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Rosalie Hale's POV

"G-d Damn it! When I said that my client wanted the car I meant it. Do I have to spell it out for you?"

"Who the hell do you think you are? I have proof of purchase sitting right in front of me. My client purchased this car, and it rightfully belongs to him."

"Do you know who I am? I am freaking Rosalie Hale the best damned divorce lawyer you will find in the state of Washington. And who are you? No one."

I slammed the phone down on the cradle and leaned back in my chair. The phone immediately rang again.

"Hale, Smith, and Johnson. This is Rosalie Hale. Who may I ask is calling?"

"Hey, Rose."

"Oh." I relaxed, and changed my tone, "Hey, Em."

"Hey, babe. Rough day?"

"The worst. Does everyone get divorced in February?"

"Right after Valentine's Day." He laughed

"That's ridiculous."I muttered

"You're the one with all those files in front of you."


"So, are you free to come over my place this afternoon?"

"Always." I smiled

"See ya."

"See you." I sighed, and hung up the phone once again

I kept my hand on the receiver this time and counted in my head.


Sure enough the phone rang again.

"Hale, Smith, and John…

"Rosalie!" A voice sang


"Of course it's Alice! Who else would it be?"

"I don't really know."

"Oh. Well…okay. Enough small talk I have dirt."

What small talk? Dirt? Okay.

"Really? And what kind of dirt is that. Perhaps something to do with Bella?"

"Actually it's not dirt. But it's really good!" she squealed

"Spill, Alice."


"My brother got hit by a car?"

"Rose! How could you say that about Jazzy? He's so sweet, and sensitive, and that accent, oh my g-d. He's the most perfect, thoughtful…

"Enough, Alice. Too much information about Jasper."

"Well we are married." She protested

"So? Do I need to know all the details of my twin's marriage? Even if it so happens that he's married to one of my best friends?"

"Well, that's kind of what I was getting at."

"Alice, you're babbling."

"What? Am not. Ugh. Just guess!"

"I don't know. I give up.

"I'm pregnant!"

Wow. I had not been expecting that. Jasper and Alice with a baby. I could see it. They would be the perfect parents.

"Wow, Alice. That's amazing. Congratulations."

"Thank you!"

"Does Edward know yet?"

"Edward?" she scoffed, "Of course you were first on the list."

"You told me before you told your older brother?"


"He's going to kill you."

"Like he has time to kill me! Working 23 hours a day at that crazy hospital."

"You do have a point."

"I always do. Well, I'm going to call Bella. You can tell Emmett."

"I…I'm, um, not going to see Emmett anytime soon." I stuttered

"You're lying through your teeth. I'm not blind, Rosalie."

Was it that obvious?

"No." she sang, answering the question I had failed to speak aloud, "It's not obvious, just completely predictable."

"Well, congratulations Alice. Say Congratulations to Jasper for me."

"Absolutely. I'll call you later. We need to get the gang together."


"Bye, Rose."

"Bye, Alice."

Alice was pregnant. With Jasper's baby. I still couldn't believe that my brother was married to one of my best friends. I couldn't believe he was married, period. And now he was going to have a little kid running around. I was happy for him. Ecstatic. But still jealous. How was I supposed to react? I wasn't able to have children my whole life, and there was only a 5% chance that I'd be able to have a baby now.

I pushed Alice's news to the back of my head. I tried to tell myself that it wasn't my place to be jealous. And besides, today was a good day. I was going to see Emmett.

Okay, I know that was short, but that's only because it was a sort of sample chapter. I am working on chapter 2 as you're reading this. If you were confused:

Alice and Jasper are married

Rosalie and Emmett are "secretly" dating, but of course Alice isn't blind, she knows Rosalie's secret

Bella and Edward are just friends….for now anyways [=