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It was a lazy day in Seireitei. Not much happened in Eighth Division, and Ichimin Kumorigachi was bored out of her mind. Shoulder length dirty-blond hair hung around her shoulders, green-gray eyes running over the office once again. Fifth seat; not as illustrious a position as she would have imagined. Little office, meager pay raise and not nearly enough of anything to be putting up with Kyoraku's happy grab-grab mood when he got drunk. Good thing Nanao was always around to rein him in/beat him with her heavy-ass book when he got that way, or a certain Captain would have most likely gotten a couple concussions here and there.

"Ugh, I'm bored. Too bored. Death imminent." She groaned, taking the chance of Nanao seeing her being lazy and laying her head down on her forearms. No missions lately, none of any interest. It had been forever since she'd fought a hollow, and from the looks of everything, it'd be a good long while until she did get the chance. Nothing ever happened around there, it felt like. It made her wonder if the living ever had to do anything so boring as her day-to-day schedule.

The door snapped open and a sharp voice caught her by pseudo-surprise.

"Fifth seat Kumorigachi, at least attempt to look like you are doing something." Ise Nanao's voice rang out, and Ichimin raised her head a bit to glance at Nanao.

"Hai, Lieutenant Captain Nanao."

She sat up, finding that the first piece of paper from her stack was stuck to her forehead. She saw Nanao smile a bit, before straightening her face and walking out of the office with her black file book to her chest as usual. Ichimin pulled the paper off of her forehead, looking down to the stack of paperwork to be done. Sometimes it felt like she and Nanao were the only ones that ever did any of it. The Captain of Eight Division, Kyoraku, sure as hell didn't do very much. She glanced to her 'done' stack, and decided that she could take her lunch break with everyone else today.

"Well, what division am I gonna eat at today?" Ichi queried nobody in particular, and randomly picked upon where to eat. She wasn't the most exciting of people, more laid-back than anything, but she had a couple good friends she could eat with. A couple people in Eleventh, Nemu probably needed somebody to hang out with but then again, her father sure did creep Ichi right the fuck out. And Mayuri Kurotsuchi always seemed to hover over them whenever he saw them talking. Probably thought that the lazy Ichimin was trying to get Nemu to slack off with her. Momo might need company, she was nice enough to be able to tolerate the unwillingness Ichimin had for any sort of wild behaviour and Aizen was a nice enough Captain. Sometimes, Ichi herself wished she could be in Fifth and not get drunk groped every time Shunsui Kyoraku went on a bender.

She could always have tea with Ukitake. He was a pleasant guy; sickly yes, but she could talk to him about anything. He just gave off that…fatherly vibe. Unfortunately, to him she gave off that 'Shower me with Hitsugaya's unwanted candy' vibe. Ichimin always gave it to Yachiru, who was happy enough to take it. Much to Madarame and Ayasegawa's displeasure. Zaraki was fun enough to hang around, but he just moved around too much in all that fighting kind of stuff. But when he wasn't kicking somebody's ass, he ignored paperwork as much as she did and they got along fine.

"Huh…Fifth sounds nice. They got good food."

Making sure she had her Zanpakuto, sitting faithfully at her hip as always, Ichimin poked her head out the door to look for any sign of Nanao. Finding neither hairclip nor big ass black binder of her, the blondish woman slipped out the door and closed it behind her to speed walk towards the front. She thought she heard someone calling her rank, but it didn't matter as she basically ran out the door and into Seireitei. Fifth Seat Kumorigachi was on her lunch break, and she knew that staying to eat in Eighth would result in paperwork when she ate and that was never any fun.

It was in a lazy swagger she traced her way three divisions down to Fifth, completely ignoring Captain Kuchiki as he passed her. The two of them didn't get along well, since Byakuya Kuchiki demanded hard work and a measure of self-pride. Ichimin didn't exactly have self-pride, and hard work was a definite no. She didn't know how Renji put up with that guy, and nearly asked him when they passed and exchanged hellos.

'Eh, probably not too smart an idea considering that stick-up-the-ass Kuchiki is right behind me. I'll just say hello to his lapdog.'

"'Sup Renji." Her thoughts didn't project themselves at all onto the nonchalant greeting, and Abarai waved back a bit.

"Paperwork delivery." The conversation lasted around the three seconds it took for them to pass each other, and then Ichimin was back to dragging her feet to Fifth division to eat with Momo.

'Probably going to listen to her rant and rave about CAPTAIN AIZEN YEEEEE.'

More thoughts spread beneath a nonchalant mask as she turned into the Division of choice and poked around a bit. Meaningless subordinates waved hello and the like; she mumbled out hellos and waved now and then, mostly ignoring them. A bun; Momo drifted around the corner and spotted Ichimin, immediately smiling and waving to her.

"Hello Ichi!" She called, and Ichimin's eye twitched unnoticeably. Lord did she hate being called Ichi. She didn't show it though as she switched to happy girl mode, smiling and walking over to the Lieutenant.

"Hey Momo. I was wondering if ya wanted to have lunch. I can't have it back in Eighth because Lieutenant Nanao'll have my head on a stack of paperwork."

Momo got that 'I'm going to lecture you' look on her face and I mentally groaned.

"Now Ichi (fuck), you have to do your paperwork. It causes a lot of trouble for the Captain of a division if they don't have their subordinates do their paperwork!" She lectured in that 'Responsible Adult talking to a child' tone.

'Lord do I hate when she lectures me. But I'll never tell her how much I hate when she does it, I'll never tell her how much her smile pisses me off. I'll never tell her, because we're friends.'

Ichimin kept the thoughts to herself as she half-listened to Momo Hinamori with a smile, and when Momo finished she nodded.

"You're so right Momo, I just kind of hate doing it, you know? Not to mention Lieutenant Nanao is a slave driver." Keep that false smile up Ichimin; keep it up so Momo can think she's so smart. Momo was indeed pleased with herself, and took Ichimin's hand suddenly and began to drag the other woman with her to the lunchroom.

"I think it'll be alright if I take a lunch break right now, but I don't want to keep Captain Aizen waiting on his paperwork."

Aizen Counter: 1

"Thanks Momo, you didn't have to eat with me if you didn't want to keep him waiting, you know?" Ichimin suggested, and Momo sat down with her in the lunchroom smiling.

"It's alright, I haven't eaten with you in a while, you know?" Momo and Ichimin realized they had nothing to eat, and laughed a bit before going to get something. Fifth Division did have some good food, and Ichimin was able to grab some delicious, delicious watermelon. That, and onigiri but mostly that masterful watermelon.

The two women sat down and began to eat, chatting about this and that.

"And then, I did finish the paperwork for Captain Aizen and when I said I was sorry for it being late, he just laughed."

Aizen Counter: 2

Momo droned on about 'funny' stories, all of them involving either Aizen or Hitsugaya. Ichimin didn't give a damn about Momo's stories at all, but kept a smile on her face and laughed here and there. A shadow hovered over them, and Ichimin immediately knew by the look on Momo's face whom it was.

"C-Captain Aizen!!"

Aizen Counter: 3

Ichimin looked over her shoulder at the genial man, smiling down on them kindly.

"Hello Momo, Ichimin. How are you two today?"

'Great, I get to listen to Momo short-circuit over the gayest Captain ever, a human Barney with a 70's porno librarian haircut.'

"Hello Captain Aizen, and very well thank you." Ichimin replied, smiling to him. He moved around the table and sat next to a now-obsessing Momo, very politely asking for an onigiri from Ichimin. She relented, keeping a completely serene smile on her face as she did. Might be lazy, but she could act as sweet as possible when she needed to.

"C-Captain Aizen, is there anything at all you need? Do you need that paperwork? I knew I should have brought it-"

Aizen Counter: 4

Momo fizzled, before Aizen chuckled a bit and put a large hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down Momo; I merely came to say hello to Ichimin again before she was dragged off to do paperwork for Lieutenant Nanao."

Momo calmed down after a bit more reassurance, and started eating again as Aizen turned to address Ichimin.

"And how have your duties come along, Ichimin?" Aizen queried curiously, and Ichimin quietly appreciated the fact that he didn't call her Ichi.

"Very well, actually. The occasional drunk groping by Captain Kyoraku, tons of paperwork and even the odd swatting with Lieutenant Nanao's binder. Nothing new." Her words were taken as a joke, and Momo laughed a bit around her food. Aizen chuckled, and Ichimin didn't catch the stare she was getting from Aizen.

"I see. Well, if you ever need to get away during a bender, our Division is always open to you." Aizen spoke kindly, and Ichimin laughed a bit.

"Thank you, but I'd rather just stick around in my room. He usually just parades around the Division itself, grabbing at anyone in the hallway. Lieutenant Nanao usually follows him on his path of destruction anyway, keeping him in rein."

It was true; Nanao stalked drunk Kyoraku to make sure he didn't do anything entirely too stupid. Aizen merely left the offer open and requested a piece of the-

'You bastard, wanting my watermelon. They'll never find hair nor hide of your gay ass.'

"Of course, Captain Aizen." Ichimin smiled, holding out the last piece for him. He took it with a smile, and Ichimin took the trash and threw it away, quietly seething with a smile on her face.

"Well, I have to be getting back to work. It was lovely seeing you again, Fifth Seat Kumorigachi." Aizen stated with a smile, and Ichimin did the same. Momo was up on her feet in a moment, following after Aizen.

"Captain Aizen, I'll get started on that paperwork in a minute! Ichi (dammit), you should go back and do yours too! In fact, why don't you just bring it over to my division and we can do ours together and share stories?"

Aizen Counter: 5

Momo called to Aizen, before pseudo-scolding Ichimin. Ichimin merely smiled, giving a slight nod as Hinamori ran off after her Captain.

'Yeah, I'll do that just as soon as you stop masturbating to a picture of Aizen every night.'

"Of course, Momo, that sounds like fun." Ichimin stated, kindness in her voice as she turned and began to walk down the hallways, leaving the division and trying to find a place to go that wasn't Eighth Division.

'Where to go now that isn't full of retards that I want to kill. That pretty much marks out all of Soul Society, so where can I go that has people I only slightly want to stab in the eye with a potato peeler?'

There was an hour or two before nightfall, and what sounded good was a visit to the smiling bastard of Seireitei. Ichimin actually liked Gin Ichimaru; he was a malicious bastard that loved to torment others, and he was fun to hang around. He did everything Ichimin wouldn't let herself do, even if she wanted to tell Momo right to her face that she was a hopeless stalker and that Ichimin loathed her very soul an wanted to gore her on her own Zanpakuto.

Her feet began to trace the path to Third Division, a shunpo here and there to speed it up so that she didn't arrive at night and be forced to turn right around. It was dusk when she arrived, and walked in nonchalantly. More salutes; more people she didn't give a fuck about. The person she was looking for was apparently either hiding or gone. Damn.

"Hey, have you seen Captain Ichimaru?" She asked a random subordinate. He shrugged a bit, pretty much blowing her off. Third Division really wasn't all that cheery a division, considering how terrified nearly everyone in it was of Gin Ichimaru. She would have felt bad for Kira, if she hadn't have thought he was an emo little bitch.

'I may have graduated with Izuru, Momo and Renji but damn do I still hate them.'

A quick memory of being the fourth member in the three-squad team when the Huge Hollows came to kick their asses, and seeing Aizen and Ichimaru kick the asses of all the hollows. It had been a pretty good night that night, and even the hollows hadn't ruined it for her.

"Oh, Kumorigachi-san." A familiar voice rang out behind her, and she turned to see Izuru Kira, looking as emo as always. A smile affixed on her face, she wave.

"Hey Izuru. You seen Captain Ichimaru?" Ichimin queried, and he thought back for a moment.

"…There is a Captain's meeting going on right now. He won't be back for two or so hours." Ichimin was slightly depressed, but shrugged it off.

"Oh, that's fine. I was just a bit bored, and I don't quite feel like going back to die in paperwork yet." She sighed, before waving and starting to walk off.

"Goodbye Kumorigachi-san, and are you coming out to drink with Renji, Madarame-san and Ayasegawa-san tomorrow night?" He queried, and Ichimin froze. Kira didn't know how she got when she was drunk. Too, too bad.

"Uh…yeah, that sounds great. Sure I'm invited though?" She queried, really wondering if he had an idea of how much everyone else hated to drink with her. He shrugged.

"I'm inviting you. We're meeting outside of Third Division tomorrow night, so be there if you want."

"Sure, that sounds great." The two of them parted ways with a quick wave, and Ichimin sighed as she stepped out of the division and began to shunpo back to her own.

"I'm gonna feel kind of bad for Izuru the morning after tomorrow." She sighed to herself, slipping into her division and dodging Drunk Kyoraku to slide into her room and lock it behind her. The paperwork on her desk was at least three times as high as it was when she left two hours ago, and Ichimin silently cursed Nanao for being so vindictive. Walking by the paperwork as if it didn't exist, instead grabbing an old bottle of sake and sitting on her futon. Pulling off the top with her teeth and spitting it out across the floor, she took a deep swig and sighed, laying on her back.

"Day after day, it's always the same. Get up, do paperwork, sit around and talk to people I hate, make sure to smile as fakely as possible, come back, get drunk and pass out. Maybe even piss myself, if I get nice and drunk enough."

Another drink, the slight buzz starting to build up again.

"…I get out of Rukongai to be one of the 'elite', a shinigami. And what do I get in the end? A life exactly like my old one, except with more food and more people I want to kill."

She spent the hours drinking, draining the first bottle and grabbing another one and another, a stockpile she had for nights like these. The ones where she hadn't been able to get trashed at some point before in time, to find that very small window where she could be blitzed enough to forget that she hated everyone and be genuinely nice and happy, but not too much as to be highly aware of how much she hated everyone and every thing.

Thankfully, tonight was a good night and she blacked out pretty quickly, amid a sea of empty sake bottles and bad memories.

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