*A.N – rightio – here is a proper summary (blurb) whatvr – Bella is 18 && Edward is 20, they meet at a party and instant chemistry obviously takes place and they get in a taxi back to their university – so on their way home the taxi collides with a drunk driver. They both go into a coma and seem to have a special connection even with their bodies closed down, Edward wakes up after a couple of weeks and visits Bella constantly for 6 months, on the sixth month Bella's family tells him gently that he should get on with his life and leave Bella alone, that it isn't his fault she wasn't waking up.
Edward moves to Phoenix with his parents and becomes a piano tutor for kids.
On Edwards 24
th birthday his sister Alice brings her roommate from university along.
Guess who?

She has no memory of her life before she woke up.

She now has a fiancé and is happily getting married in just months.

What can he do?*



"Oh, liven up lil' bro," Emmett said after finishing flexing his muscles to his admiring "fan club"

"Yeah lil' E." Cooed his long time, exceptionally annoying and beautiful girlfriend, Rosalie.

"This is the third party you've taken me to since I started University Emmett and how many times do I have to tell you, I JUST DON'T SEE ANYONE I LIKE."

"Are you sure you're still into girls?" he chuckled.

"Yeah, you know I am." I growled; this must be so funny to him.

"Well then why have you turned down the last five hot girls who practically rubbed themselves against you asking for a dance?"

Just like him to bring this up in public, in front of Rosalie. Why, Why, Why?

"Oh yeah, I remember," he Emmett whispered, "You're waiting for the `right one'"

I turned my head the other way and walked up to where they were serving the shots, this was something I just wasn't giving into, so far, I had never met anyone in my life I particularly wanted to lose my virginity with, so I would wait.

"Two Reds baby bro," Emmett bellowed over the music.

I looked at the two copper coloured beauties checking me out and waving. I inwardly groaned as they began walking towards me. I turned around to grab a quick vodka shot and felt an electrical current pulse through the whole right hand side of my body as I was knocked to the ground.

Oh, oh, I'm so sorry, I'm so clumsy, I really didn't..." the brown eyed beauty cut off as I met her eyes, deep pools of chocolate, leading me in to her very soul.

I stared for what could have been seconds, weeks, years even, before she broke eye contact, her cheeks burning a cute red, her long mahogany hair swung forward as she offered me a small feminine hand, I grasped, not to pull myself up but just to touch her, for the second time electricity sprung up my arm, and I noted with pleasure that she jumped a little when we touched.

I pushed myself up with my other hand, still holding hers.

I made the decision in less than a second; I lifted her hand to my lips and gently pressed a kiss on top of the soft skin.

I let out a soft groan when my lips made contact, and she closed her eyes.


He let out as low groan as he touched his soft lips to my hand, my eyes closed, hearing him was too much. He was a god, his body perfect, probably about 6ft1 – 6ft2, his lips were soft at touch, his nose angular, his eyes a crisp apple green, almost like emeralds sparking, his hair was bronze and tousled. The most beautiful man I had ever met.

My eyes opened as he pulled me a little closer, and I realised, with embarrassment, that I had leaned towards him while my eyes were closed. His lips were just inches away, my bodily urges couldn't contain themselves anymore, and my mind blurred of all reason, as I reached in and kissed him.


Her lips touched mine, soft and gentle, I licked her bottom lip, begging access to her mouth, she opened to me almost instantly, and I stretched my arm around her waist and her arms met around my neck.

Powerful desire swamped my body and my hands dropped to her ass, my tongue beginning to massage hers, the kiss that had began soft and sensual became fierce and passionate and our lips moved quicker against each other.

I faintly noticed Emmett and his friends "woohooing" but to be quite honest I just didn't care.

She seemed to though, and she broke of gasping her cheeks and neck flushing a deeper red.

"Wow." She whispered her brown eyes connecting with mine again.

"I'm Edward." I said kissing both her cheeks lightly, the only hello I knew would look polite and I could touch her at the same time with.

"Bella," she said, still panting a little.

"I want to touch you," I spoke into her ear, realising too late, exactly how this would sound to a girl, I groaned inwardly waiting for her to back away.

"And I you," she answered her cheeks, if it was even possible, going redder.

I grabbed her hand, and tried to run upstairs with her, that's one of the good things with house parties, lots of lockable rooms.

But she pulled me back; I waited for the rejection to come, the air blowing out of me quickly.

"Let's go to my dorm, my uni's only 10 minutes away in a cab. You don't mind, do you?" she asked as an afterthought.

"No," I nearly shouted at her with relief.


Oh. My. God.

I just invited a boy to my room after one TWO MINUTE kiss.

I'm a virgin, I don't even know if I'm ready to do it yet, he's going to push me. He couldn't be that perfect. Then with a jolt I realised I'd just given him permission to have sex with me.

"I want to touch you." He had said and I just told him that's what I wanted him to do, to caught in the moment, that's what had happend.

I looked at him, he was leading me outside, calling a cab, and I was just letting him.

He hung up and I turned to set things straight.

"Listen," we both started at the same time, I gave an embarrassingly girly giggle and motioned for him to proceed.

"Ehm, listen," he began again. "When I said I wanted to touch you, I didn't mean I wanted to, you know, do it." He took a deep breath and continued. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything."

I breathed a sigh of relief and he gave me a quick, heart stopping, crooked grin.

"It'll still be good to get away from the party though, I can't stand the noise much longer, and it's driving me insane." I laughed. He nodded his head in agreement and kissed my lips again, making my whole body buzz.


After, "quite a few" more kisses (make outs) the cab pulled up in front of us.

I opened the door, motioning for Bella to get in first. She slipped in with a small smile playing on her lips and I almost jumped in after her, Bella told the guy where to go and then turned her stunning gaze to me.

She grasped the clasp in the back of her hair which was holding up half of her hair and pulled it out, as she shook out her hair, a mouth watering scent omitted of her, the scent of strawberries filled my nose and I breathed deeply, smelling more of her.

I pulled her close to me, my hands entangling themselves in her hair and I kissed her, with everything I had, I kissed her.

I had never felt this way for a girl before.

As we kissed I felt like we merged to one, our bodies were so close they were almost touching and the heat radiating from her body called to me, I pulled one of my hand from her hair and pulled her gently pushed the small of her back, touching our bodies, sending shocks running through my whole body, I pressed against her, and I felt the returning push. I almost cried with desire, my hand lifting her body on top of mine, so she was straddling me, my hand running through her hair.

I broke of the kiss as I heard the driver yell at the top of his voice, I could have laughed with happiness, until I notice the car in our lane, head in towards us, the man in the front seat with a crazy look on his face.

Bella screamed as I wrapped my arms around her, trying to protect her, my heart thumped as the car came so close so fast, yet it was all so slow for me, I pulled my arms tighter around her slim body,
a dry sob escaped from her as she nuzzled into me, the driver still trying to move out of the way, I knew it was hopeless, and the car crashed right into us, lurching Bella and I forward, entwined around each other, into the barrier between the driver and us, we slammed into it, and everything went black.


My aching eyelids fluttered open and I took in a bleeding Bella.


My intended shout became a croaking whisper by the time it left my mouth.

The pain hit me, agony.

It brung the darkness quickly, and I sunk back into deep unconsciousness.