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Chiro Takashi Nieli

1.) His favourite food is peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. Though he doesn't remember much about his parents, he remembers that every Sunday, they'd take him down to Mr. Gakslapper's stand to buy him whatever he liked. The same thing, week after week, year after year, even when they begged Chiro to try something else, he still requested it. In the present day, it isn't uncommon for the Shuggazoom civilians to smile and tell stories when they see the blue-eyed teenager strolling downtown. Mr. Gakslapper can have the order ready, but he likes to hear him speak, for old time's sake. Two scoops of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

2.) Mam and Dad were amazing, but unusual people. They weren't a handsome couple – she being rather stout and he very lanky. She was a stoic mother, he was an absent father. But Dad's blue eyes twinkled whenever he laughed and Mam was the strongest person he's known. Chiro thinks about them a lot.

3.) Chiro has never cried while he's in his right mind. No matter how painful or unpleasant a situation is, he can never bring himself to show his emotions. He owes this fact to his years at the Facility. Sometimes he sees this as a downfall. For when he acknowledges Antauri's apparent death, he wants to cry so badly. But the others are there. They arein grave danger. He hadsto stay clear-headed for their sake, and that seems to be the circumstances whenever he just wants to break down.

4.) Finding the Super Robot and the monkeys was purely an accident. Having acquired an odd job at a local mechanics shop, he figured that scavenging some parts might bring in some spare money. He wanted to, perhaps, save up to get a new book or pay the bullies to leave him alone for a month. Chiro had been carrying far too heavy a load and ended up bumping that damn switch. It was the best accident that ever happened.

5.) Jinmay wasn't his first love interest. There were two before her. Claudia, a girl three years his senior, disappeared off the map following a struggle with an eating disorder. Kuki fared better – being reasonably selfless, free of any health problems, although she was somewhat cocky. They lost contact after he joined the Hyperforce. He can't bring himself to go looking for his old acquaintance. Jinmay's his girlfriend now. He doesn't want anything or anyone to get between them.

7.) When Chiro has his first drink, he's sixteen, and out at a wild teen-only bash. At the time he'd thought he'd have fun. One night. Not the hero, but a regular teenager, doing regular teenage stuff. However, that's also the night he looses his virginity with a girl he's only known a few hours. Needless to say, it takes a few weeks before Jinmay decides to talk to him again. (Who knows how she found out in the first place!)

8.) Animals disgusted him before he joined the Hyperforce.

9.) He had the most difficult time finding the right way to propose to Jinmay. He has Nova to thank for the idea of a moonlight picnic. In the middle of war, it's a bittersweet moment he treasures for the rest of his life and beyond.

10.) He was very upset when it was confirmed that he couldn't have biological children with Jinmay. In fact, the idea of adoption seemed unthinkable at time, and it took a heart-to-heart talk with Antauri before he agreed. It took Antauri to help him realize that Jinmay just needed a child.

Later on, he realizes that even though the toddler does not have his blood and they don't resemble each other in any way, he's his son. All he has to do to remind himself of this is to look at himself and the team. The monkeys are not related to him, let alone the same species, yet they are his brothers and his sisters. They helped raise and nurture him through the most difficult times in his life, rescuing him from an abyss which he couldn't climb out of. He owes his freedom and present self all to five cybernetic simians, outcasts by social standards. They make up for the hole that was burned the moment he was taken away from his parents.

Chiro's learned a lot since becoming the leader of the Hyperforce, and his last thoughts are of them.