Title: Prideful Accusations

Summary: While they thought they were living happily ever after, they were soon found to be wrong... This is the sequel to Fallen Angel

Chapter Nine: Unwanted


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Angel realm

Demon world

Human world

Emphasized words

Last time events

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As Zexion finished reading, he looked up at Demyx who looked at the floor solemnly. "Demyx… What will we do?"

Demyx looked at Zexion with a depressed look on his face. "I'm going…"


Demyx took a deep breath to calm his nerves as he curled his cloak around him a little tighter then what he wanted, making him wince at pulling the cloak too tight and hurting his wings which were under said cloak. He was now in the human world once more and was waiting patiently at a café for a certain redheaded prince to show up.

On his way to the cafe, however, he bumped into an old friend who was now sitting across from him in a seat at a table for three.

"So, Myde, how has life been treating you?" Marluxia asked with a kind smile.

Demyx shrugged nonchalantly and looked out into the street, watching for any sign of Axel. "Good, I guess… You?"

"Good, good… How has Vexen been? I haven't seen him in a while."

"He moved to… Alaska, I think it is." Demyx said with another shrug.

Marluxia nodded again as a waiter set down coffee for the two occupants. The two said a small thank you to the woman and she nodded and was off again.

Demyx absentmindedly stirred his coffee, not drinking it, as he watched for Axel more and half nodded every once in a while as Marluxia said something.

Finally, he spotted the flaming red hair and frowned but stood up and set a five dollar bill his father had given him on the table. "Gotta go. Was nice seeing you again." Demyx said before running off after the man with flaming red hair into an alleyway.


"Sorry I'm late…" Purred the pyro as he cupped Demyx's cheek, making the blond turn away in disgust.

"Don't touch me." Demanded the young prince, making Axel frown.

"Now do you really think you can get your kids back with that attitude?" The pyro demanded, making the boy wince.


"Smart. I like that…" Axel opened a door to darkness that all demons could conjure. "After you." Purred the redhead.


Demyx was the first to enter the demon realm. He ended up in the other prince's office and yelped when he felt arms wrap around his back.

"Now, now, dear Prince Demyx. I won't hurt you… Unless your… Naughty that is." With that said, the pyro nibbled on the smaller man's ear, eliciting a small groan from the angel.

A small groan elicitated from the blond as the others' nibbling continued down his neck to the conjunction of neck and shoulder. The blond felt his stomach start to feel warm as he knew he was getting hard from the older man's actions.

The blond didn't notice until it was too late that a hand had slipped past his pants and down to his hardening members. A small stroke and the blond arched his back into the redhead's front. "S-stop… please…" begged the blond.

"Oh, but why should I? You definitely seem to be enjoying this…" purred the redhead against his neck.

Demyx whimpered as the older man began to stroke his hard members, the younger tried to straddle the hand.

Axel only had to stroke the younger a minute before Demyx was seeing stars. When Demyx came, Axel pulled his hand away only to pull down the boys pants.

A finger prodded Demyx's entrance, making him whimper again but did not move away from the finger. The second finger soon followed and stretched the man.

The blond tightened his arse as much as he could, hoping to make it tougher for the redhead, but the redhead simply smirked at the tightness, forcing a third finger in.

The older stretched a little more and nodded when he felt the other ready, pulling his fingers out making the younger whine at the lack of warmth.

Quickly, Axel stripped his pants and shoved dryly into the other, making the other whine more.

He shoved in and out against the other, making Demyx whine in pain. The man clenched his arse, trying to stop the other, but it didn't work. A gasp escaped his lips as the other found his sweet spot and Demyx felt himself clench more.

Axel smirked and hit it a few more times before coming harshly from how tight the man was.

Demyx collapsed onto the desk he was leaning over, sweat, blood and cum on his body. Tears formed at his eyes as the older pecked his neck affectionately before exiting the room.


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