Jacob had left 136 years ago. Since then, Renesmee had changed. She can't trust anyone or love anyone, exept of her family. Everyone thinks she's happy, but after all the years, after she lost so many friends, she just can't be the same. She hardly tried to forget about Jake and she was successful. She always seems to be the strong and heartless one, but inside she's so weak.

It's been now 142 years since Renesmee was born. She's a woman and she lives her life like human. She's a beauty like her mother and special and polite like her father. She looks as the same and she acts like the same Renesmee she once was. But she changed.

She's not the little girl anymore, she learned to be strong. It's been years since the last time she cried about someone. She forgot how it felt to love someone else than her family. She forgot how to trust. She forgot about herself.

Tomorrow I'll turn 142, but just for my family. My friends think I'll turn 18.

I sat in my bedroom, it's green and pink. Yes, right, Alice designed the room. My room is full of music and books and other old stuff. And when I say old, I mean old. I have music from another century. I think I like the same music as my Dad and I love books as much as my mother does. Oh, and I have million pictures of my friends. It was 11 pm and I got nothing to do. So I decided to read a book.

I sat down on the ground and began to look for an interesting book, as it knocked at the door.

I looked up. "Come in."

The door opened and Aunt Alice danced into my room.

"Hello beautiful. What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just reading." I replied.

"Are you not tired,yet? It's late." she said.

"I know, but I can't sleep anyway." I told her.

"Nightmares again?"

I nodded. Almost every night I have a nightmare. It would drive me crazy, but it happened so often that I got used to it.

Alice began to stare at me.

"What?" I asked.

Then she froze. I knew she had a vision.

"What do you see, Alice?" I asked.

She didn't move for about one minute.

She looked at me confused and a little bit anxious.


"Nothing." she said.

"What?" I asked.

"I saw.. nothing." she answered.

"What do you mean? You can't just see.. nothing." I said and wondered if she just didn't want to tell me.

"She saw nothing. Just black."

I looked up. Dad were standing in the room. I was confused, Alice saw always something she never saw just black.

"This time, she does." he said.

"And what does it mean?" I asked.

"We don't know." he answered.

"I never had something like that." Alice said.

I looked at her. I couldn't explain her expression. It was a mixture of confused, sad and scared.

"Maybe. . you was just blind. That could happen, or?" I asked her.

Now she looked only scared. Totally scared.

"Blind." she whispered.

"What?" I asked her.

She looked at me again.

"Nothing." she said and ran out of the room.

Now I was sure, she hid something from me.

I looked up to Dad. "What's going on?"

He looked at me with a concentrate expression.

"Dad." I said.

He didn't move.

"Dad." I said again. I think I tried to wake him up or something.

"It's nothing." he answered, finally.

"It can't be nothing. She wouldn't be so nervous, if it would be nothing."

"She often saw black, do you remember?" he asked and smiled at me.

I was confused. What did he mean. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Oh Nessie, remember." he said and went out of the room.

Okay first I didn't understand Aunt Alice, now Dad is confusing me, too. Remember, remember, remember. What should I remember? I'm half-human, half-vampire, actually I don't forget something. I lay down onto my bed and turned the light off. I thought almost the whole night about the remember thing, until I fell asleep at 4 am. Like almost every night I had a dream, but this time it wasn't a nightmare.

I saw faces, many faces. But I couldn't identify one of it. First they were just talking and it was like they weren't noticing me, but then suddenly they stared at me, exactly as I said "me" in my head. Why are they staring like that. Now I could identify one face. It was my Mum. I tried to say hello, but I couldn't. I looked around me, every face became clearly and I identified my whole family plus one face I never thought to see again...

It was 7 am when I woke up. I felt like someone had punched me. It was like I hadn't slept for years. I stood up and walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I looked horrible. I had puffy, red eyes. I looked like I had cried the whole night. Did I cry last night? I thought about it. I couldn't remember. I also couldn't remember the last time I really cried. It must been years. Actually I was too tired to go downstairs to my "always-in-a-good-mood" family, but I did just because of my hunger. I slowly went into the kitchen where Uncle Emmett stood. I sat down on a chair and looked at him. He looked at me with a confused expression in his face. There we were sitting in the kitchen staring at each other like idiots. After 5 minutes I began to get tired of it.

"I have enough." I said.

"Same here." he answered and smiled at me.

"You are very weird."

I looked to the door, Alice stepped into the kitchen, smiling.

"We had just fun in the morning, you know." Emmett said.

Alice laughed. "Oh yes it looked like fun."

Now she looked at me, immediately her smile changed into an anxious look.


"Did you cry?" she asked.

"No." I answered. It wasn't necessary to say that I'm not sure, or?!

"But your face, your eyes, I mean you look so.." she stuttered.

"I know I look horrible." I told her and began to smile.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Of course." I answered. Is it so unbelievable that I was probably crying?!

I thought the reaction of Aunt Alice was terrible, but then my whole family came in.

Everyone stared at me. It reminded me of something.

Of course, my dream, I thought. Everyone stared at me also a face I couldn't remember, but I knew there were one more person who stared at me...

"You did cry in your dream?!" Dad asked.

I looked up to him. "Maybe."

Did I cry because of my dream? But why? It wasn't a nightmare this time, it was just a confusing dream. I tried to remember every piece of my dream. There was something I couldn't remember. I did cry, but why?

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