Emer and Lavenders episode 18 (yep I see it as episodal mwahaha)

Are immortals sadder than humans?

Down the Distant Road- Inuyasha final act theme. Dedicated to blueshadow and my regular online pals! I don't have descrip of the man's fortress in Sojourn, except from the comic so I based it on that.

Sedna watched the dark elf prostrate to his old friend's grave. After he cleared some of the ivy away, touching the stone reverently, Drizzt got up. He did miss Mooshie, but not enough to weep as much as he had, almost a hundred years ago. He must be in heaven, the dark elf thought. Sedna asked if he was alright, concern reflected in her expressive face. Drizzt smiled.

He settled her in one of the cozy living quarters of Mooshie's fortress on level ground. There were many more storeys which he would like to explore later. "I will hunt for some food. There is some water behind." His keen hearing had detected water gurgling from a brook and pushing apart some bushes, he showed her where to obtain a re-supply. She nodded, setting to purify the water for drinking. Drizzt left. The animals were quick to hide and the ranger needed help flushing them out. So he summoned Guenhwyvar.

In an hour, he returned and the companions ate a fine meal of venison and broth. The meal was considered supper, as the moon had risen. Sedna had located some fruit. Drizzt was pleased with her resourcefulness. If he could not hunt, she should be able to handle fishing and fruits. Without prompting, Drizzt confided, "Montolio could not see. I did not know he was blind, until I saw the milky- white of his pupils. His hearing was just as keen as mine and he taught me everything about being a ranger. I had underestimated his prowess. He can fight much better than me. Once, he should have been a voracious reader for he read to me and taught me the human languages and cultures. I was quite reluctant to depart."

Sedna paid close attention. He did not weep, and had an animated, factual tone of describing the person. "Why did you not stay? It must have been fun."

Drizzt paused. Spirit, her emerald, shouted into her head- No no you silly! Didn't we see his grave just now? Damn. Screwup! Sedna realized her mistake and held out her hand. "No you don't need to tell me! Sorry, to bring up the past. Let's just eat."

She focused on her bowl.

Drizzt's voice lilted, "I do not mind greatly. Mooshie, what he insisted I call him, was of great age. When we talked, it was of light things but also of his coming death. I had naively felt I could remain here. One day in winter, he had died peacefully. It broke my heart. Without his soul, the forest seemed empty. I had to move on, as he wisely advised me many many times. I would have many years ahead of me as an Elfkind." Drizzt poked the fire, staring into the flames. Recounting the past would either drain him or make him furious but not this part of history. He just felt numb and aching.

"Thanks for sharing this with me, Drizzt. He was a good guy, I am glad that you met a kind generous human… or you'd think us complete tyrants eh?" she tried to joke.

The ranger blinked slowly, cocking his head, his long pointies flicking as if to listen to other conversations. Then, he smiled faintly.

"Your idea of a joke is strange, Sedna. I do not understand humans' ways despite meeting many of you. One thing is for certain, I envy you for having a short lifespan and one of less pain." He could not repress the slight bitterness in his voice. Why could his burden not be lightened over the centuries? Why did he always have to walk alone?

She was on another track altogether, mind about to explode. Sedna began drawing figures on the sand with her staff. The tall figure represented the immortals and line up for a graph was ok, pain was down. "Lifespan, this is human. Longer one for an elf or an immortal being… Pain, ok, not ok etc. This to represent elf, the longer line. How can we judge if someone has less or more pain? Aren't you feeling ok now?"

"Huh? What is this ok? I do not quite catch…." He made a growling noise and glared. Was Sedna mocking and vilifying him?

Her voice only resounded with confidence to emphasize her point. "Ok meaning fine, not sad not happy just… being. I see losing my family as pain, but now I feel alright. Given, I don't know the extent of an immortal's suffering. But surely there is some happiness in between, in the present?"

Drizzt's brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed to slits. She paused, oh shit had she overstepped the line? Instead of striking her or shouting, the ranger bent his head. With his hand he drew something quickly. Eh, they were sketches of birds and four-legged animals. "Done. These represent the times I am 'ok' as you put it. You sound like some friends. I did not expect a lecture, though. Bruenor especially."

He grudgingly admitted her point was true, inside. Spirit bounded by his side and gently nudged the dark elf's shoulder. Drizzt listened to a frequency no others could hear then smiled wryly. "Wait till I repeat what I have seen and done one hundred times. Heheh." She sighed and rubbed her temples. It was refreshing to hear Drizzt joke and even chuckle at his own thinking.


"Argh, stop with these new words. Better explain or I'll speak in elven and not translate." He made a pack and lay down, yawning.

"Eh sorry. Cool doesn't mean it's cold or weather, it's just a slang for joy. Don't you have stuff like that here?"

Drizzt closed his eyes. She had forgotten about sleeping quarters, were there beds? She stood up to find out. The drow muttered something in what seemed like common but she didn't get it. "Pardon moi?"

"I said- where be ye going lass?" he solemnly declared. So he had not fallen deeply asleep! Ah the words game! She shrugged. He loftily provided, "Speaking dwarfish"

"Oh. Ye means you. I'm going to find a bed. Ok, is that fine with you?" she thought he mimicked them well. Drizzt motioned for her to lie down right here, in drow code. Then she couldn't see. When had it become pitch black? But Sedna was not afraid. Calmly she settled down cross-legged. In a while the mist dissipated.

"Good you are calm. I'll scout the area tomorrow. Doesn't feel like it will be cold tonight, let's get some sleep." So, he was playing the big brother role very widely today, even making a dark orb to stop her eh? Spirit laughed. She didn't know if she wanted to laugh. But it seemed pointless to object.

Being alert for two whole days had taken its toll on the ranger. This time, he slipped into much needed deep sleep. Sedna touched his forehead, but he did not stir. Quiet and breathing deeply, the drow looked no older than a brother. Scars over muscles showed the testimony of what years had worn him down. I hope that you can be happy now, my brother. Do not over analyze everything. She wished inside her heart.

This was the first night Drizzt slept through, just like a human being. Interesting how he could adapt his circadian rhythm according to movement, activity and rest. He could be concerned that I might fall and hurt myself. I am responsible and mature now, I think. How many years have passed? I feel older than twenty. I have so much to think, can't sleep. I'll write them all down.

Sedna opened her pack and found a bundled stack of papers. A shopkeeper had given this to her. The previous sketches she had done were in her book, the one she'd salvaged when they had returned to her house. With one color pencil, she tried out the end and began penning her stuff.

When her eyelids drooped, she lay down on everything and surrendered.

The elf was rejuvenated. He woke at the chirrup of birds. A flock of robins and tits had perched on a tree overhead. He shaded his sensitive eyes. Drizzt stretched himself to ease his cramps and rubbed his neck. Time to scout the areas which were safe or not. The ranger smiled at the fireplace in the front room, where they had sat many hours debating and when he had closed himself, Mooshie had not given up probing him. He was so nosy. Finally Drizzt had admitted his background of tortures and the Underdark. The steps held but the railing almost gave. He made a note of the unsafe areas and found some twine to tie the spots.

Finding some lamps, he lit them, for the castle's interiors were dark. Drizzt glanced outside, to the pass. Would orcs come again? He hoped that they would not have established a base. Sedna was not trained well yet. They had to resume training.

Once he completed the rounds, he returned and Sedna had not woken. Hehe. She was indeed calm when faced with his globe of darkness. Concentrating, picturing the spell, he tried if he could levitate. Yes, he hovered a few inches off the ground. Spirit gasped, gah! Why are you ghosting elf?

Drizzt chuckled. Do not be alarmed. I couldn't levitate for long. Seems I haven't completely lost my skills. The magic, has returned. Do you know why I suddenly Confessed that demon? I am unsettled, truly.

Hmmmm, I didn't tell mistress. She is delighted, told Guen and me a lot about how wonderful that is. Embrace it. Do not worry about power. Why?

I see. Well, I don't know if I embrace this. However when I try to, I will faint. My exertions are still fresh, not intending to do it again Spirit. Swords are more controllable. When did she sleep? Didn't she listen to instructions?

He was not irritated, merely concerned. A drow is endlessly patient. He had handled children and sprites, hobbits before. On some journeys he had come across a stowaway on Deudermont's ship. The boy had asked for his counsel and wanted to rush into battle. Drizzt had given him aid.

Now he stood over her and knelt down. Hesitantly, his black hand came within inches of her face and then stroked the hair wisps. Catti had looked like that. No he would not flash on the past. Sedna showed herself not the same as his feisty wife, with a colder unpredictable temperament. Only her honesty was reminiscient. Catti had berated him for wanting revenge when they went after Entreri. He had worn a mask to hide his true heritage. His stomach growled. Nature called.

The aroma of frying eggs, Spirit talking and babbling, soft murmur of a male voice. Father? No he is not here. I miss him. "Good morning lass. I found some eggs, what luck. Have missed eating fried omelette." Drizzt remarked cheerfully.

Sedna sat up immediately, mouth salivating. Yea he was cheerful! "You cook well. If I go home, I'd like you to come with me. I dreamt about father, he was showing us to a new big house. I'll teach you about our world…."

He didn't know if he could handle being in a modern world, whatever that meant. They should be at ease here, not worry incessantly. "Eat. It is good you are feeling happy."