My Hero

Chapter Twenty Eight

Carlisle's POV

Sometimes, life could be fantastic. Completely wonderful.

I couldn't deny that Bella was the main cause; ever since her lips had touched mine, I felt like a new person. Like I had a reason to live once more.

I was so happy that not even the comments from Emmett bothered me. There were several "finallys!" and "it's about times!" but I didn't care. Bella was finally mine.

I wrapped my arm around Bella's shoulder as we sat together on the sofa, and I leant over to kiss her cheek. She smiled the smile which filled me with happiness and I pulled her closer so that she leant on my chest. I rested my chin in her beautiful hair and closed my eyes, overwhelmed by how comfortable I was.

The days and weeks passed by and each moment was like a blessing. It seemed like a smile was permanently etched onto each of our faces and that sparks raced through my body each time we touched. Which was most of the time, really.

It came as a surprise one morning when Alice skipped into the room, clutching an envelope which she handed to me. I frowned towards her and she shrugged.

"What is it, Carlisle?" Bella asked, after I'd opened it.

"It's an invitation," I told her. "An invitation for a party."

"A party?" she echoed, with a tiny frown on her face which I adored.

"It's from everybody at the hospital," I explained. "Apparently it's somebody's birthday. We've been invited."

Her eyes filled with surprise. "Oooh. When is it?"


"What?" Her eyes bulged. "Gosh, talk about short notice!"

I grinned. "No, it says that this was sent out three days ago. We've all been too, uh, preoccupied to notice it."

I saw her exhale. "Well, are we going?"

I raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to?"

She considered this for a moment. "Yes, I think I do." After noticing the look on my face she added, "I think I can control myself."

I narrowed my eyes. "Are you sure, Bella? It would be very tempting with all the humans in the room."

She shook her head. "I think I'll be too interested in you to take any notice."

I heard a noise across the room and saw Emmett laughing. "Cheesy line of the year, Bella."

She grimaced towards him and I pulled her closer.

"If you're sure..."

She planted a kiss on my lips, staggering me. "Positive."

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea," Bella frowned as I held the door of the Mercedes open for her. She had the familiar look of panic on her face.

"What makes you think that?" I asked, taking her hand.

"I can smell them already," she gasped. "And I never thought, I'll look different... what are they going to think? And they might ask questions about Mark-"

I silenced her with a kiss. "If you wish, we can turn back. It's no problem."

She looked relieved. "If you wouldn't mind."

I smiled. "Anything for you, my love."

Bella's POV

I had been incredibly stupid thinking I could cope with the party; the smell of the blood was intoxicating and made it difficult for me to think. Urgh. What a waste of time.

Still, Carlisle was being amazing as ever, and drove us both away through the dark forest, making me laugh at his constant comments. I knew he was trying to distract me from my memories of crashing but, to be honest, I was too happy and it hadn't really crossed my mind.

I watched as the lights of his car illuminated the road in front of us and glanced over at him. He was looking over at me, also, barely keeping his concentration on driving. I didn't worry, though, I knew by now that vampire reactions were exceptional.

"You look sensational in that dress," he told me and I smiled timidly. Alice had found me a tight fitting black dress which, I had to admit, did suit me fairly well. The contrast of the light and dark seemed to make my skin sparkle more than ever. This vampire life wasn't half bad.

"Thank you." I looked over towards him in his shirt. "You do as well."

But you'd look even better with it off…

It shocked me that this thought passed through my mind but I grinned to myself at the same time. The tension between the two of us did seem to be increasing by the day and sometimes, the way he looked at me... Also, Alice had said that he'd felt lust...

He locked eye contact with me. "Is something amusing?"

I swallowed nervously. "No... no."

He surprised me by suddenly cutting off the engine, leaving us in complete silence. I could hear our breathing and tried to control myself as he leaned closer towards me.

"I think there's something you want to tell me," he murmured, staying inches away from me. I could feel the excitement and desire beginning to sweep through me.

"I'll tell you," I began, "On one condition."

He smirked cheekily and I just wanted to reach out for him. "And what might that be?"

"Well," I answered, drawing out the word, "I'll tell you... if you kiss me."

He raised an eyebrow and I saw his gaze travel to my lips. Without a word, he suddenly pressed his lips against mine and I felt the familiar sense of joy pass through me. He reached out for me, making sure that we were as close as possible, and I gasped as our kiss intensified and he brushed my hair with his hands. I found myself feeling dizzy and my hand flew to the dashboard in an attempt to steady myself.

To my dismay, Carlisle broke away from me too soon and I stared at him, pleading with my eyes. My breathing was uneven and there was only one thing on my mind. Before I could blink, Carlisle scooped me in his arms and placed me on the back seat, then joining me by leaning on top of me. I was pressed against the window as he kissed me harder and I reached for the buttons on his shirt. I felt him moan against me and I sighed contently; I had dreamt about things like this!

He paused for a moment, leaning over the top of me with his bare chest inches away from me. It was breathtaking.

"Are you sure about this, my love?" he asked and it pleased me to hear his voice so uneven. I placed a hand around his head, ruffling his wonderful hair, and pulled him closer.

"Of course I am."

Carlisle's POV

We walked back into the house with sly smirks on our faces. I exchanged a quick look with Bella as we arrived on the doorstep and she frowned at my shirt.

"Carlisle, the buttons are done up all wrong," she giggled, sorting them out and bringing back wonderful memories of earlier. I grinned at her.

"Well, I'll never be able to control myself if someone offers me a ride in their backseat again," she snorted and I laughed along with her.

"Like I would let that happen," I added in an undertone and she clutched my hand.

"I just hope Alice didn't see anything," she muttered.

Edward greeted us with a confused look as we stepped inside and we explained, trying very hard to keep straight faces, that the party had been cancelled.

"Yeah," Bella continued, coughing to muffle her amusement. "There was an outbreak of food poisoning or something."

He responded with a raised eyebrow. "Alright. Anyway, I have some news."

A small smile crept on his face and he continued. "I think I've found someone. I was out earlier and... we started talking. She was beautiful..."

"That's fantastic, Edward," Bella smiled.

"Yes, it really is, son," I added. "Let's hope you have finally found some happiness."

He nodded. "Yes. Let's." He frowned. "Hey, Carlisle, is that... lipstick on your neck?"

My hand instinctively reached to cover it."No... I..."

Bella and myself raced into the room before he could ask anything else.

"Hey," Alice smiled and I bit my lip worriedly. "I saw that you were coming back."

I saw Bella nod rigidly in the corner of my eye. "Yeah, it was such a shame."

Alice narrowed her eyes at me and spoke. "But anyway, there's been some news."

We took our seats on the sofa and looked up at Alice with interest.

"Oh?" Bella asked, "Anything serious?"

"They told you not to worry, but your Dad's a little bit ill."

I saw Bella's face crumple and reached for her hand.

"He's got flu and they won't be able to go on the holiday," Alice continued. "So, your mother rang up and offered you two the tickets. She doesn't want you to feel bad and insists that your father really is fine."

I saw Bella looking staggered. I could tell that she was going to refuse from guilt.

"A-Alice... I really couldn't go knowing that he's ill, it wouldn't be right-"

"Maybe you could ring them yourself," she shrugged. "They wanted to speak to you."

I saw Bella nod. "I'll do it now, if you don't mind."

She rushed out of the room and I exchanged a look with Alice.

"Don't worry," she smiled. "He'll be fine. And you may need to get yourself some new sunglasses!"

Bella's POV

Please let him be alright. Please.

The phone rung ominously and eventually Mom answered.

"Hi, Mom, it's me, Bella," I answered in a croaky voice; I'd decided it would be best to pretend to have a cough which would disguise my different voice.

"Bella! How are you? Did Alice speak to you? She's a lovely girl."

"Mom! How is Dad? Really? Tell me the truth."

I heard her sigh. "Seriously, Bella he's fine. You sound worse than him, have you got a cold?"

"Yeah. Could I at least talk to him?" I pleaded. "I just want to be sure."

With a reluctant sigh, she put Dad on the phone. He actually sounded alright.

"Yes, Bella, I really am fine, I just don't feel like going on the holiday. It's a shame really." There was a brief pause. "And besides, you can go with that Carlisle fella."

I swallowed. "Dad, but... you paid and I-"

"Please Bella, it would make me happy. The ticket's are already in the post."

I closed my eyes. "Thanks Dad, that's so kind, really."

"Oh, it's nothing. And we'll have to visit you soon."

Yes, they would. And I'd be ready. Alice had told me earlier about some clever ways to disguise myself. But the main thing on my mind now, was two weeks alone in Spain with Carlisle... now that sounded fun.

I walked back into the room and Carlisle hurried anxiously towards me.

"What did they say? Is your father alright?"

I nodded happily. "He's just fine." I smiled. "It looks like we're off on holiday, too."

I saw something briefly flicker across his face and frowned. "Is something wrong, Carlisle?"

He hesitated. "There's the small fact that, well, vampires sparkle in the sunlight."

I swallowed. "I'm sorry?"

He looked at me with worry. "Sorry. It's another... vampire-thing."

"But... but that's amazing!" I squealed. "I'll have to see sometime! Wow! That's kind of crazy!"

He laughed. "But we'll have to stay inside most of the time; I wouldn't want to see a human's reaction."

I grinned happily. "Staying inside; well, I can think of plenty of ways to pass the time."

He smirked also. "I can't wait."

As we walked through the forest hand in hand, several truths came to mind. I was finally happy with everything after suffering with Mark for months and months. Carlisle was the love of my life and every time I saw him, happiness flooded my body. I knew it sounded cheesy, but it was the absolute truth.

Also, everyone else seemed content; Alice and Jasper along with Rosalie and Emmett were all happy together, and it seemed that Edward was finally coming close to finding true love. As for Esme, she seemed fine with waiting a little while. I was just pleased that she had accepted Carlisle and myself. I wouldn't have liked any fighting.

Carlisle and myself had many times together to look forward to, and I knew my life was going to be fantastic. We were going to have some challenges ahead, though, that was bound to happen. I was a little afraid of finally letting my parents see the new me, but I knew deep down, even if they did have their doubts, they'd accept it.

I couldn't help thinking back to the times when I had thought Carlisle was avoiding me; it seemed like such a long time ago. So much had changed.

I thought about the great times we'd had together, too; first meeting, the dinner, the medical conference, getting stuck in the elevator...

It really did seem like we were meant to be. So many things had pulled us together.

And the greatest thing of all, was that I was finally confident about myself. I wasn't a nobody; I was special and people cared about me. That was the thing which made me the happiest of all. Knowing that I was truly loved.

I glanced over once more at Carlisle's beautiful face and smiled again, genuinely looking forward to what could happen next.

The End