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Chapter I: Running

I was running.

To where?

I had no idea. All I knew, all I felt, was the need to get away from whatever was behind me. I followed that feeling; it was all I could do to obey it. I ran and ran in the pouring rain, until my legs were sore, until my clothes were drenched, until my breath was horse and raspy, until my lungs felt like they would explode. I had to stop. I had to, or else I would pass out. I would fall over and break something. My legs felt like they would never slow, when suddenly, something hard beneath my bare foot scraped up against it with extreme force. I felt myself fly forward, face first into the pavement. My hands received most of the blow; I knew they would be bleeding like crazy. I rolled over onto my side, closing my eyes so I wouldn't have to focus on anything. I squeezed my palms together tightly, as if that would rid me of the pain. I was hoping this was all a dream, just some twisted, messed up dream. But I knew it wasn't. It painfully was not just a dream.

How did I know this?

Well, one was the fact that I could now see that my hands were in fact, bleeding; they hurt like hell, sending jabs of pain up into my nerves. Second, was the fact that I could feel my lungs constricting the air in and out, and my steady heart, beating like it had just seen a ghost. And the third reason, the most real of them all, was that figure, standing there in the rain, reaching out his hand as if to help me up from this horrible dream.

"Who're you…?" I asked him, almost silently. I was surprised by the way he smiled at me, as if he'd heard me perfectly clear.

"My names Axel, I've come to help you, Roxas," he said, his voice low but yet somehow high at the same time. I loved the sound of it as it rang throughout my ears. I noticed when he said my name, Roxas that he was talking about me. My name was Roxas, I was 16 years old…but that was all I could remember. Why was that?

How in the hell had I gotten here? Did I have amnesia or something?

I looked up at the boy in front of me. He was tall and skinny, red hair flaming out from his head in long spikes. He had a nice body; I stared at it, almost entranced. Up and down, and then up again. I shook my head.

Get it together, it's just a guy.

I hesitantly brought my hand up to place it in Axel's, almost reluctant to have him pull me up from the cold ground. Even though I should have been happy about this boy coming to save me, I felt like I shouldn't trust him.

Was he the one I was running from?

He lifted me up from the ground in one smooth movement and I stumbled into his arms, my face fell into his chest. My breath froze in my throat as I breathed him in. He was so warm, I could actually feel the warmth emitting from him. He smelled like apple pie and cigarettes, a hint of cinnamon here and there. But it was a good smell. The scent somehow brought back strange, flitting memories. Suddenly, I felt something roll down my face, but it wasn't rain, I was sure of that.

Am…I crying?

I shivered in Axel's arms, suddenly feeling chilled to the bone.

What am I crying for? I don't get this at all…

I felt like I knew him then, like he was someone very special to me. Axel's grip tightened on me and I felt more tears roll down my cheeks.

"Shhh…Roxas. Everything is okay," Axel cooed, grabbing the back of my wet hair in his hand, his other was wrapped around my waist. He pulled me closer to his chest, letting me cry there while we both were drenched in the rain. I didn't know what to think, didn't know what to feel. I just wanted to know what the hell was going on. But I couldn't bring myself to talk. All I could do was stay in his arms, where I felt safe.

"Roxas, let's go back. Okay?" Axel asked after a few minutes of me crying.

"You're…coming with me, right?" I asked hesitantly, staring up into his bright green eyes.

Axel's smile turned thoughtful and sincere. "I'll never leave you, Rox. I'll chase you to the ends of the earth and back." He ended with a small chuckle.

My heart seemed to flutter through my chest, heat residing in my cheeks. I felt another tear streak down my face. I knew now, the reason for my strange tears. I was so happy to be in Axel's arms once again. I knew Axel that much was for sure. I smiled to myself and buried my face in his soft, cotton shirt. We were together again, as long as that was true, I could deal with anything.

"Wrap your arms around my neck and I'll carry you," Axel whispered in my ear. I nodded and did as he instructed.

I'd do anything he asked.

He shifted his arms around me so that one arm was under my knees and the other was behind my back then lifted me up from the ground. I sighed happily. I loved how this felt for some reason.

"Will you hold me like this forever, Axel?" I asked, curious as to how he would answer.

Axel looked down at me for the briefest second; a slight smirk set in place, then quickly walked through the rain, holding me close to his warm chest. My hair swished around on my head and his hand came up behind it to keep me close to his chest.

"If you want me to," Axel finally answered, huffing slightly, sounding almost a little amused.

I smiled again, feeling sort of giddy that Axel was all mine. That this amazingly beautiful person was mine.

Axel seemed to notice the smile on my face and flashed me a smile of his own, his white teeth showing. He slowly used his fingers to move the fallen wet hair away from my eyes. I pushed my head further into his hand, feeling like a kitten, I probably would have been purring if I was one. I smiled again, closing my eyes, feeling the blissfulness of the moment; I didn't think my mouth could stretch any farther. Axel's face was calm and cool, just like I always remembered him. Actually, the only thing I remembered now was Axel himself. Nothing else came to mind when I thought about my life. Everything was one big blur. On the other hand, I had everything about Axel completely memorized in my mind. I was surprised and appalled that I hadn't remembered him when I first saw him.

His hair was like a burning red flame, even in the rain. His eyes a soft and kind green color, contrasting with his hair perfectly. He was exactly 6 foot 2 and 19 years old. He always wore simple outfits. Tight, plain black T-shirts along with equally dark jeans. Though I kind of liked how mysterious he always looked. Everything about him was completely perfect, if you could imagine such a thing; I really doubt you could. Hell, maybe he wasn't even real. But he was here, holding me in his strong arms, walking up to a strange and unknown building.

I started to wonder just where "back" really was.

Did I live with Axel?

I swallowed, rethinking that statement. Maybe that would be too good to be true. Perhaps it was my house. Maybe I had a family and friends waiting for me inside. I tried to remember names, faces, anything at all; still all I could recollect was Axel. I didn't recall spending any time with him, yet I knew him. I knew that with all my heart. I nodded to myself. That was fine with me; all I really needed was him.

As we approached the building, I noticed that it looked nothing like a house or anything anyone would even think to live in. It resembled more of factory, or some run down old building that evil scientists took over and called their own. I shuttered in his arms, even though he was exceptionally warm, the feeling I got while staring at the structure gave me the chills.