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AN: I don't know where the hell this idea came from, but it wouldn't leave me alone. This fic is basically The Rugrats Movie done with the Scoobies as babies, but Xander and Anya are best friends instead of twins like Phil and Lil, and Willow and Tara share the role of Chuckie. You don't need to have ever seen Rugrats to understand this.

Various animal noises are heard coming from a large rainforest. Inside a cave in a nearby mountain, is the entrance to a temple, and five small figures run in. Two of the figures, a small girl with red hair and emerald green eyes, and another girl with brownish-blonde hair and wide blue eyes, both wearing Safari outfits, paused, looking around nervously.

"This place gives me the juice-bumps!" said the red-head.

"M-me t-too" the other girl stuttered, clinging tightly to the red-head's hand as they ran to catch up to their friends. A group of bats flew out of the mouth of the statue, scaring two more children, a boy and a girl wearing explorer outfits.

"Maybe we should go back!" said the boy, who had black hair and brown eyes.

"Very back!" agreed the girl, who had blonde hair and brown eyes. "There could be bunnies here!"

"No, we can't go back!" cried the last child, a blonde-haired, hazel-eyed girl wearing an Indiana Jones costume. She cracked the whip she was holding to emphasise her point. "Okey-Dokey Jones never goes back!" This girl appeared to be the leader, and the group followed her until they reached a huge door shaped like a monkey's head. Inside the monkey's mouth an orange light glowed. "Hang on to your diapies Scoobies, we're going in!" the girl called.

That's Buffy Summers, the bravest baby I ever knowed.

Buffy rushed at the door, which began to close as soon as she was through. The boy and girl in explorers outfits gasped in surprise.

That's Xander and Anya. Anya's scared of bunnies, and Xander eats worms.

Xander and Anya held hands, running and sliding under the door. The red-head and blonde nervously stepped closer.

I'm Willow, the red-head, and the blonde girl is Tara, one of my bestest friends. Uh.. we're not so brave.

Willow and Tara hesitated, shaking with fear, until Buffy's whip wrapped around them and pulled them through the door.

But that's okay, cause I gots Buffy, and she's my other bestest friend!

The kids ran to a tower with a golden monkey idol perched on top of it. Xander and Anya both knelt on all fours, while Tara climbed onto their backs, and Willow climbed onto Tara's shoulder's, then Buffy climbed onto Willow's shoulders, trying to grab the idol, finding it just out of reach. While Buffy was trying to reach the idol, it transformed into a banana split.

"Watch out!" Willow cried. The kids had accidently set off a trap, releasing a huge bolder.

"We've angered the bunny gods!" Anya yelled.

"Run!" Tara cried. The children ran from the bolder, but soon came to a deep gorge. Buffy, Xander, Anya, and Tara made the jump across, but Willow would have fallen if Tara hadn't managed to grab her hand. Unfortunately, Tara wasn't strong enough to pull her up alone, and the boulder was fast approaching.

"Buffy, help!" Willow wailed. Buffy ran back and grabbed Willow's other hand, helping Tara pull her up.

"Come on, you guys!" Buffy yelled, running off.

In reality, the children had been trying to steal a banana split from the fridge, and the boulder was the very pregnant belly of Buffy's mother, Joyce.

"Buffy! You kid's shouldn't be playing in here" said Joyce as the children screamed and ran away.

We thought the good times was gonna last forever.

Suddenly, the five kids ran into a glass door and fell to the ground.

But we was wrong...

AN: There's the first chapter, tell me what you think.