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A Day for Savoring Bad Moods

One – Rotgut Is Good for the Soul

It was raining, which wasn't a huge surprise considering he was in Seattle and all, but this wasn't just normal rain. This was the torrential kind of sheeting rain that came with bone penetrating cold and a gunpowder gray sky for as far as the eye – even the transgenic eye – could see. Days like this let you savor a bad mood, which was just fine with Alec because he was in a true feline funk. He couldn't remember feeling this pissed off, put out, depressed, and hopeless since – well he didn't want to think about the last time he'd felt this badly. So instead he was sitting in the craphole that passed as his new apartment in Terminal City attempting to drink himself into a stupor with some of Mole's homemade rotgut.


"So what's the matter Princess, couldn't satisfy her highness and she went running back to the Ordinary?" Mole taunted Alec as they filed back into headquarters after Joshua's mid-morning flag raising.

"Shut it Mole." Alec growled.

"Don't think so Princess. We all saw her holding the Ordinary's hand on the roof, and we need to know who her highness is going to be turning to for help running this toxic waste dump – you or the overgrown monkey. So what's the deal?" Mole pushed.

"What does it matter who Max is with? She's in charge here, and I'm around to help out either way." Alec replied, trying to pacify Mole's concern about his involvement in TC affairs without making himself look like anymore of a chump. Fuck Max and her stupid lie getting him into this shit.

"Not good enough Princess. The way I see it either Max is with you which means you're second in command or she's with the Ordinary which means he's going to be running roughshod through our business. I was on board with staying and making a stand when I thought the ship would be in 494's hands, but I'm not about to let some piece of shit ordinary make decisions for me – that ain't ever fucking happening again. So you need to tell me what the fuck the deal is before it's too late for me to get the hell out of this hole if I need to." And that was it; Mole had thrown down the proverbial gauntlet.

As he thought about how to answer, Alec was acutely aware of every eye in headquarters now being on him. He didn't want to out Max and her little secret, but Mole was right, they deserved to know the truth before they decided whether to stay in TC or make a run for it.

"I was never with Max," Alec began in a slightly defeated tone. "She asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend to push Logan away because he wouldn't take a hint and she couldn't be around him anymore with the virus and everything. I don't know what that little handholding business on the roof was, if it means she wants to be with him again or what. All I know is that you're right, regardless of Max's relationship with Logan no ordinary is ever making decisions for us again. If Max can't put her issues with Logan aside long enough to run TC effectively, then I'll take over command. Satisfied?"

"Very." Shit that was Logan's voice. As Alec turned to see Logan standing in the stairwell, he could hear murmurs of assent from around him and knew that at least the other transgenics were happy with his response even if Logan – and Max, by extension – weren't. What was that ordinary expression, out of the frying pan and into the fire, well if this didn't qualify he wasn't sure what would. Before Alec could begin explaining himself, Logan had already turned to head back up to the roof where Alec could only assume Max still was. Alec turned to leave. If the fight between him and Max was going to be as bad as he figured, he didn't want it to be in front of everyone at HQ. He didn't want it to be at his apartment either. It may be a craphole, but it was still his craphole and he didn't want it anymore broken than it already was. So Alec headed to the only place he could think of, the makeshift TC gym, to wait for Max's wrath.

What does Mole put in this shit? Alec thought with a grimace as a particularly big gulp of the rotgut burned its way down his throat. At least the burn temporarily distracted him from the pain of his aching balls, swollen black eye, two severely bruised ribs and recently dislocated shoulder. Fucking Max and her fucking ordinary. Alec scowled at the thought of Max and Logan as he took another long swig from the almost empty bottle, getting up off of his dilapidated sofa to retrieve a second from the kitchen. Yeah, Alec was definitely going to savor this bad mood as long as the day would let him.

Max hadn't found him for a few hours. It was well into the afternoon and a thunderstorm had rolled in by the time she pounded into the gym. Alec had long ago chased everyone out of the place, and had managed to brood himself into a dark state of mind. That was how she found him, sitting on the floor, head back against the wall, eyes closed, breathing in rhythm with the steady pattering of raindrops. He heard her coming, heard the door crash open as she practically threw it out of her way, but he didn't open his eyes, didn't acknowledge her, would wait for her to set the pace, just like he always did.

He fucking hated her, Alec thought darkly. But there in the back of his mind, was a voice telling him that he didn't really, and that was half the problem he thought, as he took another long pull off his second bottle of rotgut. He was actually starting to feel slightly buzzed. After he was out of his funk, he'd have to remember to congratulate Mole on brewing something that could affect an X5.