Tomoyo opened her eyes and found Eriol's azure eyes gazing at her uncertainly.

"You remember?"he asked a little tentatively.

Her heart was racing as it did one year ago.She stepped back,but only managed to bump her back against the car window.She swallowed with great difficulty.

"Your car keys?"he asked suddenly.

"W-What?"she squeaked.

He chuckled softly."Your car keys,where are they?"

"I-Inside the car."

He opened the door behind her."Get in."he commanded authoratively.

"Yes."she quickly plopped down the front passenger seat.

He sat down the driver seat and started the engine."It miraculously roared to life.

"Where are we going?"she asked,clutching her camera nervously.

"Some place where we could talk in peace."he replied as he drove.

"You're going to leave your exhibit?"

"I've seen all those paintings all my life."he replied.


"Hush Tomoyo."

She turned to her window."I don't know this place."she said,pointing to the buildings."Where are we?"

"we're still in London,don't worry."he said calmly."So how are you?It's been quite a while since we've last seen each other."

"I can't believe this!You just abducted me and ou're taking me to who-knows-where and you're asking me how am I?"she said incredulously.

"Do you know what a question is?"asked Eriol,unfazed by the sudden rise in her voice.

"Alright,I'm fine."She saw him smile,and she fought the urge to strangle him."After I left your place,I went back to Japan with Sakura to continue my studies.I then asked my mother for my independence and supported myself through a job in a daily paper-a photojournalist."

"So what brought you here?"

"I was sent here to cover a much-talked about exhibit of a Japanese artist abroad."

"And naturally you jumped at the chance to see me again."he said.

"You are so arrogant!"

"And you are so beautiful.More beautiful than I remembered."he replied,reaching out and touching her hand.


Outside the rain started to fall.

"I'm glad to know that you stll wear the ring I gave you."he continued,touching her ring."It took me quite a while to buy that.I had to sell all my paintings just to purchase that."

"You mean your paintings of Kaho?But they're so special to you!"

"But you are more special."Without taking his eyes off the road,he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Tomoyo felt like she lost her tounge.She merely stared at Eriol's hard profile.

"Why did you run away,Tomoyo?"he asked,finally letting out the question that bothered him for countless days and nights.

"Hah!And do you really think we will be happy once we get married?For Pete's sake,Eriol Hiragizawa!I do not marry someone because I'm obliged or I'm forced or for whatever reason except for love!"she yelled.

"And you ran away because you do not love me."he said timidly.

She stopped."I just don't want you to marry me by force."

Suddenly the car stopped,throwing both of them forward.

"Tomoyo,are you OK?"he asked in a panicked voice.

"Ooh,I hate this car!!"She slammed her fists on the glove compartment.

"I guess that's a yes."he said wryly as he got out of the car.He opened the car hood and checked the engine."Where's the tool box?"

"You left it on the gallery's parking lot,genius!"she shouted.

He sighed before he continued what he was doing.Where are the good samaritans on the road when you need one?He looked at the empty road.

Minutes later,he felt someone stand beside him.He turned and saw Tomoyo holding out an umbrella,shielding him from the rain."Thank you,Tomoyo."he whispered.

"I..I just don't want you to catch pneumonia."she said,blushing.

He gazed at her and once again realized how much he missed her and had longed for her."Tomoyo.."

She looked up and found him gazing at her with so much intensity that she stepped back.

His arms wrapped her tiny waist immediately.Tomoyo lost her grip on the umbrella."Let me go!"

He smiled bitterly."You must be kidding.I've been through hell and back ever since you left me 364 nights ago.Now that I found you,I will never ever let you go.I will hold you right here until you swear that you will never leave me."


He hugged her to his cest."I will make you my wife and we're going to have seet beautiful kids..I want to spend the rest of my life with you,Tomoyo."His voice broke."I felt like i lost my own life when you left.Don't ever do this to me again,do you understand?"

She rubbed his tears away with her fingers,misty-eyed herself too."I understand.I will never leave your side again."She embraced him."I love you so much,Eriol."

Infinite joy filled him.Eriol hugged her tightly and tipped her chin up."I love you,Tomoyo..more than life itself.I love you so..very..much."He bent his head down towards her.

She laughed throgh her tears."Will you really kiss me now?"

"As long as I don't hear you say Li's name."he whispered."Do you still love him?"


His face fell.

"As a friend.But you,Eriol Hiragizawa,are the one I love more than anyone else in the world.Now will you please kiss me now before I murder you?"she encircled her arms around his neck.

"Your wish is my command,dearest."He sealed her lips with the sweetest and most passionate kiss he had ever given in his life.