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Chapter 2

Sometimes Hiruzen really hated council meetings they had a tendency to drag on and the councilmen themselves had the uncanny ability to wear on his last nerve, today was most defiantly not one of them in fact he was all but gleeful at the prospect of the upcoming meeting.

The meeting to inform and discuss the incident of two weeks ago from what had been keyed as the Forbidden Scroll Incident or the 'Mysterious Meteor' truly apt names even if somewhat childish, Naruto had undergone a thorough debrief of the entire situation and he had to admit it was an astonishing tale.

An astonishing tale the council would not believe without undeniable proof, proof Naruto had willingly given allowing a trusted Yamanaka a brief scan of his memories had added a lot of pull to Naruto's story, the medical evaluation had been inconclusive for the first day however upon testing once some of the visible changes had started had made the entire thing undeniable.

The now dark haired boy on the cusp of his teenage years was everything they wanted in a Shinobi, he had physical capabilities few could match with a set of unique skills to use that physical prowess, he was determined, smart, and amazingly adaptive.

Now that his requirements had been met there was no longer a reason to hide his Heritage turning him if not for the Kyuubi into practical Royalty and you now add in a Bloodline so powerful it would with time let any who posses it match the mighty Biju themselves.

And Naruto had the bastards by the proverbial Balls, what they had to do now was find a way to put a believable spin to the situation for the younger and civilian population, and you find the best half truth are almost always half of the real truth.

--- --- ---

Namikaze Naruto formerly Uzumaki Naruto stood silent as still as a statue breathing slow deep breaths, his body according to the optical readout was now 63 Percent Saiyan before the Nanites disintegrated there mission complete.

He was no taller than he was before but that didn't come as much of a surprise as his 'adopted' father Goku had remained short up until his sixteenth birthday before he gained the mother of all growth spurts and elevated to his true height.

His hair had darkened to the traditional Saiyan black as well as his eyes and he had lost almost every ounce of fat had been transformed into toned muscle, but the changes were far from simply physical.

He truly was a changed man even if he hadn't become a Half Saiyan or had a copy of Gohan's memories he had the his own memories with a level of clarity he hadn't had before and with that clarity came understanding.

The loudmouth desperate for attention and kind of attention Naruto was dead in his place was a warrior the old man would say was worthy of inheriting the fabled 'Will of Fire' and he had every intention of doing exactly that, for the old man, for his parents Minato and Kushina ... and for himself.

But to do that he had a lot of work to do, true his physical capabilities exceeded most low Jounin his skills in Taijutsu were dreadfully unpolished and his energy manipulation left much to be desired and the fact that he could still use Shinobi Jutsu only helped slightly.

The Shadow Clone was next to useless until he could adjust the energy each clone receives as right now creating one clone cut his Ki in half and left the Clone severally overcharged leading to a hit strong enough to dissipate it lead to more a Bunshin Daibakuha then a simple dispelled clone.

Once he could adapt the technique enough to decide both how much Ki they take and how many he makes the Jutsu was decidedly un-battle-worthy.

The replacement and Transformation Jutsu were surprisingly more than twice as easy if not easier to pull off but he preferred the Zanzuken or Afterimage technique and its adaption the true battle teleportation technique.

But that was starting to go off topic no his atrocious Taijutsu that was the reason he was out at one of the random training grounds at quarter to three in the morning, other than the sudden need for a lot less sleep he was working on bringing up his skill in the unique mix of Piccolo's Demon School, his dads mix of Kami and Kaio School and his own unique style.

He could pull the moves off easily being Half Saiyan had its perks after all but while he could pull them of he was hardly fluent he could feel the slight hesitation and unnaturalness of the movements and that was what he was filtering out now.

Starting slow his movements only slightly jerky and hesitant a hesitancy that was slowly before any observers eyes fading again one off the better perks of his Saiyan heritage, moving on to a slightly more complicated Kata Naruto slowly began increasing his speed.

Progressing through his Kata was almost like meditation his mind no longer focused on his movements he just 'moved' that left his mind open to focus on regulating his stunted Ki flow the newest Demi-Saiyan increased his speed again by increasing the flow of Ki.

This went on for hours as he steadily ingrained what the Half Alien had dubbed the 'Son Style Taijutsu' and the heavily infused Ki manipulation elements, he hadn't realised he had started to lift off from the ground until the exclamation of 'Amazing' reached his ears.

Eyes opening as he dropped to the ground his senses spreading out and finding the ... four interlopers the Saiyan effortlessly dropped into a ready stance while his reverse arms gathered a Ki ball his eyes cold and hard they met the interlopers.

The ... Interlopers were anything but what he expected, two men that could pass for father and son dressed in Green Spandex bodysuits sporting bowl cuts that had the effect of bringing back bad memories, they also has impressive Chakra Signatures the youngest of which seemed to have such a level of control he was leaking almost nothing.

Oh they also had freaking 'Huge' eyebrows, they were grinning and seemed to be ready to shout something but a glare from the only female stopped them cold.

The other two were a longhaired boy dressed in what looked like and was confirmed by glancing at his eyes, a Hyuuga he was sporting a cold yet interested look despite himself, mid to high Genin Chakra levels bordering on Chuunin and higher control.

And an admittedly Cute girl in a Pink Chinese shirt and pants her dark hair in adorable Buns, she was the one that had spoken and was glancing at him with an eager 'awe' deciding they weren't a threat Naruto let the Ki ball fade and relaxed.

"My apologies I was miles away, can I help you at all if this is your training ground I can leave"

The Bun haired one was the first to respond her eyes widening slightly as she much to her apparent embarrassment impulsively shouted "No ... um no I mean yes this is are designated training ground but no you don't have to leave, I um I'm sure Lee would like the Chance to spar with you and um yes this is Lee, Rock Lee he is the younger one in green the silent one is Hyuuga Neji this is are Sensei Maito Gai, an last but not least I'm TenTen, just TenTen"

She regained her composure easily enough and after introducing her team she moved further into the training ground, so not feeling any reason to be rude he smiled the Son grin with a little laugh and replied.

"Thank you and I'm pleased to meet you but I do remember you TenTen-San Neji-San and Lee-San, My name is Naruto you may have known me as my old self before my Bloodline activated as Uzumaki Naruto and I would look forwards to a Spar Lee-Kun but I believe if I don't leave soon I will be late for the graduation ceremony, so Arigato TenTen-Chan for bringing back from wherever I was, have a good day"

Slightly bowing Naruto started to leave realising he really did need to go or he would be late so he picked up the speed waving as he went passed to the newly introduced team acknowledging Lee's exited

"Yosh Naruto-Kun we will be here every day so I look forwards to sparing with you and if we don't get the chance I will"

The half Saiyan blanked the green clad Shinobi out after his second self challenge and sped up not hearing TenTen's confused "Graduation? But Chuunin"

On his way to the Academy building leaning into his run while the world around him started to blur, crouching low the young teen launched off literally projecting himself onto the taller roof bound walkways in a single jump.

The grin that split his face as he launched himself again adding a little Flight to lengthen the jump he revelled in the feeling of freedom and he knew it was nothing compared to true full out flight.

I idly wandered if his clothes were taking it a little too far, the replica of his father's outfit only with a Red cloak was hardly subtle but there was hardly any reason to 'Be' subtle anymore as by the time his parentage became well known to the other Ninja Villages he would be at the level of one of the lesser Biju and able to give them a reason to leave be... even if he had to earn the SS rank like his father before him.

But that didn't matter to much as the academy came into view.

--- --- ---

Iruka sat with the Hokage and the potential Jounin instructors; spread over the table was an up-to-date file on each Genin prospect up-to-date after an annoyingly painful week of retesting thanks to the potential alteration the former Chuunin Mizuki may have implemented in his quest for power.

Few needed changing but the ones that did needed changing badly, Sasuke Uchiha was marked up on a great deal of written subjects even his practical skills had been exasperated, if only slightly, others who's physical skills fell below what was recorded were few and far between Sakura being top of the margin.

So much so that she should have technically failed falling just short of the bare minimum, but that was easily fixed so they decided to leave that as it was, one other of note was Aburame Shino scored much higher than his marks told.

The most upset came with the two files one significantly smaller than the other, Uzumaki Naruto below average at best, oblivious, loud and seemingly talentless were the Academy files, the problem was there were recommendations from a dozen different sources including ANBU for extreme creativity, adaptability and a fiery determination.

Involvements in more than one of Konoha's more embarrassing incidents including the attempted Hyuuga Kidnapping of which his involvement had been the only reason the Hyuuga head found the fleeing Nin with his captive daughter.

The general consensus was to as Kakashi had off handily remarked, look underneath the underneath he was either extremely talented Academy Student hiding behind the mask of a fool or he was a just as talented young man held back by the injustice of his life, and more than one off them even if they didn't think they were the ones' for the job, wanted to see what would become the teen in the years to come.

Much of the former folders condense was disregarded simply on the revelation of the boys family name by the few who recognised it, even more so on the listed abilities including his lo Jounin levels of Speed with strength to match if not exceeding that levels norm.

The pure Energy abilities the newly emerging Bloodline had some of them drawing the conclusion that that was the reason he was chosen to be the container, his bloodline giving him the perfect body to handle the amazing quantity of raw Chakra the Fox Biju possessed.

Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage watched as the impressed looks flickered across the assembles Nin with a hidden smirk, the next part of implementing Naruto's cover story beginning to drop into place.

"Now as you may have guessed there being an odd number of students this year, that is the reason for Naruto-Kun's involvement in this you may or may not have connected the dots but beyond the past several years Uzumaki Naruto technically ceased to exist instead"

The aging Hokage smiled at the mixture of looks as he continued "After his involvement with the Hyuuga Incident and the short wartime rules applicable to that time he received and accepted a mock battlefield conscription benefiting him with all rights and privileges preceding those of the Rank of Genin"

Defiantly interested now he thought "At that time I revealed to him his heritage as well as his burden, he was given the choice to receive an apprenticeship under a trusted Jounin but he declined stating he didn't want any special treatment and would attend the academy like everyone else but I was silently thankful he wasn't opposed to helping out around the tower every now and then"

After the muffled chuckles he met their eyes with his own twinkling in amusement "He passed through the academy with flying colours despite the best efforts of his instructors, I had suspected for some time that there was a rot within the great tree that is Konoha that had become more evident after the loss of the Raijin" everybody understood that.

After all the Raijin was both a powerful weapon and an heirloom of Konoha's Kage's and its loss had been a painful humiliation.

"Naruto was one of the many Ninja who I have move undercover do 'Root' out that rot, and he has been until this day true he had done more than simply spy work he had compiled accurate reports on various Tactically inefficient areas with the village, in his own special way"

Asuma took a long pull on his cigarette and smirked "His pranks right, always thought there was something odd about that, an Academy student outpacing Chuunin ... unlikely, they were fun to watch though"

"Indeed even before the activation off his bloodline the extent of his abilities was both impressive and amusing at how few managed to look beyond the mask of a fool and see them, though he admits they were still stunted because his undercover work he lacks Techniques and experience"

"That is why with the ... acceptance of the Council was advanced to the Rank of Special Chuunin, his specialty residing in combat and surprisingly teaching, his role in team Seven will primarily be as an assistant Instructor and secondarily as team leader" he finalised with a nod to Kakashi.

The spiky haired Sharingan user smiled his patented eye smile inwardly pleased, with any luck with Naruto if he truly was up to the levels the reports stated and providing they could work well as a team then he could begin taking C-Ranks much earlier than would be otherwise wise.

Besides he was interested in seeing how far the little guy had really progressed from the bundle of blond energy he used to safeguard, if nothing else it would most defiantly not be boring.

--- --- ---

He was standing behind them as they argued over who was the first through the door he had to admit that despite being overly loud it was an amusing sight, coughing just loud enough to gather attention he said to the two girls.

"You both arrived at around the same time so call it a draw and, would you mind moving you are kinda blocking the door" he finished with his personal watered down son grin.

It seemed that the two girls had been far too enamoured with each other's presence to realise they were doing exactly that blocking the door, so much so that they both shot away from the other with duel startled yells.

Calming themselves down the girls turned to the door a scathing remark on their lips at the partly familiar voice but froze at the sight of the stranger there retort dying on their lips, Naruto blinked as he literally saw the cogs working as they recognised the fact he was wearing a Chuunin vest.

Sakura recovered quickly and moved away a pretty blush lighting up her cheeks "Sumimasen Chuunin-San" Ino did likewise not long after but she seemed to be studying him unlike Sakura he eyes trailed up and down his body both checking him out and checking his equipment.

Whatever she decided she seemed to like what she saw as she grinned at him as he walked passed, he headed for the front of the room and sat down in Iruka's seat and decided to wait until said teacher arrived before implementing the rest of the plan.

--- ---


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