Emeralds and Lavenders (retitled)

My first Drizzt Do'urden fanfiction. Post-novels, the drow is alone with Guenhwyvar. Homecoming

Chapter one

She held a shard in her hand. Father had instructed her to use it when it was an emergency. Well now it was! The pursuers were gaining on her.

Unrolling the scroll, the girl realized she couldn't read them. Damn!

"All right, give me your money. Or your life!" She took off again, bullets whizzing past her ear. Someone help me! Help me please! Then she tripped. No! The shard spun in the air, then clattered to the ground. It shattered. Blinding green light. She screamed.

When she stood up, nobody was pursuing her anymore. Running stream, whistling, open sky. Glaring sunlight heated her face. She walked unsteadily to the remains of the shard. "Father what do I do?" She was surprised to come to the edge of a cliff. Rocks and a river below. Bird calls, trees surrounding the place.

She smiled. Was this a utopia, which Father had described in his last moments? "Sedna, I want you to have this. It will aid you when you most need it. Faerun is real my child."

"Father, don't leave me! Please!"

He pressed a green emerald shard into her hands. Then his breathing grew labored.

"Sedna, if you ever reach the realm, find Drizzt Do'urden. He is a good elf. He is a hero in those lands. The surface elves are good…. Stay away from the orcs. "

The doctors shook their heads. The old man was delusional. Shortly after…

Drizzt Do'urden? I need to start walking to find him.

Sedna wondered how she could get down from the cliff. She had no rope nor anything left on her…. Then footsteps were heard. Oh no! She went behind a rock and held still.

An ugly brute sniffed the air. He spoke some guttural language. Other scuffling sounds. Sedna held still. This must be an orc. They were evil. They stomped closer to her, then pounded away howling. Sedna shuddered.

They had seen the emerald shards and knew someone had come here.

"What is it, Guenhwyvar?" Drizzt asked. He had summoned the panther out for company. The drow had been alone after he left Mithral Hall. After they had won some major victories, the roads called to his restless spirit and once again, he was in search of new adventure. Loneliness was not in him now, but his panther was a welcome companion. If fate would have it, he would meet them again.

Guenhwyvar snarled. Drizzt readied his scimitars and followed her. An orc's club lay on the grass. Were they here even now? His keen sense of hearing didn't detect his enemy's breathing or footsteps. He sheathed his weapons. Gleam of emerald. Lavender orbs narrowed as he knelt down to examine it. The panther nudged him. She pawed and sniffed the air near a boulder.

Drizzt picked up the piece carefully. He walked to the boulder and touched it. "Could someone be there? What do you sense my friend?"

The aftermath of magick. Drows knew instinctively who or where magick was cast. Even though the drow had only basic skills of his dark kin, he felt it keenly through the boulder. But he had no strength to shift it. Something or someone had come through here. Drizzt called Guenhwyvar to follow him as he went into the forest which led downwards. The panther easily leapt down, while he had to descend.

Footprints of a shoe. But they were not large, quite small. Female. The drow saw more scatterings of the same emerald stones. This time they were in powder form.

Dusk. It was growing late. Sedna had tried to hold onto the emerald. It was what remained of father. Why did he leave me alone? He said he would have time to show her things. He had been onto something big. It had started with a major case of an elf sighting. Then he got wounded in a fight with some mafia people.

She shook her head. The largest shard was glowing in her hand. What's happening? Looking behind, Sedna noticed she had left a trail of glowing green. 'I'm going to be hunted down if I don't conceal this fast. Stupid emerald. Stop falling apart on me!'

She was tired, hungry and her feet hurt. It would be all right just to rest right? Sedna sat down on a rock, pulling out her water bottle from her bag. Only a little water left. She sipped from it and decided to ration the rest.

Dark elf. How will he look like? Does he speak our language? What if I cannot communicate? I may die before I even reach him. Tears filled her green eyes.

The emerald bristled in her hands. Lumbering footsteps heading this way! The same guttural sounds as just now. Sedna looked around for a place to hide. An excited bark, and dark figures leapt out from the undergrowth. Shit! Sedna tried to climb the nearest tree. No grip. Chancing a look, they were gaining. A black animal resembling a large wolf with red eyes salivated and barked. No, I can't die here! She thought frantically.

"My girl, the shard will help you. If you are scared, it will unleash its protective magic. An elf's gift to me. Keep it with you always. "

The horrible smiles on those deformed monsters. Sedna managed to get atop a branch and sat astride it. She looked into the crystal and asked it to help her. Her hands were slick.

Snapping jaws and lunging dark brute hands.

Guenhwyvar roared and jumped onto an orc. The monster howled, unable to fight her off. Drizzt's scimitars were out in a flash. He sliced in a blur and each orc came away bleeding profusely, stomachs and throats dripping blood.

One of it continued running forward. Drizzt chased him. Green light twinkled from up a tree. It seemed a giant hellhound was barking and several more orcs were surrounding the place. The one closest to the drow cried out 'Drizzit!' caused a panic among them. That was the last thing he uttered.

Sedna held out the emerald in front of her as if it would protect her. The tingling spread across her body. A large arm gripped her leg. She used it to hit him.

Drizzt knew he had to reach it in time. "Guenhwyvar, take those to your left!" He stabbed the orc near the tree base. A few began hitting back, but the elf was too cunning. A sphere of darkness enfolded them. He avoided all their hits and scored vital areas with Twinkle and Icingdeath. More dropped dead. Sedna opened her eyes and found that she was no longer afraid. The emerald's glow surrounded her entirely.

A fast moving blur with white long hair and lavender eyes, two swords in his hands. He was cutting a path through them. He is coming to save me? The shard became warm, then just as it had before, it broke. Some of it cut her hands but she had no blood. Brilliant otherworldly light blinded the enemy. Drizzt closed his eyes briefly as well.

When it died down, the hound and orcs around the tree were whimpering and covering their faces. A few limped away. The drow opened one eye, then the other. Now he saw a mortal sitting on top of the tree. A persistent orc was holding her ankle, trying to pull her down. He settled him with Twinkle and stood below, panting slightly.

Sedna startled at the closeness of this man. No, elf with dark skin. Pointed ears poked from his ivory mane. He was the person who had been cutting them down. The powder misted into the air.

Drizzt had never seen a foreign human so young in these parts. She looked younger than Catti-brie, was tanned and had short dark hair. The jewel had been protecting her and was the same source. Would she fear him? That was the instinctive urge of any person who looked at him.

Sedna did not know what to say. For moments, the drow and human stared at each other in contemplation. She wondered: did the fey understand English? From her father's collection of fantasy, they spoke what was known as the common language.

She didn't dare to come down. And she didn't know how to come down.

If she was unlucky enough, this drow wasn't Drizzt Do'urden.

"Are you Drizzt Do'urden?" Sedna asked, her voice shaking. She gripped the emerald tighter in her hand. It was not lighted. It will only shine in times of danger.

He nodded. "Yes. How do you know my name?" She spoke the common tongue.

Well, I don't think he is lying. "My father told me about you. Where is your cat?" she asked. He was accompanied by the guardian cat.

Drizzt turned as Guenhwyvar came beside him. Was this girl a sorceress? Guenhwyvar sat down and began licking her paw. Sedna's eyes widened and she smiled. "She is a beauty."

The dark elf smiled. His skin was ebony, but his body language showed no threat.

Sedna relaxed. "Can you help me? Please?"

"Jump, I will catch you." Drizzt held out his muscular arms. When she was down, Sedna felt the cat press its head to her leg. She patted her.

In a cave, fire burning.

He roasted rabbit and cooked a stew. The girl was very quiet. "You are alone? Where is your family?" Drizzt tried to make conversation. She had not screamed at him.

Sedna nodded. "My father died."

Sympathy rose in the dark elf. "I am sorry. I'm also an orphan. May I know your name?"

Oh, how rude of her. She hadn't introduced herself. "Sedna. I came here when this emerald broke in my hands."

He gave her some meat. For the stew they evidently had to share the spoon. Sedna had never been so near a male before, except her father. She had to sit nearer to him. Felt shy.

"Sedna is a nice name. It's good that you like animals. Guenhwyvar knows if people we encounter are good."

She smiled and drank the broth. It was delicious! Drizzt was very curious. He had seen wizards in full control of their powers and some who went mad wielding spells. This child had a wizard name and was in possession of a jewel. He reached for his pouch.

"I should give this back to you. I found it at the cliff."

He showed her part of the shard. It tingled in his hand. Sedna took it. "Thank you, Mr Drizzt." She opened her bag. The larger shard joined with it and flew into the air.

Damn! Don't be like this. Sedna thought. Drizzt stared in wonder. She held out her hands, after floating in the air awhile, the almost completed jewel dropped. The girl was its master, no doubt about that. "Sedna, you are a wizard? From here?"

Sedna shook her head. "No I am human. My father gave me this before he died. Where is here?"

She could hardly believe that this was Faerun! When Drizzt said it, Sedna felt giddy with euphoria. Then she would not be pursued by the mafia anymore. No need to worry about money.

He cocked his head. "You're from another world?"

"Earth if that's what you mean. But another time." Sedna gestured. The drow could not possibly understand what she was trying to convey. She explained that they had cars and tall buildings. "But I am no wizard or magic person. I don't know anything about those. My father said I will be safe with you."

Drizzt was touched that the human trusted him on someone's word. It was rare that a human would not shun his kind immediately. He said, "It was a bright light that frightened off some of the orcs. I had thought you were in control, its master. Your father was human as well?"

Sedna smiled. Elves are curious indeed. "Yeah. It's just that… he liked reading fantasy stories and had stumbled upon a big discovery. He had found this world, I think. When I got to him, that day, he was dying. Drizzt." The grief returned in bursts and Sedna sobbed. The dark elf laid his arm across her shoulders. She balled herself up, then gave vent to her pain entirely.

He whispered, "You will not be alone, Sedna. Not anymore. It's all right."

The drow listened to her account of what happened. Eventually she calmed down and fell asleep. Drizzt lay down beside her. It was dawn and he could not stay awake anymore.

When Sedna opened her eyes, she forgot where this place was. A high ceiling. Then it all came back to her. Drizzt Do'urden lay beside her, sound asleep. She touched his white hair contrasting with his dark skin.

I had cried on him. He must think I'm crazy.

"You are not alone," he had said. Sedna smiled and fingered the shard. Am I its owner? I will need to find out how to use this jewel. It's not that hopeless, had saved her from the orcs. Plus brought Drizzt and Guenhwyvar here.

I will triumph over adversity. Since I'm here, with a hero dark elf, I will embrace whatever comes my way!