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Information: This is the story that will be replacing a Hidden Seal hope you all enjoy it.


It had been flying through space for hundreds of thousands of years, the final of Doctor Gero's experiments it was a computer with a Nano-Cluster for genetic integration, the idea was for a dozen of these to be sent out across the universe where they would find hosts integrate the individual with stored Saiyan DNA creating a copy of the Saiyan which would then be controlled by the controller burrowing into the individuals brain.

Of the seventeen that were launched only one remained it propulsion damaged and had been rocketing through the universe for millennia only surviving by pure blind luck, and as lady luck would have it the craft was finally entering a planet's atmosphere its long journey soon to be over and the fate of that world forever changed.

To the humans on the ground the small ship looked like a huge flaming Jutsu passing across Nami no Kunai and entering Hi no Kunai heading on an almost direct course for Konohagakure no Sato.

Uzumaki Naruto unknowing Junchiriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune rolled onto his back breathing deeply but with a triumphant grin on his adolescent face, why you may ask well the why was simple it was the afterglow of a job well done.

He was a Ninja Academy Trainee who had earlier in the day failed the final exams for the third time, Mizuki one of his teachers someone he normally wouldn't trust as far as he could throw the Hokage monument had offered a special practical exam for just enough extra credit to pass.

He had to prove he had what it took to be a Shinobi of Konoha by infiltrating one of the most well guarded places in the entire Village the Hokage 'Fire' Tower and procure one of the information Scrolls, Mizuki had 'Suggested' that "The more Valuable the Scroll the better the mark, and there is nothing more valuable than the scroll of Seals, because such a caring teacher ill even give you these floor plans"

The whole thing had the hair on the back of his neck but for the first time in five years he had ignored his instincts due to the pure excitement of the chance to pass.

The infiltration had gone without a hitch, procuring the scroll even better; his escape had reached a slight snag when the old man interrupted but finally showing his Oiroke no Jutsu and he was home free.

So here he was now tired but recovering from training himself ragged but succeeding in learning the Kage Bunshin a 'Jounin' level variation of the Clone Jutsu.

He was going to stand up when the silence was interrupted by a deafening explosion and a wave of intense heat followed by pain as something lifted him up and blasted him through two trees before leaving him impaled in a third, his eyes blurred with pain lifted to see a strange spike like device resembling a stalactite of pure silver metal a huge trench and a smouldering lump of burning metal a hundred feet in front of him resting in a truly huge crater.

Coughing up a small amount of blood the preteen groaned while looked down at the spike impaling him slightly amazed at the lack of pain just a spreading numbness ... no not numbness a spreading cold like laying on a cold surface.

Moving slowly, sluggishly Naruto moved to grasp the spike before pulling his hands away confused as he felt the strange chill envelope the palms of his hands and start to spread over his fingers, eyes widening in shocked, panic inducing horror as the mental the 'Liquid' meta; slowly encapsulated his fingers

Becoming frantic Naruto tried to pull, rub and scratch the liquid metal off but only succeeding in spreading it further, feeling it creeping up his chest and down his legs his movements becoming more and more frantic by the second his horrified scream erupting from his mouth before it was interrupted by sudden gurgling and terrified mumbling.

One final muffled scream of terror and everything went dark.

---- ---- ----

Just a Short Intro this has lodged onto my Muse and won't let go for hell or high water.

Ok I want to make some things clear; I have no intention of depowering the Saiyans Naruto can quite literally power up and beat on anyone and everyone for awhile nothing short of a Kage will slow him down for awhile and then not even that.

But just because he can, doesn't mean he will, he Naruto will want to act what he perceives as Baddass he did in the Manga if not exactly succeeding that often, the different now? I'll put it this way ... SuperSaiyan 2 Gohan before Cell reverts to Imperfect.

He doesn't think or even try to act Baddass ... he just is lol Naru-Chan is going to act quite like that

Ok Quick Power level Chart just for the Fun of it slightly tweaked to factor in Chakra, In this Ki or Energy is just Chakra 'Physical-Chi-Energy mixed with Mental-Mana-Energy' people of the Naruto world evolved the ability to create Chakra naturally but they never discovered how to tap Reiki.

The closest I would think would be Orochimaru and his Body swapping Jutsu but that more 'outside' manipulation than focusing, the Cursed Seal might add a tiny bit of Reiki that could help explain the boost in power.

Anyway to make Ki you add 'Spiritual-Reiki-Energy' to Chakra in equal amounts most Ninja if they learn how will have very little Ki to start with due to lack of Reiki XD

Oh im counting Sage Chakra a bit like a Ki infusion Enhancement wise XD

Naruto Human

Base Strength – 17

Chakra Capacity – 1,200

Naruto Saiyan

Base Strength – 96

Ki Enhanced – 270

Chakra Capacity – 1,200


Base Strength - 33

Chakra Capacity – 87


Base Strength - 47

Chakra Capacity – 147


Base Strength – 79

Chakra Capacity – 372


Base Strength – 86

Hermit Mode – 390

Chakra Capacity – 412