AUTHOR: Stompy Bigfoot

DISCLAIMER: Supernatural belongs to Warner Bros., CW, Wonderland Sound and Vision, McG, Eric Kripke, Robert Singer etc… Harry Potter belongs to Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling…etc…I am only borrowing their characters for my own personal pleasure and no permanent harm will come to them.

SUMMARY: Harry Potter/Supernatural Crossover. It circles around the intriguing Beatrice Evans. How her relationship with the Winchester brothers and her magical roots influence her past, present and future. (The title gives away the plot basically)

SPOILERS: All 7 of the Harry Potter novels, Supernatural Season 1 & 2 (implications of the other season might pop in during very later chapters)

RATING: R, language, and adult themes.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: First of all, this title has no relation with the short story in Tim Winton's 1993 novel "Minimum of Two". Secondly, it's my first attempt of writing and finishing a multi-chapter story. (Going Under will be finished, but for the readers out there, please don't give too much hope. I'm coming back from a 1 ½ - 2 year hiatus :D) Thirdly, I changed a couple of birthdates (more like birth years) and some happenings in the Harry Potter series…that will be very later though…anyway, onto the story…

Oh, and another point, a prologue is any length of my choice right? :]

Italics are thoughts.


The relationships that we form over the years mold us into who we are right now, and they continue to influence our growth to the near future. Whether it be friends or foe, family or not, we are who we are, because of them…

Beatrice Evans

Yr 8 English

Beatrice Evans looked overlooked the A+ on the essay and went straight to the teacher's comment. Great work Beatrice. The level of maturity shines through, after reading through your ideas on relationships. Try not to be implicit but explicit next time (especially for essay writing), it won't hurt.

Giving a tiny smile, Beatrice tucked her essay in her FINISHED folder. Miss Weiley, of course I have a 'mature' sense about relationships. Seeing mom die when I was still a baby and dad's complete personality change because of it, it would be a surprise if I'm not 'mature' about it…and another fact, dad works in the FBI. Politics and government, even if you ain't mature, you get mature without realizing…