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Vibrations confused me, the thrumming of an engine annoyed my ears, the sobs of a woman opened my eyes.

I stared straight ahead for a few moments, disorientated, but then I worked out where I knew the chic black glove compartment opening from, where my eyes had been refocusing, "Alice?" I turned to see her relieved face, and felt my head fuzz a little, "what the hell just happened to me?" a slight pain slid across my forehead, and I reached my hand up to feel a small lump forming, painful at touch.

When she finally answered me her voice was restrained, bitter, it contained alot of withheld anger, "you passed out, I'm taking you to hospital," I thought back, and I remembered falling, I remembered why I fell and I couldn't help myself from shout.

"NO!" she jumped, my nails began scraping into the soft palms of my hands, I felt them beginning to break skin as Alice spoke and I stopped the pressure.

"What is it?" she snarled, tapping the steering wheel repetitively.

"Everything's changed now... everything." I took a breath, considering my next words, the importance of them, "I can't lie to him anymore, I know too much and I can't keep on," I bit my lip, my teeth chattering slightly from the effort of not breaking down, "when I was in the elevator, I found something, something so small but with such a big meaning... It was his wristband from the hospital," her eyes widened as she stared straight ahead, "and when I read it, when I realised what it actually was, it triggered something in my head, I don't know how the hell it did, I mean I have so many things relating to that one event in my life but nothing ever worked, then again, when I met Edward again, I started having small flashbacks, but only when I was with him – maybe that little wristband just reminded me that it's his fault I'm alive, he saved me that night and I remember him holding me tight, I remember," I pause for a huge breath, noticing Alice's trembling hands, "everything," tears poured out of me, "my parents, growing up, and him." My hands clapped together in happiness and frustration, "I can remember when we first met and I know, and whether you believe it or not, I have a distinct memory of having a conversation after the accident, like, when we were both comatosed," I cursed myself as I began speaking again, "he told me he loved him then and I kept him attached to me, because I told him it back, because I do, and now we need to go to the airport Alice, it's my last chance – even if you don't think I'm good enough for him, please just leave it for him to choose, let him see me again, I know where I belong, help me... please,"

Her face went through several emotions, confusing my mind, I prayed in desperation for her to take me, she finally started to speak to me and it didn't sound hopeful "I don't know if-"

"Alice, please," I begged.

"Let me finish," she pulled over as she continued, turning to me and looking directly at me, some of the anger gone from her face, "I don't know if we can make it for him, it looks like he left a good few hours ago , we don't even know if he'll be at the airport, and if we do get there in time, how do we know where to find him?" she placed a shaky hand on top of mine, "But, all the same, I'm behind you know, know you're sincere, and I'm still very very angry at you, but I'm gonna do this for Edward – you may be the only chance at happiness he'll have, maybe the only chance for me to get my brother back,"


She started up the engine again, putting on her indicator as we approached the next roundabout, taking the turn off which was clearly marked as the way to Seattle airport.

I would find away, no matter what.

The journey was mostly made in silence, the car speeding through several amber lights in just a flash of luck, I thought of ways I could get to him, where he would go, but the truth is, sadly, that I just don't know him well enough – the love of my life and I don't know him. How sad, and I mean it.

Alice started asking questions once we were about 15 minutes away, she was about as clueless as me, the only thing we could think of was splitting up, I could use my "disability" to my advantage, people would move out of my way, "You're going to have to move quick Bella," Alice said sternly.

"I will, don't worry," she nodded, obviously not quite ready to trust me yet.

We entered the airport in rush, not speaking just knowing what to do. I hopped off one way and she ran the other, I took a deep breath then began to scream his name, as loud as I could, "EDWARD!!" my throat began to burn, my hands began to sting and my heart began to thump, but I couldn't give up.

I now understood what love actually is.

It's every single colour in the rainbow.

It's the most precious jewel.

It's what keeps the world going round.

It's what's in me and it's so, so much more than just a "relationship" – it's everything.

So much so that words couldn't describe it, I knew it before, I tried to stop it, but now it's too overpowering, in books, in movies, I thought it was a fairytale, but it's not. It's completely and truly real.

I knew I had begun to cry as my voice stared to crack and become hoarse but I kept shouting, "Please Edward," I moaned, so afraid, so undeserving.

Almost all hope was lost as I caught a glimpse of a bronze head, I knew it was him, it couldn't have been anyone else and I tried to run to him, I really did, but he was going through the gate, I creamed and shouted, causing many others to stare but he didn't even seem to notice me.

I moaned a loud heartbroken moan as he walked away on the other side of the gateway and I couldn't get through, but I guess fate was looking after me. Alice suddenly came smack bang into me so hard she had to grab both of my arms to keep me upright.

"He's gone through," I panted, he's gone. I was distraught I couldn't stand still I kept wobbling about, bucket loads of tears falling from my eyes.

"He's not gone Bella, just trust me," she stuck something in my pocket, "there's a ticket, just get through there and go after him. Get my brother home Bella, please.

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