The Heart of Twilight

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The morning that school resumed after the winter holidays found the surrounding areas of Forks in a blanket of fog.

The Cullen family who were having a morning meeting at there dining table. The discussion centered on a boy of sixteen who Carlisle and Esme had met. They both wanted the family to keep their eyes and ears on the boy, for Carlisle had a feeling that something bad could come to the boy. The children (if one would call them that). All looked at there father with varying degrees of disbelief except for one of them who knew that she was going to get a best friend out of this. She briefly wondered what best friends did then resolved to google it later. Smiling at her siblings she pronounced that that the sixteen year old would shake things up in there lives and looking at her favorite bother she then said, some more than others, before walking away to the garage. The rest of the family watched her retreating back. While her favorite bother was attempting to not bash his head into the table he just knew today was not going to be good for him.


Meanwhile in another part of town Harry Potter was cooking breakfast for his family. His mind though was not on the task at hand but on an ever growing check list of things that needed to be done. He did manage to cross of one thing off his list he had found himself a job, it had taken the rest of the weekend for Harry to find, but he got it. The job was at the diner that he had dropped Jacob off at, it was small, and had seen better days but it paid, not well but it was something. The owner told him to show up on weekends in the morning for six hours and they would have him fill in wherever they needed him, the owner also told Harry that if he missed a day and did not call in he would be fired no excuses.

In his meanderings Harry was reminded of his attempt to volunteer at the local hospital, Harry was still upset that he used magic in front of the doctor he would have to lay low and avoid Dr. Cullen, it was a shame cause Harry really liked Dr. Cullen. Harry knew that if Dr. Cullen found out the happenings at the Dursleys household Harry would be trapped in some bureaucratic red tape that would force him back to England to live. He would most likely end up on the streets. Having no desire to see that happened, he resolved that he would stick it out at the Dursleys for one more year.

With that mantra in his head he finished his families breakfast and headed to school.

Arriving at the High School early, Harry got out of his truck and walked inside. It seemed that everyone had their eyes on him, newness was apparently is in short demand in this town.

Walking into his first class of the day, Chemistry, Harry handed his pass to the teacher and his teacher directed Harry to the middle row the desks were side by side in groups of two so that harry would have a seat partner, chances are that the seat partner would also be his lab partner. Sitting down he noticed that he was one of the first to arrive. Taking a few deep breaths and reminding himself that he would be fine, Harry went in search of his notebook and pen, finding his notebook but not his pen Harry went rifling thru his bag. Finding it at the bottom of his bag, under papers Harry thought he thrown out, Harry gave an animated got you and pulled the pen out. Turning he noticed that his seat mate had arrived and was looking at Harry oddly. Harry turning a bright red smiled and looked at his seat mate, he looked like he just stepped out of a movie, he had blond hair, that looked too prefect to be real. In fact everything about him looked to prefect, just like the Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. his hair was honey blond and he was impeccably dressed. The only thing that marred his beauty was a look of pain on his face like he was over sensitive to the world around him. Before Harry could introduce himself the teacher was calling the class to attention.

"All right class settle down. Welcome back to a new year and to our new student welcome, many of you have been moved around and find yourselves sitting with a new seat partner, your seat partner and you are to be lab partners for the rest of the year, no ifs ors or ands about it. Like last term the two of you will work together to complete your lab and then each of you will hand in a separate report on each. That being said I don't mind if the two of you go over what happened in the lab so you both come up with the same conclusion. I don't want the same report." The teacher let out a sigh. "Well, then moving on its time to talk about writing out proper chemical equations, Mr. Potter talk to Jasper Hale about using his notes to make sure you know what we have covered and what we haven't." With a nod of Harry's head and a glance over at Jasper, Harry mentally sighed and started to copy the notes on the board.

After the teacher had finished writing the notes on the bored she handed out work sheets for homework and allowed the class to catch up with each other. Harry took this time to make introductions to his seat partner.

"Hello I'm Harry Potter" Harry said turning to face the blond movie star.

"Jasper Hale, pleasure to meet you Harry. If you would not mind I can give you the notes tomorrow and go over them at lunch with you." Resigned Jasper thought that if he had to help Harry out, than at least his family could be there so he did not slip. He would also be keeping Carlisle wish for someone to keep on eye and ear on the boy. After all Alice did say that he would be important to the family.

That sounds alright." the bell rung and both started to leave "I'll talk to you tomorrow about were to meet up, yah?"

"Sure thing Harry, See you then." With that said both left and Jasper was half way into his next class when it hit him that Harry didn't smell at all like the other towns folk.

Harry left and went to English Literature, he handed in his pass to the teacher, and went to the vacant seat left. Sitting down, Harry could not wait until he was not new enough to be stared at all day long. The girl in front of him turned in her seat déjà vu from chemistry struck him. Although see was not blond see had dark hair into a pixie style cut, she was just as pale and had the same eye colour. She seemed almost to exude happiness and was almost bouncing out of her seat. Harry only having one coffee so far that morning, was thinking it was going to be a long year.

Hi I'm Alice, I'm so glad you're in my class, were going to have so much fun, what class did you have first." Harry did not think it possible but her smile had gotten bigger.

I'm Harry. I had chemistry first today." Not really sure what to add to that. He watched as Alice was nearly jumping out of her seat.

"You must have had it with Jasper, did you? He's my boyfriend though he's a year older then me, he also gets migraines very easily, so if he seems in pain to you, just let him be okay?

"Yeah all right. We are supposed to met tomorrow to go over notes from this year to make sure that I am all caught up." Harry supplied

"Thats great you can seat with us tomorrow at lunch with my siblings and Jasper's sister and I can help too."

Before Harry could add anything else in the bell rang and the teacher called the class to order, Harry prepared himself for another mind numbing class.

Once the bell rang Harry watched as Alice rose from her seat and nearly danced out of the class, harry in all his time in different schools had never met someone like Alice.

Shacking his head, he left to find his pre calculus class. Heading inside the class he greeted the teacher handed in his pass and went to sit down. Getting comfortable in his seat, Harry was introduced to the girl beside him.

Hi I am Jessica, You must be one of the new kids!" All this was said with her chest sticking right out and nearly touching Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes and answered back "Yeah I'm Harry."

"You moved here with your cousin right? He's in my English class, he's not very bright is he." Jessica giggled.

Harry wanted to say more on the matter of his cousin brightness or lack there of but had to bite his tongue, if Uncle Vernon found out that he had been bad talking his son he was sure to get a lashing. Thankfully the teacher started class and Harry did not have to answer back.

With a shrug to Jessica he turned to face the teacher.

Jessica keeping her voice low said. "Will have to talk at lunch, you can met all my friends."

That struck fear into Harry's heart, a whole table of giggly girls, oh joy.

The moment the bell rung Harry shot out of his desk and nearly ran to his next class American History. This time he sat beside a greasy looking kid named Eric. Who was a little to nervous to talk to him. Which was prefect because Harry was starting to have a massive headache and was tempted to put his head down on the desk and sleep.

Thankfully the class seemed short and Harry had lunch next and was ready to go eat something. Harry had decide that today he would splurge a little and buy himself a sandwich and a salad at the cafeteria, he even bought a can of ginger ale at the register.

Walking towards an empty table in the room he was pushed from behind, falling flat on his face, his food rolling across the floor, Harry rolled over he saw that it was Dudley.

In their last school they had three lunch times and Harry and Dudley were always in different lunch groups, which meant that harry did not get picked on by dudley at lunch. Apparently here in forks high, he was not so lucky. Sighing and getting to his feet, Harry bent down and started to pick up his sandwich, when dudley foot came crashing down on it, Harry's salad met a similar fate. With a smirk to his cousin and a whispered freak, Dudley left Harry then walked to a table in the centre of the cafe. Harry looked at his food smashed on the floor picked it up throw it in the trash and made his way over to a table in the corner and started to pull out his homework. If he wasn't going to eat then Harry might as well be productive, he ignored the stares of disbelief from the other students.

A few tables away from Harry, the Cullen siblings had watched as the boy their father said to watch was bullied by his cousin. They had been too shocked to go over and help the boy. Alice and Jasper who both had classes told their siblings as much as they could about the Harry. Which was very little. Jasper did tell his family they would be having lunch together tomorrow so that Jasper and Alice could make sure he was caught up. Surprisingly no one complained including Rosalie. Edward in an attempt to find out why Carlisle wanted the boy watched, tried to discern his thoughts, and found that he could not hear any of Potters thoughts, maybe he was too far away from the boy. Jasper feeling Edward's frustration, raised on eyebrow at his brother.

"It seems that Potter is to far away from me to hear his mind" replied Edward.

"You might have a class with him later, you could try then or just wait until tomorrow." Jasper supplied

Edward nodded his head and went back to pretending to eat.

Harry had been finishing up his equations from chemistry when he was invaded by a couple of girls, Jessica, some brat named Lauren, and a quite girl named Angela. The three made them selves at home and started talking to Harry about his time in Forks, he was thankful that they did not ask him about his cousin Dudley and what just happened.

When the girls started to talk about an upcoming dance, Harry started looking around to find an escape route, when he saw them, Jasper and Alice and there siblings. Apart they all looked beautiful but together they where something else, Alice and Jasper were sitting together beside Jasper, had to be his sister she was beautiful, statuesque with long blond hair, she sat next to a muscular guy who looked like he could take on a bear and win, and next to him sat a younger looking man that had untidy bronze-colored hair, the man with the bronze-colored hair looked up at harry and as there eyes met Harry felt his magic raise up and out of him, just like it had with Dr. and Mrs. Cullen only instead of feeling safe and cared for like a parent, his magic was telling Harry that it wanted him in any way possible, looking away harry felt his magic clam down, never before had Harry felt this way about a person, oh he knew he was gay but that was better left unsaid, he needed to know who this person was, turning to Jessica who seemed the type to know everything about everyone.

Harry asked. "Who are they?"

All three looked up from there conversation to look at were Harry had rested his gaze

"The biggest one is Emmett Cullen. The blonde girl is Rosalie Hale. Her brother Jasper is the one sitting on her left, and the small girl — that's Alice Cullen … and the youngest one is Edward Cullen … Isn't he gorgeous … He doesn't date though. Apparently none of the girls here are good enough for him …As if I care." Replied Jessica.

Harry snorted and thought that someone was a let down a little to hard.

"They all live together you know …with Dr. Cullen and his wife." She added this under her breath as if it were a scandalous secret. If this was scandalous then Harry could only imagine what they had said about the Dursleys.

Harry then glanced sideways again at the beautiful boy, who was looking at his tray now, picking a bagel to pieces with long, pale fingers.

"They are… very nice-looking." Harry struggled with the conspicuous understatement, what else could he say?

"Yes!" Jessica agreed with another giggle. "They're all together though — Jasper and Alice, and Emmet and Rosalie, and they live together, like in the house!" She gossiped

"Which ones are the Cullen's children?" Harry wanted to know how the five of them came together. "They don't look related…"

"Oh, they're not. Dr. Cullen is really young, in his twenties or early thirties. They're all adopted. The Hales are brother and sister, twins — the blondes — they are related to Mrs. Cullen, the others are all foster children though."

"They look a little old for foster children." Harry commented, he knew most of this since he had already met the parental units, but there was just something about them Harry thought.

"They are now, Jasper and Rosalie are both eighteen, but they've been with Mrs. Cullen since they were eight. She's their aunt."

" It must have been hard to take them in, when they are so young themselves."

"I guess so," Jessica admitted reluctantly, and Harry got the impression that she didn't like the doctor and his wife for some reason. With the glances she was throwing at their adopted children, Harry presumed the reason was jealousy. "I think that Mrs. Cullen can't have any kids, though," she added, as if that lessened their kindness somehow.

"I don't see how that has anything to do with it. I think its wonderful that she adopted them all. Not many people can take in children that are not there own and love them as if there are, and she not only did that for one of them, but for five, maybe you should be giving her a little bit of your respect. Harry snapped he gathered his book and walked out of the cafeteria.

The three girls he had left behind stared at each other and silently sat thru the rest of lunch thinking about what he said to them, the only other table who noticed there discussion was the Cullens. Turning to her bothers, sister and spouse, Rosalie who was excessively protective of her family and paid no attention to the mortals around her calmly said to her sibling. "While I like him" the rest of her family started at her with disbelief.

Harry walked out to his next class Biology, his mind on the Cullens, in all his years he had wanted nothing more then a mother like Esme someone that would love him for being him. Harry was slightly jealous of the Cullen teens and hoped that each of them loved their parents cause Harry knew that if he had that chance he would. As Harry was thinking of the teens his mind came bake to the bronze haired one Edward. Harry's magic had never reacted like that to one person it was always a calming force in him to act up that way. It had made Harry want him, sure he had had crushes on guys before, he had never acted on them for it was one thing for Harry to be a magic using abnormal freak but to be gay freak was pushing the line in his family and Harry knew that Uncle Vernon would not hold back in his punishment of him.

As the bell rang Harry was jolted out of his musings and walked into his Chemistry class. Handing his papers over to the teacher to have them signed he was directed to where he would be sitting for the rest of term. Right beside Edward Cullen. Harry's Magic hummed in excitement at sitting next to him. Taking a deep breath Harry made his way over to the desk and sat down, turning he smiled at Edward and was about to introduce himself when Mr. Banner started the class. Harry would keep looking over at Edward at first because his magic was reacting so strongly at him to look and then because Edward looked sick, then angry at Harry and by the time that the end of class rolled a round Harry was nearly a nervous wreak he kept thinking about what he had done to Edward to make him so angry at him that the rest of the day was a blur for Harry. His magic just could not take the rejection from Edward and Harry had no idea why the bell for the day went off and Harry went to the office to give his forms back to the secretary, walking in he noticed that Edward was there too and was trying to get his biology class changed to another.

" Please you have to have something that I could change it with." He pleaded

"I am sorry Mr. Cullen but we have no other classes available for you to take."

As Harry waited to be served next he could not help wondering what made him so repulsive to Edward. As he was thinking this the door flew open and a girl walked in put some piece of paper o n the desk and walked out in that time Edward had noticed Harry.

"It seems I will just have to suffer thorough it." Edward bite out and left.

Harry smiled at the secretary but inside he was seething

" Hold on one-second there was someone I wanted to say goodbye to."

Harry walked outside of the office spotting Edward's retreating back and no one else he shouted out.

"At lest you don't have to suffer thorough Class sitting beside an Ass!" Harry turned back inside the office and handed his papers in. Outside the office Edward stood shock still as the rest of his family walked towards him. They had eared what Harry had to shouted at Edward and as they came nearer Rosalie smiled and said.

"I really like him now."

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