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Chapter 1.

Harry trembled as he lay in his lover's arms.

Please, he whispered in the darkness, not knowing for what he was begging for.

His secret lover, the one Harry yearned to know about, simply chuckled as he held tightly onto the younger boy's wrists.

Said boy's eyes fluttered shut as he felt gentle kisses being bestowed on his chest. He couldn't help but arch up when he felt a strong mouth suck at his right nipple before biting harshly.

A soothing touch relaxed him and Harry grinned at the man, as it was no woman he was dreaming of.

Why do you tease me so? The boy questioned knowing that the answer he'll receive wouldn't be the one he wished.

His lover laughed. You are my reason, a kiss to the mouth, you made me into this, a lick and nibble at a delicate throat, and you want it to go like this, that's why I'm here.

Harry shuddered at those words but the man wasn't done.

You beg for my touch like you would in real life, you'll scream as I'll fuck you and you'll love every moment of it.

Beg me for my name….

"Will you get up already!? Hurry up boy, I don't have all day." A voice screeched and Harry's eyes shot wide open as he sat on his bed.

"Are you up yet?" his aunt's voice asked from outside the door and Harry glared in its direction.

A series of bangs were soon heard and Harry realized that his cousin was awake.

He sighed and leaned back in his bed, thinking about his dream.

He wondered who that man was and blushed when he realized that he was still hard. And why wouldn't he be when his aunt woke him up before his secret lover could take care of it for him.

"I'm expecting you downstairs in fifteen minutes boy!" petunia spoke and soon her steps were heard as she walked down the stairs.

Great, more than enough time for him to fix his little problem.

Slowly, he trailed his hand down his chest, as much as he would love to get right to it, he knew that he'll come way too soon and he'll be forced to spend the day feeling unsatisfied.

Which wasn't his plan at all.

A pinch to his nipples brought him back to his current predicament and he eagerly returned to his work.

He moaned silently when he grabbed his cock and started stroking his manhood, his other hand rubbed his thighs, holding on to them tightly when a sudden spasm of pleasure erupted.

Unbidden, dark black eyes sprang into his mind the minute he closed his eyes, causing the teen to curse as he came hard in his hand.

Panting, he frowned as he wondered as to the reason his mind would supply him with such an image.

There was none he knew that had that color of eyes, except… no, ridicules. The only feeling he had towards that man was hate and despise.

"Boy you better get down here now or your uncle will deal with you!"

Harry cursed at his aunt's shriek and got up.

Quickly dressing, deciding to forgo a shower till later, the boy walked to the kitchen below.

His eyes immediately narrowed at the happy, smug expression his uncle supported.

"Boy!" Harry wondered why his uncle felt the need to yell when he was standing but a few feet next to him. "Your aunt needs eggs and some orange juice; you'll need to run down to the market."

Warning bells erupted in Harry's mind but he decided to ignore them, the need to get away form his relatives was far greater today.

Pocketing the money, Harry started walking down the road in the direction of the local marketplace.

His dream still occupied his mind and Harry felt a small pang of guilt at the thought of his leading Ginny on.

He knew it would hurt her when she'll find out that he didn't love her let alone that he was gay, but he had no choice. The boy-who-lived was supposed to be normal, and his sexual orientation was definitely not.

It had hurt him when he found out that she wouldn't approve of the truth, even if by some miracle he would tell her.

It was in her fifth year (his sixth) that he found out how she felt about such things. They had walked away from the party held after the quidditch win when they caught sight of two boys making out.

It made Harry smile at the fact that at least some people didn't have to hide who they were but Ginny…the girl had dragged him over to an unused classroom where she burst out laughing about 'those disgusting faggots'.

Harry had almost hexed her when she said that.

He didn't even have the heart to tell Ron and Hermione that it was Ginny that kissed him and not the other way around. Not to mention the fact that when Hermione was sore with him for being angry at Dean dating Ginny, he really wanted to tell her that he was actually mad at Dean for cheating on Seamus, who Harry knew he was dating.

So pre-occupied with his thoughts, Harry didn't even notice that he had passed the market, nor did he notice the silence that sounded out. It wasn't until a red light passed closely by that he snapped back to reality.

Ducking instinctively, Harry pulled out his wand, throwing to hell the laws about underage sorcery, and shooting as many spells as he possibly could.

He found himself surprised when his eyes came to rest on six death-eaters; two experienced while the others seemed like new recruits.

"Shit." He found himself swearing as a cutting curse burst through his shield and slammed into his shoulder. That distraction was enough for someone to get lucky and hit him with a stunner.

As the world turned black, Harry cursed his uncle who must have set the whole thing up.


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