A Good Spell Gone A-Scry

The tranquil water gleamed softly in the pre-dawn glow, accented by the votives Sarah had scattered around her desk, more for ambiance than anything else. She cautiously leaned over the bowl, biting her lip. She hadn't tried anything like this before, but the Goblins swore by it, as did a few of the nymphs she'd met and Missus Worm (who claimed the spell lead her to Mr. Worm). It was an oddly peaceful spell, and Sarah relaxed into it, allowing the words to fall lazily into the water.

"Seeing the cycle, always turning,

New beginnings from destined ends—

I ask you humbly, curiosity burning:

Who'll see me through life's twisting bends?"

The water rippled with her intonation, and smoothed again to form a mirror-like surface. The votives flickered as a face formed, and Sarah banged her head against the shelf over her desk when she jerked away from the reflection.

Amused eyes watched as she rubbed the back of her head, swearing, before taking in the spell and grinning widely.

"Why, Sarah," Jareth purred. "All you had to do was ask!" A gloved hand reached through the water's surface and pulled her down again; he rose enough to kiss her soundly before disappearing into what water hadn't sloshed out, leaving a wet and sputtering Sarah to clean up the sopping mess he'd made in the aftermath of her spell.

Oro: Happy Ostara/spring equinox! I don't know much about scrying (the closest I've come to actual spell-casting is reading Tarot cards) so I didn't put much detail in... Well, the story didn't need it. Anyway, I thought to myself, Ostara equals new beginnings, so what better time to scry for true love?
Quill: It's about time you posted this!
Oro: If you're going to inspire holiday stories, I am going to post them on holidays!
Quill: She doesn't own Labyrinth--
Oro: But I did write the poem!