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This is my first attempt at a Bodie and Doyle story, so be gentle with me

R for Revenge

Chapter One

On a warm sunny July day the heat rolled of the grey concrete at Heathrow airport. The passengers of the plane departed quickly eager to claim their baggage and be on their way but not John Morgan, he stepped off the plane and breathed in the polluted air of London, it had been eight years since his feet had last touched British soil. Six of those years he wished he could forget, he had tried countless times to erase the memories from his mind but his nightmares taunted him. In those six years he hadn't just aged, he gradually become a changed man, a bitter man whose only thought was revenge, who won't after what he had been through in an Angolan prison, it would crush the strongest of men. The only way to stop the nightmares that plagued his sleep was to kill the person that but him there. No death was to kind, to quick and easy for one William Andrew Philip Bodie, he was going to make him suffer slowly and painfully, he wanted Bodie to know how he had suffered before putting the final bullet in his head.

He strode thorough passport control, wearing blue faded flared jeans and an off white shirt he claimed his only piece of luggage, an old battered duffel bag, he walked out of the airport terminal, he rubbed his left temple the pain was building again, the voice in his head once again started to taunt him as he searched the crowd that waited outside, His jetlagged eyes fell on a familiar face, it was older, chubbier and more wrinkled then the last time he had seen Mike Strong, he wore flared jeans and a blue T-shirt his black hair had receded and there were now flashes of grey but John still recognised his old army buddy.

Mike Strong pushed himself off the bonnet of his red coloured Morris Marina as he saw his long time friend exist the terminal. "Johnny, you old son of a gun" Mike rushed over his cotton T-shirt stuck to his sweaty back as he moved, he hadn't expected John to look so good, granted there were deep set lines on his face, his blue eyes no longer danced with life but after everything John had told him over the phone and through his letters, he looked pretty fit. "You look good"

"Being keeping in shape, working out and running" he needed to be strong if he was going seek his revenge, Bodie was highly trained in combat like himself, who would win in hand to hand combat remained to be seen.

Mike wiped the sweat that had started to trickle down his forehead away with his hand "I'm baking out here, let go get a couple of cool ones" he walked back to his car and opened the driver's side door, he turned to see if John was following him.

John walked around to the passenger side after opening the door he threw his duffel into the back seat and climbed in. He waited still after Mike had started the engine and manoeuvred through the cars leaving the car park. "Did you find me a cheap hotel?"

"No need you'll be staying with me and the misses, Bren" Mike replied keeping his eyes on the road ahead, he signal to go left and turned down the one way street.

"Are you sure I'm not intruding" John asked he had money but it won't last long especially when he need to buy guns and ammo.

"Don't worry Bren will be ok with it" Mike replied he could already see the argument in his mind; her nicotine finger pointing at him and her left hand on her hip while she shouted abuse at him she never did liked his army buddies. He pulled the Morris Marina to a stop outside the King George public house and killed the engine. They both climbed out and headed inside the smoky pub. Mike walked up to the bar for a Friday lunchtime it was fairly busy, he ordered a couple of pints of lager while John found a table and sat down. He looked around the old pub at the dark d├ęcor nothing much had changed since he was last in except for a lick of paint and a few new rolls of wallpaper.

Mike placed the two pints of lager down on the table and sat down next to John, he watched his old buddy take a sip and smack his lips at the refreshing liquid; he knew what was coming next.

John put his glass down "What did you find out, what Bodie being up to lately?"

Mike took a long sip of the lager and let the cool liquid slid down his throat before answering, not sure how to tell John "He done well for himself, only landed himself a job in CI5" He could see an angry look cross John's face.

John lifted the glass his fingers tightening around the glass and took another sip, that bastard Bodie had landed on his feet alright while he suffered in an Angolan prison. Now Bodie's suffering was going to taste even sweeter. "Do you know where he lives?"

"No not yet but I will" Mike replied he was only time, CI5 agents were constantly moved for security reason


Mike tapped his nose "It's not what you know it's who you know" he left it at that and John didn't push further.


Two days later Bodie looked up at the sky, dark clouds had loomed overhead soon the light would be too poor to continue, he turned his head towards the scoreboard he needed two more runs to reach his century, he tapped his cricket bat on the worn crease and looked down the pitch at the bowler busily rubbing the red cricket ball on his trousers, again he tapped the crease and watched the bowler start his run, he kept his eyes on the ball has it left the bowler's hand, he raised his bat as the ball was approaching him at lightning speed, he let bounce and as it rose up he whacked it hard sending it out deep, he started running but stopped when saw the ball reached the boundary for four runs, he lifted his bat in acknowledgment at the small crowd as they clapped; Bodie saw Ray Doyle in the crowd and waved with a smug grin on his face just as the umpire stopped play due to poor light. Bodie walked over to the other batsman Mark Swan, tucking his bat under his arm he removed his gloves and shook his hand

"Good century Bodie" Mark Swan remarked

"Thanks, pity about the poor light" Bodie replied as they both walked off the pitch, he patted Mark's back and left him to meet up with Ray,

Ray saw the smirk on Bodie's face; he was pretty pleased with himself "Very nice, pity I missed most of it"

"So your date with the lovely Louise went well" Bodie asked

"Yeah" Doyle replied adding a smirk of his own "very well"

"You old dog" Bodie replied

"Hey less of the old"

They entered the players changing room; Bodie walked over to his locker and unlocked it, he turned to Doyle "fancy a beer?"

Bodie didn't see the small business like card fall out and slowly flow to the tile floor but Doyle did, he picked it up and turned it over in his hand, it was blank on one side and the other it read in bold black letters

R for Revenge

He looked up at Bodie who was now removing his white cricket shirt "Bodie"

Bodie turned to see a serious looking Doyle holding the card in his hand "It fell out of you locker"

Bodie took the card from him and looked at it; he eyes drifted from the card to Doyle "Revenge, it could be a joke or"

"Someone you've pissed off" Doyle jumped in "We'd better inform Cowley"