Klaatu and Gort.

Klaatu fall from sphere. But Helen say oh no! and Jacob say to Helen that they get Klaatu to take him home.

'but he alien man, son.' says Helen.

'but I not care.' say Jacob. 'he save us, did he.'

Helen sihgh but give in to her son. She and he take alien man Klaatu home.

When Klaatu at home Helen and Jacob think he gets hungry after while and go out to get him a pizza or china take out foods. What they do not relize is gort come to visit when Klaatu sleep. Gort get worry at Klaatu.

When Helen and Jacob get home they drop food at door and screams. There alien man shit all over the walls and floor.

'oh no!' say Helen ripping out her hair. 'that stupid thing! I toll you Jacob that bring him home is a bad ideal.'

'it stink in here.' says Jacob to fan his nose.

But that not all. They walk thorugh shit and piss and go to back door. They to open back door and see something. Klaaty and gort jumping on Jacob trampileen. They start point to laugh at Helen and Jacob. They cuss them. Gort call Helen a whore and Klaatu call Jacob little snot nose. They all call names. Gort begin to throw rotten egs and dog shit at Helen and tell her to stay her human self way from Klaatu. Klaaty merried alredy to other woman that is gort cause they find out gort to be woman.

Helen call police. Police to come and arrest Klaatu.

They take Klaatu to courthouse.

Judge to say.

'why you shit in her house and call names alien man Klaatu.'

Klaatu shoot finger to judge. Klaatu to say.

'you don't let me go out of here I come back and piss all over courthouse.'

So they let him go.

Klaatu and gort fly away to space. Gort says hell with this shit and zaps lazer beam at earth, they both laugh and fly away to home because they hate everything.

The end?