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The desolate wasteland spread in all directions as far as the eye could see. The eternal night touched the land making the sand a sickening white. A soft breeze blew across the terrain upsetting the sand and the hair of a being that stood on a forgotten hilltop. His pure white shihakushou lay in folds around him and a zanpaktou at his hip. Suddenly, a bright light flared in the sky. The figure tensed and placed his hand on his zanpaktou. He looked up and cried out. Blinding pain flashed through him as he lost consciousness.

Harry awoke with a start. His breathing was ruff and ragged as he attempted to calm his speeding heart. The dream had been so real. It was too real. He shrugged his shoulders and looked at himself in the mirror. His untidy hair framed his face and a lightning bolt scar adorned his head. It must have just been my magic… he pondered trying to convince himself.

The sun was just beginning to rise so the sky was splashed with brilliant colors. It was eerily yet calmly silent on the block and the shadows were long. A slight breeze tossed around the silver touched leaves and the lush grass. It was extremely peaceful; A little too peaceful.

Harry narrowed his eyes and stared warily at the sky. Something was not right. He gasped and fell back as something went flying through his window and crashed against the opposite wall. Walking over slowly he looked at the arrival. Sighing, he leaned over and grasped the little gray ball of fuzz. It hooted softly and squirmed in his hand. In its beak lay an overly large envelop. Reaching down Harry plucked it from his beak.

"How did you manage to carry this, Pig?" He grumbled setting the owl on his bed. Opening it up, he read the letter. It was from Ron and Hermione.

Dear Harry,

It's almost time for our final year! Isn't it exciting? We can't wait to see you! Come stay at the Burrow! It might be our last since graduation and everyone wants to see you! We'll be coming to pick you up tomorrow for your birthday! See you then!

-Hermione & Ron

Harry sighed and opened the bag attached to the letter. It was his books for the next year. How did Pig manage this one…? Grumbling he sat down on his bed. He told them he could get his supplies himself.

A loud banging was heard outside his door. He froze and listened again. This time a crashing was heard in the kitchen and frantic screaming. Harry sighed and relaxed. The letter had been late. Grabbing his bags he ran down the stairs and almost fell over laughing at the sight before him. Dudley lay on the floor with his legs standing straight up due to the fact his chair had fallen backwards. Uncle Vernon lay partially imbedded somehow in the floor with Dudley's breakfast on top of his head. His aunt however was nowhere to be seen. But, most importantly, the two Weasleys stood in front of a gaping hole in the wall. A large car was imbedded in it and the ceiling looked in danger of collapsing.

"What did you do? And how did you get the flying car back?" Harry inquired. Fred grinned and Ron rolled his eyes.

"This isn't the same one." Harry cocked an eyebrow and shook his head.

"Let's just get out of here before Uncle gets himself out of that hole." They nodded and grabbed his trunk and placed it in the car. Vernon was fuming by now and was desperately attempting to free himself from the hole.

"By the way, how did he get stuck in that hole?" Harry asked as he swung himself into the backseat.

"I don' like 'im." Fred said shrugging his shoulders. There was silence until the three burst out laughing. The roar of the engine drowned out their laughs as it slowly took off into the sky. George leaned forward and pressed a button near the steering wheel.

"To the Burrow!" they all sang as the car glided through the sky.


"Hey, Hermione?"

"Hm?" The train whistle blew a warning and slowly began to pull out of the station. She was reading a book so paid little attention to Harry.

"Is it possible for magic to manipulate dreams?" she looked slowly up from her book and eyed him slowly.

"I don't know, Harry," she said, "I never heard of such a thing. Why? Are you having strange dreams?" Ron looked over at him and yawned slightly.


"Harry, now that Voldemort is gone, you should not be seeing visions and such."

"Yeah… it's not the same though. This time it's always about this strangely dressed guy in a desert…"

"Hey!" Ron said indignantly, "you better not be talking about me…!" Harry thought back to the time Ron's family went to Egypt. Of course he would think that.

"No, he's more…" the trio turned as the compartment door slammed open and some unwanted guests walked in. It was strange just seeing two. But, it was still plain old Malfoy.

"Is the little Potter having nightmares?" he cooed then burst out laughing. Harry frowned and Ron slowly drew out his wand.

"Shut it, or I'll hex you," Ron growled.

Harry crossed his arms and muttered. "I'll send a Cero through your throat, Malfoy."

They all blinked and looked at Harry with strange looks on their faces. Hermione was the one to speak first. "What's a Cero, Harry?"

Harry paused and gained a confused look on his face. "I don't know. I just said that without thinking. It feels like I've said that before, but I can't remember ever saying that. I don't even know what in Hueco Mundo I'm talking about."

There was a pregnant pause before Ron spoke this time. "Hueco Mundo?"

Harry slammed his head against the glass of the window. Malfoy left muttering something about not wanting to catch the crazies.

Hermione smiled. "That was an excellent ruse, Harry. I didn't know you can act."

Harry scowled. "I can act very well, thank you very much. But for your information that was not an act."

Ron and Hermione could only stare at him.


A giant cat prowled the bleached sands beneath the sky of the endless night. Stark white flesh of an unknown beast dripped from its gapping maw, having been ripped from the creature lying before the large cat. Satisfied in its meal, it continued to eat. A man suddenly appeared dressed in foreign white clothes. Speaking to him, he offered the creature great power, but the creature was hesitant to take the man's offer. After some thought, the beast decided to accept.

There was a flash and the scene changed. Instead of unending sand, there was a large shadowed room with whitewashed walls. The man stood before the creature with a glowing object in his hand. Placing the sphere against the cat's head, it was absorbed into his pale armoured skin. Waves of agony coursed through his body, making him collapse to the ground. Trembling, he watched as his skin bubbled and writhed. To what seemed an eternity, he slowly transformed. His mind fuzzy with pain, the moments blurred until he could not remember what happened. When the pain subsided, he became aware of the new power that surged through him. He smirked, slowly climbing to his feet. He curled his hand into a fist, becoming used to his new humanoid form.

He pointed his hand at the far wall. A mass of energy formed, visible and swirling around his outstretched hand. Exploding outward, it sped towards the unyielding wall. The wall disintegrated, sending dust and shards of stone flying. When it settled, he gave a cocky grin and clenched his fist. "I could get used to this."

Harry slowly opened his eyes and groaned. He raised a hand and rubbed it across his eyes. It was another one of those confusing dreams. He had been experiencing them every night since the summer had started.

Throwing the covers from his body, he stumbled from his bed. Entering the bathroom, he frowned into the mirror. Was it just him or was his face changing? He brushed it off, thinking that it may just be puberty. Good thing too, he had finally gotten his growth spurt. Standing at 5'11, he was finally taller than Hermione instead of being just as tall as his bookish friend.

He might as well get ready for the day. He grimaced. He had potions first thing. Even with Snape gone, it still wasn't his favorite class. He wasn't looking forward to the class at all.


Harry sat staring at the ceiling, his arms crossed. He didn't want to be here. He really didn't want to be here. Why should he stay there? In fact, if he didn't want to be here, they couldn't keep him here. He should just stand up right now and walk through the door.

"Harry? What are you doing?"'

Said boy blinked and looked down. Since when had he stood up? He shook his head and sat down. "Nothing, Hermione. Sorry. What potion are we doing today?"

Hermione eyed him before answering. "It's a mildly caustic potion used as a stain removal. It's not overly dangerous, but you still wouldn't want to get it on your skin."

Harry snorted. "They would actually trust a room full of Slytherins with a caustic potion?"

Hermione gave a worried look over to the Slytherins. They looked a little murderous. "Harry, you should know better. "

Harry snorted again and uncrossed his arms. "Whatever. Let's just get started with the potion."

Hermione stood up to retrieve the potion supplies while Harry set up the cauldron. Together they prepared the ingredients, working on their potion.

Awhile later, most in the class had finished the potion, the concoctions bubbling away in the cauldrons. Harry looked up when he felt a spell being cast. He narrowed his eyes. Spells were not supposed to be used during potion's class. He whipped around though when Hermione gave a startled cry. Their cauldron was wobbling precariously on its stand. As he watched, it fell over in slow motion, emptying its contents and splattering the acid green liquid onto his robes.

Hermione cried out. "Harry! Take your robes and shirt off before it soaks through to your skin!"

Quickly and carefully so he didn't touch the potion, he ripped off his robes and pulled off his shirt. He ran his hand over his stomache checking to make sure none of the potion had gotten on to his torso. The room was unnaturally silent. Harry ignored the class and banished the spilled liquid.

He sighed and crossed his arms across his chest, leaning against the now clean table top behind him. He was suddenly swarmed by Gryffindor girls and most of the Slytherin girls, hearts in their eyes. Harry raised an eyebrow. "What do you want?"

Some random girl giggled. "I didn't know you worked out, Harry."

Harry smirked at them all, "It must be all the Quidditch during the school year and hard labour I did over the summer." All the girls around him swooned.

Hermione herself seemed a little dazed. "You sure have grown up, Harry, since we were in 1st year."

Harry grinned at her. "Of course, I'm not 11 anymore. Mind conjuring me up a shirt? Much as I like going shirtless, I don't think the staff will appreciate it."

Hermione hesitantly pulled out her wand and conjured up a white buttoned up a shirt. Harry grabbed it and slipped it on, but didn't button it up. Even when they left class, he still didn't button it up.

Girls, and a few guys, stopped in the corridors as Harry walked by. He had one hand in his pocket and the other holding his bag slung over his shoulder.

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