This is a story about how Temari met Shikamaru, how she fell in love, and how she dealt with it. It is set in an AU, so obviously it's not a ninja world... The story is written in her POV, it's more or less a letter to someone (you prob know who... ;D)...

It is inspired by the song To the Moon and Back by Savage Garden... I hope you like it... and if haven't heard the song... youtube it and listen to it... ;D It's AWESOME! ;D

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Sometimes, during the course of our lives inexplicable things happen as a result of two opposing forces colliding. Such a thing has happened to me, I am reluctant to admit it, but the one inexplicable thing that happened to me was the fact that I have fallen in love. Me, a woman who long ago swore that no man would ever enter the deep confines of my heart, fell in love. Now you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this, why I would even bother pouring my heart and soul out to another, quite honestly, I am not sure myself. I just felt the urge to release everything that has been locked away inside this fragile heart of mine. So please, if you may, please read this to the end, and then tell me that I am absolutely out of my mind.

The gears were set into motion a little over a year ago; I had been expelled from my previous school and was thrown into a new one. The reason for my expulsion was simple; I was a nuisance to them, I had gotten into one too many fights, broken one too many jaws, destroyed one too many classrooms. They claimed it was due to bad parenting, that my mother never loved me much, that my father was never around, that perhaps if they had paid more attention to me I would not have become the delinquent I am today.

Personally, I think it is all bullshit, I was not a delinquent, I was not really a nuisance, I was just a girl, protecting the only things that mattered to her; what was left of her broken family. It was they who taunted me, they who picked on me, they who ultimately drove me to who I ultimately became; a cold-hearted bitch. They knew nothing of our lives, they never cared to learn. True, my childhood was not full of rainbows and butterflies, but it was also not full of abuse and utter neglect. I was loved at one point, and at moments in time I am still loved, but my childhood is unimportant right now, what is important now is the fact that I was taken from the only world I knew, and thrust blindly into a new one.

I was torn away from the two things that kept me hanging on, my two younger brothers. Although, many times they were the source of my turmoil, the source of all the fighting and violence, I would still give anything to have them by my side again. I lived my life blindly for them, it was for them that the fights started, that the jaws were broken, that classrooms were destroyed. If they had not threatened my brother, if they had not attempted to hurt him, then perhaps none of this would have happened, perhaps I would have never met him. Unfortunately, we do not have control over what happens in life, we cannot change people's hearts, at least that is what I have always believed, that is, up until now.

Anyway, I believe this introduction is long enough, I believe that it is about time I begin my story, my story of how I met him, the man I foolishly fell in love with...

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