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I hated being a wolf.

Being a wolf has ruined my life three times. The first when Sam left me for Emily. He had disappeared and I had been frantic. Then he came back with no explanation and I let it go because I love him. Then he met her and it was all over just like that. I had hated them so much for their betrayal, then she had been attacked and I had no choice but to visit her in the hospital because I still loved her.

The second was when my father died. Seth and I had phased that night, my father knew all about the wolves and vampires. I had been bitching about Sam. Dad understanding what Sam had to go through tried to tell me to go easy on him. I felt betrayed thinking he was like everyone else, taking precious Sam Uley's side. I got so angry I got Seth and mom involved too. The stress of the fight caused me and my brother to phase. He may have known of our existence but the shock of seeing my brother and me phase caused his sweet little heart to stop. I learned the truth that night that all those dumb legends and myths where true. I finally learned why Sam left me, and the truth behind Emily's scars. In a way I forgave them but learned to hate them even more.

That night I became even more of a freak. The only girl werewolf in history. I had always been an oddball. I was always independent, flippant, and spoke my mind no matter who it angered. I always assumed that was what drove Sam away. Being connected to him like that was hell, not only did I have to deal with the girl jokes, but the guys where all insensitive pricks about my past with Sam. They were so in love with precious Sam and loving Emily they thought me a bitch for thinking bad about them. Only Seth and surprisingly Sam stuck up for me, but no matter how much he stuck up for me I still had to deal with his pity and guilt for me and his love for her. Was it no wonder why I lashed out and pushed them all away? I had to share my mind and soul with them and all I got was shit for it. So yeah I struck back. I made fun of Paul for coming from a lousy family, I jeered at Quill for imprinting on a kid, I mocked Embry for being a bastard, I sneered at Jakes obsession with that vampire loving bitch, I insulted Jared for having to give up plans for college, and Sam, God I loved making him hate me. I thought maybe he would get fed up and try to kick me out of the pack.

I had become so obsessed with my love/hate for my Sam and my Emily I lost sight who I was. Then Jake of all people went and had his little rebellion and Seth followed his hero. I may have been a cold heartless bitch but I wasn't going to let my only brother get himself killed for someone else's stupid dream. I left Sam that night, and found my path to redemption. I was able to get away from all those negative thoughts; I did the unthinkable and opened up to Jake who I did feel pity for. I proved myself and was made beta. After the incident with those euro trash vamps I took some time off to find myself. I practiced in yoga and meditation until I actually learned how to control the raging beast. And although I stayed as beta I stopped phasing. This brought me to the third thing being a wolf royally fucked up for me.

Ever since I first phased I hadn't had my period. No time of the month, no cramping, nothing. Which meant I couldn't have children. That little tad bit only added fuel to my rage. I had hoped that by stopping my phasing I would stop being semi-immortal and start my monthly cycle again. I had always assumed phasing was what prevented me from having children. I was half-right.

Since I stopped phasing I had been sick. Certain smells which had an appeal to me once made me sick, and my menstrual cycle never came. Then I began to think, and then I began to dread. Something about phasing prevents us from aging. When we stop phasing we begin to age again. Something about phasing stops the biological process. What if it stopped all biological process?

It was crazy, absurd what I was thinking. But I had to know. I was in my room, in my bathroom. I had bought four tests just to be safe. No one knew what I was doing. My family had noticed my sickness but shrugged it off as a bug not that I had stopped phasing. I carefully followed the instructions and pissed on the stick. Something about these tests seemed so wrong. To think to learn such a life altering thing all you had to do was pee on a stick to get an answer.

I timed how long the answers would take and waited an eternity for the damn results. Finally my watch beeped signaling it was time. I looked at each of the sticks Positive, positive, positive, and positive. Shit. This can't be happening, no, no, no, no. How can this happen? I was finally learning to let him go, I was moving on with my life damn it! This isn't possible maybe something about being a werewolf does something to my hormones.

I fell on the floor and sobbed. I cried like how I cried when Sam broke up with me. I had been trying so hard to leave him and move on. Now I would be bound to him for the rest of my life. "SETH!" I screamed "SETH I NEED YOU!" Seth would know what to do; he always knew what to do.

I heard him rushing up the stairs and come rushing into my room. He slammed open the door and took in the scene. Me on the floor crying my eyes out. Four little sticks and four little boxes. "Leah?" he asked confused.

"Seth help me." I begged.

He bent down and scooped me into his arms. He rocked me back and forth as I cried into his shoulder.

"Leah what's wrong?" he asked.

I didn't want to say it. But just because I tried to ignore it doesn't mean it will go away. I had to be strong and prepare for the hardships to come.

"I'm pregnant, and Sam is the father."

I hate being a wolf. It took my father. It took my Sam. And now it gave me a baby I was not ready to have.

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