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Chapter 2

Of course, Harry's new found cockiness would get him into trouble. Actually, it looked like it had the potential of getting him in to a lot of trouble, not to mention frequently. He, however, didn't seem to care. In fact, Harry sat there having a battle of wills with none other than McGonagall, who had decided that even though she was Headmistress she would continue to act as Transfiguration Professor until a suitable replacement could be found.

His posture implied his new found appeal of attention. He sat with his hands casually laced behind his head, and his feet were upon the table. His obvious display of unbuttoned shirt and lack of robe were vying to her, especially since he didn't seem to care in the least.

"Potter, Button up your shirt and clean up your act!" McGonagall commanded him crossly. He shrugged his shoulders and threw her a cocky grin that caused several girls in the class to swoon. McGonagall scowled and crossed her arms. After several minutes of trying to get Harry to comply, but failing, she turned and walked to the front of the room.

"As I was previously saying before I was… interrupted," she glared at Harry who just threw her another smug grin, "we will be learning the art of Animagus Transformation. Our resident Potion's Master, Professor Slughorn, was kind enough to provide us with a potion. With it you, as well as everyone else in the room, will be able to see what your Animagus form will be. Now, the potion is only so that you will know what your animal is and to get a feel for it. After the potion wears off, you will still have to go the long way of earning the full transformation." She pointed towards the vials of potion that were on her desk. "You will go one at a time, going by rows. So, then Mr. Longbottom, if you will."

A tad nervously, though with more confidence then the boy had ever had in the past, Neville approached McGonagall's desk and picked up a vial. Moving so that he had some space, he uncorked the vial and drank it down. Dropping the vial, it rolled away, unshattered through a spell placed on the normally fragile glass. The entire class plus professor watched at Neville shivered and his body started to morph. A look of discomfort passes over his features, but the students were relieved to see that there was no pain present. They didn't want to have to experience pain for their transformations.

When Neville's image finished morphing, in his place stood a large lion, his fur was the same colour as his blonde hair. The lion, Neville, shook his dark coloured mane and growled softly. The students could only blink owlishly at the boy-turned-lion. Neville Longbottom was a lion animagus. Hermione smiled. "I'm happy for Neville. He really is brave and noble; he just needed to gain some self-confidence. Maybe his form will help."

Harry snorted and watched, bored, as the lion stared at the students with blue-coloured eyes, unusual for the giant cat, but the same colour as Neville's eyes. Suddenly, the lion started transforming back into Neville. When it was over, he gave a brilliant smile. McGonagall nodded and gave the teen a small smile. "Good job, Mr. Longbottom. Next!"

Harry yawned and stared up at the ceiling. This was boooooring. Ya know, what he wouldn't give to find a nice warm patch of sun and curl up to take a nap. That sounded really nice as opposed to being in this cold, drafty, castle of a school. Kami knows he couldn't get enough sun in the freakin' unendless night of Kami-forsaken land known as Hueco Mundo. Now, if he could just figure out what Hueco Mundo is it would be all good.

But, that patch of sunshine was really starting to sound nice, except that Gin-teme would probably go and tease him about it, the freakin' kitsune. Okay, he was really starting to question his state of mind right about now. Cero? Kitsune? Kami? Hueco Mundo? Gin? Where was all of this stuff coming from? Seriously, though, people already thought he was insane enough as it is.

But, that nice patch of sunlight was really calling for him. It was goin', "Here, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty, kitty. See how all warm I am? Wouldn't you like to jus' lay down and-"

"Harry! Stop daydreaming! Ron's turn is up next! It will be your turn soon." Harry blinked to find Hermione whispering harshly at him. He scowled. "Che… whatever." He lowered his arms from his head and stuffed them into the pockets of his trousers. He did, however, watch as Ron grabbed a vial with a grin and drink it down. He watched, disinterested, as the red haired teen shrunk as he transformed. He was about to look away when he heard sniggering coming from the students who had stood up to see what had happened to Ron. A little curious, he hopped up on the desk and looked down to where Ron was. He blinked before a wide grin spread across his face.

A giant fuzzy tarantula was quickly running in circles. If you asked Harry, it looked like the thing was freaking out. Harry's grin widened. So, Ron was a spider, eh? Oh, the irony. He twitched slightly, watching the spider run itself dizzy. He froze slightly and his body tensed. He frowned. He twitched slightly again and muttered, "Must. Restrain. Must. Not. Pounce. On. Fuzzy. Moving. Object."

The students around him all shot him strange looks, but Harry was too busy staring at the Ron-turned-spider to care. Suddenly, he tensed. If he had a tail, it would be most surely be quivering behind him. He grinned in a somewhat feral manner and was prepared to pounce, except that Ron suddenly transformed back to human. Pouting, and somewhat put off that his target had disappeared, Harry slid off the desk and returned to his seat.

Ron, sat on the ground as white as a sheet. "A spi-spider… why did it have to be spiders? Why couldn't it have been butterflies? Even that would have been better."

There was a mixture of sympathetic looks and sniggers from all over the classroom. Ron stood up shakily and returned to his seat. Hermione sent him a sympathetic look before making her way up to McGonagall's desk to get the potion. She paused momentarily before downing the concoction with a grimace. When it came into effect, she began to morph and shrink until a black cat sat where the brown haired girl had previously been standing. It sat completely still for a moment, as if it were in shock, before standing up and striding over to the seat next to Harry. Jumping onto the chair, it sat down and waited for the transformation to wear off. Harry looked down at the cat and snorted. It was a cat… but still acted like Hermione.

When Hermione's transformation wore off, Harry stood and made his way over to the professor's desk to grab a vial. He stared at it with a bored look on his face before putting the vial to his lips. Well, here it goes. He quickly swallowed the thick liquid and made a face. Ugh… what was in that thing? Actually, he really didn't want to know.

An uncomfortable feeling crept through his body for split second, before it changed. A grin spread over his face as the feeling of rightness spread through him. There was no other way to put it.

Harry felt an immense power rise within him, but he repressed it, somehow knowing it would be highly destructive if released. Stretching, he knew that the transformation was complete. The first thing he noticed was the white armour that encased his still humanoid form. His legs, however, were oddly shaped, like that of the hind limbs of a giant cat. He even had black coloured paws. He gave a feral grin and clenched his claws, sharp nails pressing against his tough skin. What got him, though, was the perfect hole that passed through his stomach. It was odd, but, somehow, it felt normal. A thick scar marred his otherwise perfect image, but he knew it had meaning to it, if he could just remember what it was.

From the students' perspective they could see features Harry couldn't or hadn't noticed. Features like the long mane of hair, the long mane of blue hair. His ears had elongated and had blue fur covering the entire appendages. Adorning his forehead was a circlet of the same armour encasing his body. It resembled a white crown. They also noted the thin, whip-like tail that swayed lazily behind him.

There were murmurs of confusion among the seated students. What was Harry? What was up with the hole? He didn't look like an animal, even if he did have a few animal attributes. What was he?

Suddenly, Harry started transforming back. He growled. He didn't want to turn back. He crossed his arms and huffed when he stopped morphing. McGonagall was sparing at him. "What were you, Mr. Potter? I've never seen that animal before."

Harry looked thoughtful for a minute. Finally, he gave a grin and said only one word. "Pantera."

Hermione frowned. "'Panther'? That didn't look like a panther."

Harry shot her an annoyed look. "Actually, I would prefer 'leopard king'." Blank glances fell on him and he shrugged them off with annoyance.

"Wipe off that drool and close your mouths," he growled, "it makes you look dumber than a low-level Hollow." Their glances turned to one of confusion before looking away. Harry walked back to his seat and watched as Malfoy took his place at the front of the room. He smiled smugly and drank the potion quickly. His form writhed as the transformation took place. He shrunk and when he was visible again, Harry, Hermione, and Ron burst out laughing with several other Gryffindors and even some Slytherins. He was a ferret.

"Well, Malfoy, That's where you belong…below me," Harry said after walking towards him and leaning over. Malfoy could only glare.


"Do you think there is something wrong with Harry, Ron?" Hermione asked her companion. Ron glanced at her over his shoulder and sighed.

"Well… yeah. I'm glad it wasn't just me..." Ron said slowly and uncertainly.

"As friends, it's our job to find out what!" Ron nodded even slower this time.


"Come on Ron…"

Ron hesitated, but followed after a short pause of hesitation. Together, the pair made their way into the common room where Harry was resting. They entered to find the teen lying on a couch, staring up at the ceiling. Hermione blushed at Harry's bare chest, but cleared her throat.

Harry looked over as his two friends entered.

"What do you want?" he asked looking away again.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?" Hermione glanced at Ron and knelt down beside him.

"What are you doing to yourself? What's going on, Harry? Please tell us. We're your friends." Harry scowled and sat up.

"Leave me alone, will you?!" he shouted, startling them.


"I don't need your help, alright! I'm fine; I don't need you worrying about me like that! Leave me alone!" he shouted standing up. He stomped out of the room.

"What was that all about?" Ron asked looking at where he disappeared in astonishment.

Harry stomped into the boy's dormitory slammed the door. Luckily, it was empty so he fell limply into his bed. Sighing he ran his hand other his torso.

"Dammit!" he cried placing his arm over his eyes, "What's happening to me? I can't stop these changes… I don't even know what the hell these changes are! Che… I'm starting to think this isn't puberty…" He paused and sat up slowly, examining himself. He looked a lot different than when he left the Dursely's. His hair wasn't black anymore, but had lightened and gained more of a blue tinge to it. Many had brushed it off as him dying his hair, but he knew better. His eyes had become thinner and more at a slant, being oriental in appearance. Also, his cheekbones rose higher on his face along with a longer more prominent nose.

"Ah, I barely look like myself." He put down the mirror and stretched himself out across the bed. He rubbed the top of his head and groaned.

He suddenly froze. "I feel like a freakin' cat! All I'm missing are the ears and tail!"


Harry stalked down the corridor. He felt a pull and was following it. All without trying to alert the others to what exactly he was doing, of course. He felt this strange hunger type feeling occupied by a pull. Being curious – again with feeling like a cat! – he followed the feeling to see where it lead him.

While he was on his quest, Ron and Hermione followed behind him. It was annoying, but he couldn't just tell them off… again. Now, what was this feeling? It was starting to get irritating. He wanted to find out… No, he needed to find out what it was.

Almost growling and on the prowl, he came upon Malfoy. He tried to just brush past him and keep going, but the blonde stopped him. He smirked and, obviously thinking of the Transfiguration class and Harry's strange animagus form, said, "Yo, kitty," to try to get a raise out of him.

Harry froze and something in his mind slid into place. His vision blurred and suddenly the scenery changed.

"Yo, kitty." A blue-haired Arrancar stopped and turned slightly with his hand placed in his pocket. He exhaled and glared at the man who appeared out of the shadow.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch," he growled looking away.

"Maa, Maa…" he smiled placing his face inches away from the other, "must ya use s'ch foul language?" The Arrancar thought it over for a fraction of a second before returning the grin.

"Hell yea." The man exhaled and leaned back.

"Maa, maa…"

"Shut up, Gin," he said swinging his arm in agitation. Gin laughed and crossed his arms and watched the pissed off kitty.

"I jus' came ta tell ya tha' Aizen-sama wanted ta see ya." The Arrancar blinked quickly and turned around walking away.

"Kuso… tell 'im to fuck himself…" Gin suddenly appeared before him with a slightly dark expression on his face, the creepy grin still on his face, though more pronounced. He responded by placing his hand on his zanpaktou. Gin responded likewise opening his eyes slightly.

"Ya don' wan' ta take mah lightly, or ya will die."

"What is this," a cool voice asked from the shadows. The blue-haired Arrancar tensed at the familiar Reiatsu.

The voice continued. "Is this disloyalty?" The Arrancar turned around and removed his hand from his zanpaktou reluctantly.

"No, Aizen-sama."

Harry growled as his vision once more blurred before clearing. That blue-haired Arrancar – whatever that was – was definitely him. What the fuck was happening to him! It was starting to really piss him off! With a loud growl he slammed his fist into the stone wall beside him. The stone crumbled beneath his fist and created nice sized crater.

A tentative voice called from nearby. "Ha-harry?"

He growled again and snapped, "What?!"

Hermione shrank back. "A-are you o-ok?"

Harry looked ready to punch the wall again. "No! I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me!"He stormed off. "Leave me the hell alone!"

Hermione, Ron, and Malfoy seemed all too ready to do just that. Malfoy especially was eyeing that nice sized hole in the stone wall.


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