The Hyperforce

1.) The Robot Monkeys - the original team - didn't start out friends. They met at the temple of the Veran Mystics, a little confused and, to some extent, scared. Scared at the announcement that they were meant to be a team. That it was their destiny to protect some planet that hadn't even heard of. They were all pretty pissed off that they'd been dragged off from the lives they had adjusted to. The friends they had made, their lifestyles, everything that mattered to them.

But time worked its magic on them. Mandarin has theorized that there'd been a faint connection from the the beginning, but they were too wrapped up in their own business to pay attention to it. After several years of warming up to one another, they found themselves caring for the other's well-being.

2.) While Chiro and a supposedly deceased Antauri were gone for a matter of weeks, the remainder had a lot of time to think.

Sprx felt helpless with Antauri gone. He grieved only in his mind. He refused to show his distress. He wanted to be the strong one. He wanted to be the one to pull the team together, like Antauri and Mandarin had done in the past, and rise as their new leader. (If Chiro was never put back into his right mind.) Sprx was tired of being the irresponsible prankster. He wanted Skeleton King to die so badly. They were lucky that Antauri came back, but that thirst for vengeance never went away.

Likewise, Nova craved revenge. However she controlled herself. Antauri had cautioned her to maintain the upper hand in her silent battle against her own consciousness. Now that he was gone, who would be there to guide her through this? Only he had understood how painful it really was. She distracted herself at every chance she got. Somehow she'd have to get through this.

Gibson took a different approach. He couldn't accept Antauri was dead, because he still felt him. How could the others give up on him so easily? Antauri had been his best friend; surely he would know it. His mind knew it wasn't possible. He even told the others that it wasn't possible Antauri was alive, while his subconscious denied this. Something wasn't right. He kept his feelings a secret and focused on Chiro. Find Chiro, and they might find Antauri, as well.

Otto just wanted everyone to smile again. It was as simple as that. He grieved, but recognized early on that Chiro also needed their help. Antauri would've wanted them to help Chiro. And he continued to hope that Antauri miraculously survived, and would come wandering up to the Super Robot at any moment. He never fully understood it.

Then they picked up Chiro's signal.

3.) Everything concerning the beginnings of the Hyperforce was arranged by the Alchemist. He prepared for each of them to be trained in designated areas. He erased their memories to avoid confusion, and sent them to their respective masters. Who knows? He may have even foreseen Mandarin's fall and Chiro's rise. The Alchemist prepared them for any challenge they need to overcome...even giving the monkeys with the weapon needed to destroy him. It is the weapon they do not know they have.

4.) For them, vacations are rare, and when they do get the opportunity, it's normally interlaced with a mission. Their lives will never be peaceful until Skeleton King has fallen.

It is a fact they have been forced to accept. Nova may enjoy the challenge, but the others frequently experience exhaustion over their lifestyle. They try not to think about how their lives could've been, had the Hyperforce never been born. Skeleton King probably would not influence them. They'd be in charge of their own destinies, not bound by a sense of heroic justice. No one - not Mandarin, not Antauri - will ever know what they would be like had their meeting not taken place.

To ordinary folk, vacations are escapes from their hectic lives at home. An adventure. To the Hyperforce, it's when they get to be normal.

5.) Chiro's arrival paid a large part in the healing following Mandarin's betrayal. None of them really got over what happened, each monkey having a special connection with their former leader. Before the exile had become official, they'd thought that they would be able to manage. It wouldn't be so hard; maybe better then previously. Mandarin did have the irritating habit of being somewhat oppressive and controlling. With him out of the picture, they could get a fresh perspective. But this wasn't the case. A near-constant hole was now present.

It had technically been decades when they met Chiro. To them it had only been two months, hardly enough time to recover. He wasn't a Robot Monkey. He wasn't one of them. But he'd do.

6.) The United Assembly – founded by Antauri and Gibson – shall begin with two dozen planets as members. Every five years, they will gather on Shuggazoom. And though the representatives change over time, their crest and flag proudly depict the Hyperforce's symbol. A faint reminder, but nevertheless powerful even hundreds of years later.

7.) Sometimes the Robot Monkeys hate the Alchemist for putting them in such a position. Sometimes they feel like they're just objects in some "great plan." The Alchemist was just as human as the next person, he didn't even care that they didn't want to be heroes! They wanted to live. They hate the incredible burden of protecting Shuggazoom, and how they didn't get a say in their destiny. Then Antauri will have to remind them. Yes, it was unfair that they couldn't choose. But the universe won't change on its own and most are too cowardly to stand up. They'll have to set the fine example, whether they like it or not.

8.) Mandarin is a constant influence on their everyday lives.

The Robot Monkeys pass on what they learned from their friend and master. Although he had been a complete bastard at times, he cared at the same time. He had a good soul. This soul merely traveled down the wrong path. Their silence magnifies their grief. They will never get over him, just find new ways to distract themselves, stay happy, and move on.

9.) At first, the Robot Monkeys bitterly thought of Chiro as a replacement. It seemed so soon after Mandarin's exile. They felt that Antauri should be the commander, but for some reason, their psychic allowed this boy, this human to be their leader. They wanted him to be like Mandarin, yet he wasn't. Chiro was lively, insightful, and quiet. And over time, they began to see past the fact that he wasn't the corrupted orange monkey.

10.) They sacrificed everything to defeat Skeleton King. Chiro gave up the possibility of being a normal, human teenager. Mandarin gave up his sanity. Antauri gave up his organic form. Sprx's dreams, Otto's friends, Nova's planet, and Gibson's studies. They aimed to rid the universe of one man who threatened it. And even when the war is over, they know they can never regain what they sacrificed. Everything has changed.

To the citizens of Shuggazoom, Chiro and the Hyperforce are legendary heroes. They'll be remembered for centuries more as the valiant defenders of their planet. But they will never look past that. Few will consider who they were as individuals and friends. What those sacrifices meant. And it doesn't just apply to the Hyperforce, It applies to every soul, every place, every object. They won't look at the things that make them tick, the events that shape their lives, or the sweeteners to their personalities. They won't really care about them, because they don't know who they are.

But the little things will always be there. You just have to squint.

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