and you be the mommy," Lelouch said to Suzaku and replaced the hat he had in his hands with an apron.

"Okay," Suzaku smiled and said. He put on the apron while Lelouch put on a hat and tie. He was only happy to play with Lelouch, his best friend in the entire world.

"Okay Suzaku- since I am the daddy, you do all the cleaning and cooking while I go to work," he ordered.

Suzaku pouted. He didn't like that idea. He said, "that's not fair! I don't know how to cook and clean."

Lelouch looked at him with his nose up high (something he'd learned from Schiezel of course) and said, "well learn then. I'm the daddy so I make the rules!"

Suzaku pouted still, but did as his friend said. He was the daddy after all, and he made the rules. But Suzaku still didn't like those rules. He was always the daddy. But even if Lelouch wasn't, he'd boss him around no matter what. Suzaku was play-ironing a shirt when he decided it was time to take charge and lay down the law like his dad did.

"I'm home wifey-poo," Lelouch announced as he walked threw the playhouse door. He furrowed his brows and said, "I do not smell food! This is outrage!" He huffed and folded his arms. He stomped his feet angrily.

"That's cuz you didn't make it!" Suzaku stuck his tongue at out him and stole his tie and hat. "Now I get to be the daddy!" he tried to put the tie on but failed. So he stuck out his chest and said to Lelouch, "fix my tie woman!"

Lelouch gasped. "You suck Suzaku!" he folded his arms across his chest.

"I do not!" Suzaku poked him hard in the chest. Lelouch glared at him, then tackled him to the ground. Suzaku quickly overpowered him and sat on his chest. He smirked down at the boy. "I win so I'm the daddy."

"Oww you fatty you're hurting me..." Lelouch whined.

"Sorry Lulu!" Suzaku got up and helped his friend up gently. "Are you okay? Did I break your stomach?" He looked around for any sign of damage.

Lelouch folded his arms across his chest and said, "hmmf, I probly need to rest for a few days now."

Suzaku gasped. "I'll carry you to the bed, I'm sorry Lulu!" he picked him up, while Lelouch gasped and kicked his legs. "Hey you're tiny Lulu." Suzaku laughed and set him down on the bed.

There was a knock on the playhouse door and Euphemia walked in. "Hi, can I play?" she asked with a smile.

Suzaku forgot about Lelouch and turned his attention to Lelouch's half sister instead with a dreamy smile. "Sure!" he said.

But Lelouch pouted with a frustrated expression and answered, "no! Suzaku and I are playing by ourselfs!" His sister was always bothering them and he just wanted Suzaku for himself.

"Lulu!" Suzaku protested.

"Well what are you playing?" she inquired cutely.

"Don't tell her-"

"House! I'm the daddy and Lulu's the mommy!" Suzaku said cheerfully.

"But two boys can't be marry!" Euphemia giggled.

Suzaku gasped, "they can't?"

"Course not Suzu. I'll be mommy and Lulu can be our baby, kay?" she happily skipped over to them and took the apron, then gave Leloch a binky and bib from the costume box.

Lelouch pouted, and Suzaku shrugged. "Sorry Lulu. We can't be marry." He walked over to Euphemia and play-pretended to be her husband.

"Hubby, I made you supper," Euphemia cooed with a darling smile. The pink apron she wore matched nicely with her pink dress and bright hair. Suzaku was dazzled by her appearance.

"Thank you wife. Now to eat," he sat down next to her and smiled. They pretended to eat from the plastic kitchen-set inside the house, with all of the plastic dining ware and food.

Lelouch watched them interacting happily and pouted more. That's why he wanted to be the daddy! So he could make the rules and not stand by while his sister took over everything, including Suzaku.

"Euphie where did you go- oh you playing house!" Gino opened the door and grinned at them. "Can we play too?" We, meaning Gino, and Milly, Rivalz, Shirley, C.C and Kallen. They crowded inside the house before anyone answered.

Suzaku grinned back and being the friendly little boy he was said, "yeah it'll be more funner that way too!"

"I'm the mommy!" Milly said quickly with a raise of her hand.

Euphemia stood up and said with a smile, "I'm already mommy Milly."

"Well whose the daddy?" Gino asked.

"I am," Suzaku cheered.

"I'll play you paper rock scissors for it!"

"Uh... okay!"

Milly flung back her long golden curls and said to Euphemia, "I'm a better mommy."

Shirley spoke up next to her, "Milly don't be mean to Euphy..." She shied away when said blond gave her a look.

A little girl with long green hair shook her head. "Kallen," she spoke to her best friend, "how bout we play this house too? I be the customer and you be the pizza man." In her arms she hugged close a miniature yellow plushy with three legs, two arms and a hat, her cheese-kun.

The only girl with short hair, Kallen responded, "Ceecee, I'm a girl. That won't work."

"Hmm... maybe so, but I am a queen so I dub you royal pizza man." She tapped Kallen on the head with Cheese-kun's tiny hand.

"But I don't have any pizza."

"Then you die," the green-haired girl said with a straight face. Her eyes wandered away from the pouting girl in front of her and saw something interesting. "Hey look, it's little Lulu. Let's go see if he has pizza. C'mon cheese-kun." The two girls flocked over to the pouting boy in a bib.

"Lelouch, why are you wearing that?" Kallen couldn't contain her laughter and C.C. giggled along with her.

"I was playing with Suzaku until Euphy showed up," he said as he watched the group who were still arguing over who get's to be the mother.

"That poop face! Want me to beat her up for you Lelouch?" Kallen was quick to jump to her best friends (practically idol's) aid when he was upset.

"Kallen, Euphy is Lulu's sister. He would never hurt her!" C.C. said with a mischievous grin.

Lelouch glared at her with a pout. "And that's why this sucks!"

The two girls sat on either side of him on the small bed and watched the group interact. "Hmm..." C.C. rubbed her chin in thought. "We could always make Suzu fall in love with you instead."

Lelouch turned pink. "What are you saying CeeCee? Suzaku likes girls and I'm a boy," he pouted. He looked over and caught Suzaku's eye, who waved at him with a goofy smile. This made Lulu blush harder and turn away. "Besides, who said I wanted him to love me anyways..."

Kallen nodded. "That's right Lulu! You don't need that dumb boy anyways!"

C.C. looked at both of them as if they had gone mad. With a quick bonk on the head to her trusty sidekick, Kallen, and her favorite boy Lulu, she sorted them out. "You two need to dream a little more. Suzu has the potential to love Lulu, he just doesn't know it yet."

"Hmm Ceecee what's PO-tenn-shull?" Kallen asked, cocking her head to one side.

Lelouch answered for her. "Potential, capable of becoming or possessing the ability to do, or being possible in an ability or act."

Kallen nodded, amazed at how smart Lelouch was. "So how do we get Suzaku to know his potential?"

"Leave it to cheese-kun and I!" The green-eyed girl cheered in deadpan. She held up her doll and marched away. Kallen shrugged along with Lelouch, and then scurried off after her friend.

Lelouch was watching the others play, after they had settled on reasonable and fair roles for everyone. Ceecee and Kallen were huddled together, probably plotting something, for a short while. Then they came back over to Lelouch, all smiles and triumphant looks on their round faces. "I have a plan..." she said, pulling Lelouch in closer.

To be Continued...