A/N: A short fic that explores what could have been in AF. This was supposed to be a adoption fic to show the possibilities but nothing's wrong with a cousin fic so why bother?

Author of the Month: cascade88


Chapter 1: Thoughts Screwing With My Mind

Rain…I couldn't help but to stop for a moment and enjoy this cool sensation. It felt like smooth champagne- tasted a bit just as refreshing, too. I almost never wanted to part from this invigorating sensation. I felt like I could…

"Ben!-" a familiar female voice cried out, snapping me from my pointless daydreaming. "Some alien muscle would be nice right about now!" I completely forgot about the situation at hand. We were fighting DNAliens and here I was dozing off…while Gwen's in danger!

"Yo, Tennyson!" gritted Kevin angrily. "You can pitch in any time now!" he shouted while dodging DNAliens lunging at him.

Right, right- maybe another time for dozing but not now. I have a job to do. I pushed up my left sleeve, revealing a high-tech device attached to my wrist I was all too familiar with. With a press of a button, a twist and a push I charged towards the unsuspecting aliens as I have so many times before in the form of a super-powered extraterrestrial I fondly call Swampfire. I'm coming Gwen.

I landed in front of my cousin, Gwen, who was obviously outnumbered and cornered quickly disposed of those uglies. "You're welcome." I grinned at her, expecting words of praise for saving her...again.

Instead what I got was a cold stare and a "About time. I could have been a goner! Don't space out on us like that!" she scolded with an upraised pointed finger.

"Sorry." I muffled, shifting my stare to the ground- just for a second. I breathed in deep and looked at her intently. "Listen. I really gotta tell you something…"

"Not now." she snapped without even looking at me. "We gotta go help Kevin before he gets seriously hurt." With that, she dashed off, leaving me in the dust.

I sighed and shook my head. Kevin. I thought angrily, clenching my fist. I drew one more breath to calm my head before catching up with her.

"Seriously getting crowded in here!" Kevin complained, swinging wildly at his surroundings. He wasn't kidding. He was seriously drowning in waves of DNAliens.

"I got your back." I said to him, incinerating the DNAliens with my flame. I wasn't really intending on helping the guy not so much as I was trying to impress Gwen by saving her *shudder* boyfriend's butt.

"Close call there. Nice assist, Ben." he smiled, throwing a semi-conscious DNAlien a few meters away towards a nearby dump.

"Ben?" I chortled. "Since when do you call me by my first name?" I asked in disbelief.

"Since you've earned my respect. You've impressed me the months we've been a team." he smirked. "You've learned to fight dirty and without mercy!" Gwen raised a brow and looked at me questioningly and the fighting 'methods' I learned from Kevin.

"I only turned those clowns to dust to save your life! I do not fight like that!" I protested, turning back into myself with a twist on the Omnitrix-insignia embedded in my chest. Kevin quickly caught on to my nervousness and began to smirk.

"But you're still intimidated by Gwen's 'stare'." he shook his head. "Imagine the great Benjamin Tennyson- scared of a girl." he declared mockingly, raising his arm in the air and piecing each word in a straight line as if it was tomorrow's headline.

To this remark Gwen shifted her 'deadly' stare at him. Kevin gulped upon noticing this. "Not that there's anything wrong with being intimated by girls. I was joking around. I mean, not that it was something to joke around. Not that girls are weak or anything. I- I mean we- and you and they. Uh, catch you guys' later." he stuttered nervously, turning around and walking briskly towards his car and zooming off, leaving us stranded. Luckily our houses weren't too far off.

"C'mon. I think we can manage on foot." I said, wrapping an arm around her.

"So what was it you wanna tell me back there?" She asked, looking at me nonchalantly.

I looked at her uneasily before turning away, not noticing that I've already slid my arm off her shoulder. She looked at me, seemingly worried of my sudden change of demeanor but never bothered to ask why. We continued to walk silently back to our respective houses.

Why didn't I just blurt it out when I had the chance? I have to tell her before 'they' happen. Maybe I call her tonight. Tell her to drop by. What's the worst that can possibly come out from this...?

A/N: This'll probably be 5 chapters long- or six. Maybe seven tops. I didn't think this first chappie was any good but I assure later chapters won't disappoint.