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While the poor little Scoobies mourned for their lost pet, Hank was still flying around in the Dragon Glider, searching. He gasped as he flew over the bridge, spotting the children.

"Joyce, I found them!" he yelled into his radio, relieved. "They're over by the Ranger's station, I'm going iiiiiiiiiiiiiinnn!" The glider finally gave out and plunged downwards, crashing into the Ranger's station and startling the Scoobies. Hank slowly fought his way out of the shattered building, but the upper half of his body was unfortunately trapped inside the wreck of the Dragon Glider.

"Ungh, ungh" he groaned.

"The Lizard!" the children gasped in unison.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh" 'The Lizard' moaned. A determined look came over Buffy's face and she stepped forward, hiking up her diaper as she did so.

"Please Mister Lizard, we wish we could go.. ugh" The pain of losing Oz was still raw. She turned to her friends, all with solemn looks on their faces. Xander and Anya nodded, Dawn was whimpering, and Willow was sobbing into Tara's shoulder. Cordelia, despite all that Oz had put her through, was crying just as hard. Buffy turned back to 'The Lizard', head bowed. "We wish we had our doggie back" she whispered.

"Ungh!" Suddenly, 'The Lizard' fell through a weak part of the bridge. A few seconds later, barking was heard and the Scoobies ran over to the hole, looking down to see Oz licking Hank, now free from the wreckage of the glider and safely perched on one of the bridge's support beams.

"Oz!" Buffy cried happily.

"He's alive!" Xander smiled.

"Thank you Mister Lizard!" Anya shouted into the sky. Behind them tires screeched, and the babies turned to have their eyes assaulted by blinding headlights. Then, through the glare, the kids saw their parents running towards them.

"Buffy, Dawn!" cried Joyce, more relieved than she had ever been in her life. Buffy lifted Dawn out of the Angel Wagon and toddled over to her mother, who swept both girls into her arms, showering them with kisses. "Buffy, Dawn, my babies!"

"We're here!" cried D'Hoffryn, scooping Anya into his arms, while Jessica scooped up Xander. "Jessica and Daddy are here!"

"Daddy's here!" cried Ira, hugging his daughter. "Oh, Willow!"

"Cordy, sweetheart" said Candice, as she and Carl hugged her.

"Oh Mommy, Oh Daddy!" cried Cordy melodramatically. Tara looked around sadly, not seeing her own father, as the monkeys returned to the bridge, looking confused. Then, Tara felt a strong, comforting arm lift her, and looked up into Giles' smiling face.

"There you are, Tara dear, I've got you." Giles then turned and offered his free arm to Hank, helping he and Oz out of the hole. "You've got the family spirit, cousin" he grinned. "Maybe not the brains, but the spirit!"

"Oh Hank, you did it!" grinned Joyce, kissing her husband's cheek. "You found our girls!" Buffy dropped her watch, and Hank picked it up, smiling at the photograph inside.

"Yeah, I guess I did." Then, a police car pulled up, and Jonathan and Andrew jumped out of it. The monkeys ran to them, excited.

"Furry little buddies!" Jonathon smiled.

"Come to Daddy!" Andrew cried.

"Babies and monkeys both lost, now both found.." A female reporter began, before Ethan, on crutches, with a black eye, neck brace, and bandaged head, pushed her away.

"This is my story, pal!" he snapped, turning to the camera. "I'm Ethan Rayne, stay tuned.." Then, the monkeys leapt on him.

"Time for your close up Ethan!" Jessica laughed. "Go get 'im you little simians!" Nearby, Dawn was sucking on a bottle in Joyce's arms. After she'd drank half, she happily passed it to Buffy, who smiled.

"I'm really sorry about all this bro" Hank said, walking over to Carl.

"That's okay little brother" Carl replied, ruffling Hank's hair. "For a nincompoop, you're not half bad."


Back home a little while later, the Scoobies were once again playing Okey-Dokey Jones. Buffy, Anya, Xander, and Willow ran into the temple entrance.

And that was our big adventure! The monkeys founded their Daddies, and we all gots to go home and have fried baloney sandwiches, 'cept Dawn 'cause she got's no teeth.

Tara brought up the rear of the group, smiling at Dawn who she carried on her back.

But if you think things just went back to the way they was before, you're wrong..

The kids reached the pyramid, once again climbing on each other's backs but once again Buffy found the treasure just out of reach. Tara handed Dawn up to her. Dawn grabbed the treasure, which turned into a banana split, and Dawn fell, giggling as she skidded across the floor. The Scoobies cheered

'Cause now, thanks to Baby Dawn, they was even better!

AN: The End! I'll start 'Scoobies In Paris' soon.