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Dusty felt like a complete idiot. Not only was he now lying to him he was also trying to get with his daughter. Beltzer was the best friend Dusty could ever have and he was about to throw it all away for some girl. But Dixie was not just some girl. She seemed so different from anyone he has ever met, yet so sad and angry inside. And Dusty wanted to be the one to try and make it all better.

"Haynes! Haynes!" Dusty yelled as he chased her down before she got back to her room.

"Dusty, I just don't want to talk to you right now."

"Haynes please, you don't understand why I have to keep this from Beltzer for right now."

"Dusty it doesn't matter. I can't live without Beltzer now, and if he finds out…"

"Hey just listen to me for a minute. Beltzer would never ever leave you. He has been talking about you since the day he met you. Remember how every Valentines Day some weird guy named Billy sent you two dozen white roses? Guess who that really was. White roses are your favorite and Billy Applebee is your favorite actor. And you know how you got that ABBA cd one time and you thought someone was stalking you? It was him. He knows ABBA is your favorite singing group. He loves you more then you could possibly know, and something like this would never drive him away."

"But what about…"

"Okay listen Haynes. Remember when Dixie was standing at your guy's doorstep? Remember when you found out she was really his daughter and he had kept it a secret. You came to me for help and comfort. Although I don't do that sort of thing you still came to me."

"Okay Dusty I see your reasoning. He really sent me all those flowers?"

"Yep. Every year for eight years."

"God I love that man. Now tell me why you have to keep it from him for right now."

"Well I know it sounds kind of weird but there is something about Dixie that Beltzer doesn't know and I want to try and help her to see that she doesn't have to hide from her dad. I want to show her that Beltzer is the best person to help when it comes to problems."

Haynes stood there for a moment wondering if Dusty knew everything that she knew or not.

"What doesn't Beltzer know?"

"I'm not sure yet but I intend to find out. That's why I am going out with her tonight."

"Okay so you're not going out with her for your own personal reasons, it's because you want to find out what she's keeping from Beltzer."

"In a way yes but I also want to get to know her. She seems pretty amazing."

"You have no idea. Well I guess I can forgive you for now. But if this all blows up in your face then I had nothing to do with it."

"Done. Thank you so much Haynes. Well I have to go get ready for my date." Dusty gave her a big smile and started acting like a big shot which made Haynes roll her eyes. Just as Dusty started walking away Haynes stopped to tell him something.

"Oh yeah. Dusty? Remember how I had that dream when I killed you in your sleep?"

"Uh yeah."

"Well since Beltzer isn't here to say this, just remember if you hurt her in any way or if you do something, anything, wrong my dreams might just start coming true." Haynes gave her very best stern look that always scared Dusty and didn't stop until he knew she was serious.

"You got it chief."

Dusty smiled and ran back to get ready and Haynes stood there praying to god that she wouldn't regret this.


"Hey dad." Dixie said then she scooped up Ryan in her arms and began tickling him which made him burst out laughing but Dixie kept on doing it.

"Wow I think that's the most fun he has had all day." Beltzer said.

"Ah don't feel bad dad. He needs to get to know you first. Oh wait, you weren't lecturing him about weather like you used to do to me were you?"

"Of course not." He lied. "So I heard you and Haynes are going out tonight. What are you crazy ladies going to do?"

"We are?" Dixie said and just when she said it she seen Haynes signaling to her and right away she knew what it meant. "We are I mean. Yeah were just going to do some shopping you know, have some girl time."

"Oh well that's good. Thank you for spending time with her Dixie, it really means a lot."

"Anything for you dad." Dixie put on her best fake smile and walked towards her room holding Ryan's hand. Beltzer turned around and started walking to his van when he seen Haynes was standing behind him.

"Hey pretty lady, what are you doing here."

Haynes ran up and passionately kissed Beltzer which took him by surprise but he didn't care so he just kissed her back and wrapped her in his arms.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"I love you more then words can possibly say Beltzer. I mean I love you so much it actually hurts." Haynes explained with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Baby its okay…wait your not breaking up with me are you."

"God no. I'm just saying that I never want to be without you ever again, I want to be with you for the rest of my life."

"Haynes, I would never be able to explain why I love you as much as I do, there is just so many things about you that I am in love with, that it would be impossible for me to tell you them all. I am going to love you forever and I always want you to remember that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will never do anything to mess that up. I love you."

"I love you too." Haynes said almost bawling as she did.

Beltzer pulled her in his arms and kissed away her tears as she sniffled into his shirt. He held her close and gently caressed her cheek then began to talk again.

"I'm just curious, but what brought this out?"

"Let's just say we have a dumb friend who is much more loyal then we think."

"Ah so you've been talking to Dusty again. He always knows how to spill the beans."

"Yeah but I am really glad he did."

"Me too Haynes, me too."