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Chapter Eight

For the next two weeks, either Joey or one of his friends would sit beside Serenity's hospital bed talking to her. Like the doctor said, "She could be this way for the rest of her life or tomorrow she could just wake up."

One day while Bakura was talking to Serenity, he noticed that Serenity's breathing was becoming erratic and he pushed the call button and when the Nurse came to see what was wrong, she took her stethoscope and listened to Serenity's breathing and then she said, "I'll be right back, I've got to have the doctor paged."

When the doctor came into the room, he went over and started looking at her vital signs and then he looked at Bakura and said, "Call her brother, tell him that his sister is getting worse."

Bakura left the room and walked outside to use his cell phone, he called and talked to Joey, "The doctor said that you'd better get back to the hospital, Serenity's breathing is getting worse."

Joey dropped the house phone and ran out the door, got into his car and drove back to the hospital, when he got there, he found Solomon waiting for him. "Bakura called and told me about Serenity and I got here as fast as I could."

Then they both walked into the room and Joey walked up to the bed, he took hold of Serenity's hand and said, "I love you Rene, but if you need to go be with mom and dad then I'll understand."

Then to Solomon's surprise, he saw Serenity's eyes open and she smiled at him and said, "Joey, tell me a story." Joseph was so upset thinking that he was losing his sister that at first he didn't hear her, then he lifted his head and saw Rene smiling at him and with tears running down his face, Joey said, "It's good to see you smile, welcome home."

Solomon and Bakura walked and Solomon said, "It's good to see that beautiful smile again." Serenity then held out her hand to Bakura and said, "I heard your voice, you made me laugh. Thanks for talking to me, and thank everyone else who was talking to me. I heard everyone's voice and they helped me find my way back."

Then Serenity looked at her brother and said, "I heard the song that you, mommy and daddy sang to me, it's my favorite song, I love you big brother and it's great to be home again."

Serenity then looked at Solomon and she said, "Could you please ask that nice lady that talked to me, I want to ask her a question." Solomon smiled at her and he said, "I'll call and let her know."

The door opened up, the doctor walked in and was surprised to see his patient setting up, and that she was talking. He checked her vital signs and he said, "If you continue to get better, you'll can go home in a week."

Solomon walked out of the room and went to the waiting room and he called and talked to Ishizu and said, "Serenity wants to ask you a question, do you think that she remembers what happened?"

Ishizu then said, "I've got to talk to Shadi, but you tell Serenity that I'll be there tomorrow to talk to her." Solomon hung up his phone and walked back to the room where Serenity was, as he went inside, he walked over to Serenity and said, "Ishizu will be here tomorrow."

When Ishizu walked into the room, Serenity asked Joey, "Could you please leave, I need to talk to Ishizu privately." Joey kissed Serenity's cheek and gently touched Ishizu's face as he softly said, "Thanks." Then he left and Ishizu looked at Serenity and she said, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Serenity had tears in her eyes and she said, "Will I ever forget that I was pregnant?"

Ishizu closed her eyes and then she contacted Shadi and let him know what was going on, then she looked at Serenity and she said, "I can help you forget, if that's what you want."

Shadi wanted to cry when Ishizu contacted him about what Serenity wanted, and then he closed his eyes and sent Ishizu the power to help Serenity to forget. Ishizu felt his presence and then she told Serenity, "Close your eyes and allow me to enter your mind."

Then Serenity did as Ishizu asked, and then Serenity felt a soothing presence inside her mind and then she felt herself begin to float and when Ishizu touched her face and said, "You can open your eyes now."

Serenity then opened her eyes, a single tear ran down her face, and she said, "Thank you, now maybe I can get back to my life again."

Ishizu smiled and leaned over and kissed Serenity on her forehead and said, "If you ever need to talk, just call and I'll come and we can talk." Serenity wiped the tear away and she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Ishizu left the room and went to find Joseph, she said, "I'm leaving now, your sister is at peace again." Joey then kissed her hand and said, "Your one very special lady and Shadi is a very lucky man to have you love him."

Ishizu blushed, then she left to go home, and Joey went back into the room, pulled over the chair and sat down to wait for his sister to wake up.

When Serenity was released from the hospital, she was able to return to school and she forgot everything that had happened and was happy, just like the way that God and her parents wanted her to.


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