Author's Note: This is my first time writing Ben/Kevin. So please, take it easy on me. Special thanks to LadyLalasa for our 3 page discussion on how fun Ben/Kevin can be compared to other ships, and Misery Loves Fanfics, because it's all her fault I like this couple. If you don't like the story, fine, explain why. But please, no flaming/bad reviews because you dislike the pairing. No one's making you read this.

Ben was swinging. At first, he was all alone. The playground was covered in fog, but he wasn't scared. He just continued to swing, his eyes focused on the horizon.

Another figure emerged from the fog - Kevin. Kevin said nothing to him, merely sat down in the empty swing beside where Ben was. Two more figures came a moment later. Julie and Gwen. Julie stood before Ben, and Gwen stood before Kevin.

"What's going on?" Ben finally asked, dragging his feet to stop the swing. He held on tightly to the chains, twisting them as he turned to face Kevin. "Kevin?"

"Choices," Kevin grunted.

"What, I'm supposed to choose between Gwen and Julie?" Ben asked, bewildered. Kevin shook his head, and he himself began to swing, ignoring Ben's calls to him to stop, to explain what was going on. "Well, gee, that helps," Ben said sarcastically.

The alarm in Ben Tennyson's room went off so suddenly he actually jumped. "Wow. Crazy dream," Ben said as he switched the alarm off.

He stopped to puzzle over it. His past ten or so dreams had featured both Kevin and Gwen every time. He laughed at himself. "I'm over thinking this," he thought out loud. "I spend so much time with them when I'm awake, my subconscious thinks they're supposed to be there all the time, too."

Ben finally slided off of his bed to get ready for school. He'd taken his shower last night, so now all he had to do was find some clean clothes. "...Hope mom did laundry," he said to himself, realizing that the clothes that littered his floor where all far too dirty for him to wear today. He only had his boxers on right now. Shrugging to himself, he made his way downstairs, hoping to find clean clothes in the laundry room.

"Nice boxers, Tennyson." Kevin stood in the door frame between the livingroom and the kitchen, his arms crossed. Carl was studying Kevin over his newspaper, but Ben didn't worry about that. Carl and Sandra Tennyson both approved of Kevin, even if they did think he was a 'ruffian'.

Ben looked away, embarrassed that Kevin had seen him like this. It was just awkward. "Mom, do I have clean clothes somewhere?"

"No," Sandra said, pouring herself some orange juice. "Because a certain someone didn't pick up his clothes and put them in the laundry basket so that I'd know they were dirty."

Ben sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry," Ben ran upstairs, hoping to find something, anything that was passably clean enough to get him through the day.

"Wow, Ben, your place looks like you got raided," Kevin had followed Ben up the stairs, and was now looking around the room, an amused smile on his lips.

"I haven't had much time to clean...not with all the DNalien attacks," Ben defended himself. "Just help me find something that's clean..." Kevin raised an eyebrow, "Okay, fine, fine, something that's clean enough."

Kevin said nothing else, just started picking clothes up and examining them. His calm demeanor was starting to frustrate Ben, who was certain he was going to be late for school at this rate. "Why are you here, anyways?" Ben asked, examining a white t-shirt. He found a stain and deemed it too dirty. He tossed it onto his bed.

"Came to give you a ride."

"You didn't pick up Gwen first?"

Kevin shook his head. "She's away on some school trip this week, remember?"

Ben nodded. In truth, Gwen's field trip (some sort of academic contest, Ben recalled), had completely slipped from his mind. Ben frowned. He would love to have his cousin's input on the strange dreams he'd been having. Guess it'll just have to wait until she gets back, he decided.

"Here, try these," Kevin threw a pair of jeans and a black shirt at Ben. "They don't smell too funky."

"Thanks," Ben pulled the jeans on. He glanced up at Kevin, who was determinedly looking away. That's weird.... Ben pulled his shirt on over his head. "Well, there we go. Not too bad, right?"

"I'd spray some cologne if you got it," Kevin suggested. "They were just the best pick out of a bad bunch, if you get my meaning."

Ben nodded. "Yeah...I've got some body spray. Hold on," Ben ran down the hall and sprayed some "For Men" body spray on, perhaps just a bit too liberally. He ran back into his room. "How about now?"

"Are you seriously asking me to sniff you?" Kevin asked.

"Guess that'd be a little weird," Ben admitted. He glanced at the clock. "Oh, shoot...I'm gonna be late! We've got to get going."

"All right," Kevin rose up and pulled the keys out of his pocket, jiggling them as he went. He passed Ben, leading the way. Before Ben could leave the room, Kevin turned around. "That stuff smells pretty good," Ben just stared at him. Apparently feeling the need to throw a jab in, Kevin added "But you smell like you went swimming in it."