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A hand, cold and bony, clamped Hermione's arm. She yelped and started. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, she woke fully to Draco Malfoy's leering face. He looked pleased, like a cat eyeing a plump, helpless baby mouse. He smiled slowly at her and simply rode the pause for a long moment.

"Well well, Granger in the library, who might have imagined?" He smirked, delighted to have caught Potter's pitiful little mudblood up to something. He stood a little taller, the Inquisitorial Squad badge gleaming dully in the faulty candlelight.

"What time is it?" Hermione still felt fuzzy. She'd been working overtime trying to find potions that might help Harry block the dream/visions from Voldemort, seeing as Occulumency was going so horribly. Between classes, the DA and her research she was constantly tired.

Madam Pince, who hated nearly everyone, proved the exception to the rule theory by taking a shine to Hermione in her second year. The pinch mouthed librarian allowed her to use the library overnight, provided she made no messes and promised not to go into the restricted area without permission. Even Filch, who had a terrible crush on Madam Pince, didn't really mind much.

Malfoy, on the other hand, wasn't quite so accommodating. He hated the mudblood with all his considerable will, but mixed into the hate was a weird admiration he couldn't shake off. She was smart, and one of the few people to stand up to him on a consistent basis. Not to mention, she'd punched him third year, which was galling, but still pretty bold.

He put his arm around her bicep and began to pull her up. " It's quarter past three, but I'd imagine Professor Umbridge is still awake. And won't she be interested in what you've been doing?"

Hermione tried to jerk her arm out of his grip. " Let me go, Malfoy!" He held her tighter, almost hurting her. " I could. But this way is more fun, isn't it?" He leaned closer, close enough she could feel his breath on her cheek. She jerked back, lashed out with her foot and caught his shin but it wasn't enough. A bolt of light hit her and she fell, stupified.

When she came back he was standing above her, grinning. " Stupid, mud blood, stupid. I would have thought you'd be a little more subtle. Then again, considering the company you keep, I suppose I should have expected it."

She glared up. "Malfoy, take me to Umbridge or let me stand."

He shook his head slowly. " Actually, I thought I'd give you a third option."

"What option? If you think for two seconds I'm going to spy for you, you slimy, repulsive--"

He held up a hand. "Don't be an idiot. Gryffindors make terrible spies. I simply thought you'd prefer my punishment to whatever Umbrige might cook up."

"How is being cruciated by you different than being cruciated by that…woman?"

"Look, are you interested or not? If I take you to Umbridge, she'll have them throw you out, and probably your little boy friends too. Do you have any idea what would happen to you three if you get kicked out? The world can be a very dangerous place, Granger, especially without magic to protect you." He picked at some lint on his cuff with an air of total indifference to her choice.

" So, what's it going to be?"

" And it's nothing…bad?"

"I suppose that depends on who you are. If you mean 'nothing Dark' then no, nothing Dark. Just a little experiement. So yes or no?"

She nodded slowly. Draco undid the Incarcerous and slowly helped her stand. "Why are you helping me?"

He snorted. "I'm not. I just happen to fancy a diversion, that's all. First thing first, give me your Transfiguration notes"

" My notes?"

"I had a migraine yesterday and Crabbe's handwriting makes me ill. Second thing, we're going to swear a Wizard's Oath about this."

She felt a sense that this was a very bad idea. A Wizard's Oath with Malfoy…a tiny, tiny part of her was curious. She wondered what he wanted so badly. He raised his wand, chanted the incantation, and then said clearly " I, Draco Malfoy, swear not to harm Hermione Granger while she is under my control, and never to reveal to anyone in any way what happened between us."

She decided this was insanity. Perhaps she could obliviate him… He lifted the sleeve of his robe and showed where he had tucked her wand. " Put your hand over mine and I'll swish it for you, Granger. Swear to submit to my control and not to tell."

"You can't seriously believe I'm going to…"

He raised a well manicured hand. " Shame, wouldn't it be, a son thrown out a Hogwarts and a father out a job…How awful for the Weasleys. Do you suppose they could afford Durmstrang?"

"You miserable little--"

"Swear, Granger. Or else I'll get Umbridge and owl Father at once."

She swore through gritted teeth, seething. He repocketed her wand and turned to leave the library. She grabbed her rucksack and followed after him in silence, until they stood in front of the Room of Requirement. A single wooden chair sat in the middle of the room, a blazing fire in the grate.

Draco silencio'd the room and put on several wards and privacy charms, the pulled the school bag out of her hand and rummaged through it thoughtfully. Someone as anal as Granger would have…ah hah! He pulled it out and eyed it thoughtfully. "What is this?"

" A hair brush." Hermione was so baffled at this point that she stated the obvious. It was just a brush, bought at Boots for a couple quid. He shook his head, annoyed.

" Clearly. I mean, what is made out of?"

"Plastic." He wrinkled his nose at the strange feel and waved his wand. The brush glowed and a moment later the light green plastic had become heavy, dark wood. Hermione didn't like this. In fact, she liked it less as the seconds past.

He set the brush down on the floor and, removing his robe, sat down. In just his shirt and trousers, tie loosened, he looked different. He gestured her over. "Your robes."

She started. "I'm not taking off my clothes."

"No, you aren't but t isn't even as though I could tell anyone even if you stripped naked, is it? Do it before I tire of this and carry out my threat."

She hesitated a fraction of a second before she jerked it over her head, folded it and laid it on the floor next to his. He reached up, seized a good grip on her wrist, and suddenly yanked her down and over his lap.

"Malfoy! The hell, what do you think you're—ohh!" She began to kick, squirming and gasping. He didn't bother to respond, too busy pinning her to his lap and flipping her skirt up. He reached into the waistband of very sensible Marks and Spencer's panties and yanked them to her knees.

"You said---wouldn't hurt me--- pull them up, pull them up!" Hermione couldn't process what was going to happen. Surely—he wasn't—it didn't— Draco—but—no.

"Granger' Draco said in a long suffering voice ' I'm smacking you, not killing you. Honestly, you'd think you'd never been gotten it before."

She stopped squirming a moment. " I never have."

Draco huffed. " That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You've really never been smacked?"


" A treat for both of us then, because I've never given one. All right, put your hands on your back., yes, like that." He trapped her wrists with his right hand and surveyed her. The sight of the mud blood brought low filled him with such joy he could hardly contain his laughter.

" You're going to lay over my lap and I'm going to smack you, hard, until you cry. Then I'll use the brush and if I'm convinced you've learned your lesson I'll let you up. Any questions?"


He chuckled. "Because I can, Granger. You were naïve enough to trust me to behave and this is what you get. You aren't worth the energy to curse properly. And because I fancy seeing the little mud blood genius howling over my knee like a child. Anything else?"

" Can't you---ahh—pull them back up?"

He chuckled again. " No, I intend to do a proper job of it. Besides which, you aren't in control here, I am, and I say they stay down. Now lie still like a good girl and I'll make sure you can sit in a week instead of a month."

He steadied her on his lap and then raised his hand, brought it down with a crack. She jumped and cried out, unable to believe it hurt as much as it did. It stung! He grinned above her and swatted again, fascinated by the way her pale backside flattened and then came back, bearing a red copy of his palm.

Hermione bit her lip, determined not to cry, not to let him know how much he was hurting her. Her backside was stinging sharply, her eyes watering. She'd never give him the satisfaction of hearing her sob, or beg, or anything else.

Draco swatted her backside until it glowed. She was twisting and sobbing silently, no doubt having decided that she wouldn't let him make her cry or some nonsense. Gryffindors were so easy, so simple. Any Slytherin in her place would have been screeching like banshees, himself included.

" I can go on like this all night, you know. You, on the other hand, might wish to consider whether your defiance is helping you or not."

Hermione said nothing. The sting in her backside had turned into a dreadful heat that each smack fed and fed. She understood now why her granddad had called it 'a good arse warming'. She felt as though she had the worst sunburn of her life, concentrated in one place.

Draco decided to up the ante. Lifting his thigh, he pulled her tighter to him and began to whack her sit spots, especially the tender crease between bottom and thigh. She gasped and swore, trying to squirm off his lap. He clicked his tongue reprovingly.

" Naughty, naughty. I suppose I'll have to give you a little extra for that last word, hmmm?"

She couldn't stand another second. Her bottom was so hot and it hurt so much!

" No, please!" He laughed. Draco felt as though his birthday had come early. Granger, begging him! If only he could have told his father about it.

"Perhaps if you ask me very nicely, I'll use my hand instead of the brush for the extras you've earned. How does that sound, mud blood?"

She had never felt so powerless, so small, in her whole life. She wanted to fight, curse him, run away. She couldn't move, couldn't do anything. Her feet were drumming, trying to kick despite her best efforts. She hated him so, the bastard.

" Well? Do you need a taste of the brush to help you decide?" He stopped long enough to get the brush from the table and press it into her rosy flesh. She squealed; the pressure hurt.

CRACK! "OWWWWW!" It hurt so much! She'd never sit again! Four years of Quidditch had given him some real strength and he ignored Granger's frantic twisting and kicking. He put the brush against the small of her back. " Anything you'd like to ask me?"

" Please, no—please, please--" She couldn't force it out. He waited a moment, decided this was wasting time, and gave her another good dose of the brush. She writhed.

" P-please, don't use the brush! Please!"

" Use it for what?"

" Extras. Please!"

"Say it, Granger."

"P-please don't use the b-brush for my extras, Malfoy."

"Very good, though I think it more appropriate that you call me 'sir' in this position, don't you?"

She gave a sob of mingled fury and disgust. "S-sir."

"Well done, Granger. On the other hand, we don't always get what we want, do we?"

He picked up the brush and brought it down hard. She howled, twisting desperately. "OWWWWWWW!"

"Still feeling haughty, Granger?" Draco had never enjoyed anything as much as he did this. Granger looked an absolute fright, backside a hot pink shading to almost purple, hair in tangles, damp with sweat. Her wails were music in his ears. He lifted his leg and she howled even louder.


"I'm sorry, did you say something?"

He stopped for a moment and let her take a deep, shuddering breath. Her back was heaving wildly. "P-please, don't hit me there. It hurts, it really hurts."

He rolled his eyes. " It's supposed to hurt, that's why it's a punishment."


"Just a few more, Granger. You've spent all this time with Weasley and you can't take a little pain? Pathetic."

He gave her a few more cracks with the brush before she went limp. He stopped; that's where Lucius had always stopped, and Snape, and anyway, she was no fun lying there bawling like a baby, not putting up a fight.

What to do now? He had no intention of giving her a hug, like he always got from Father, or even a few kind words like Snape was wont to give his godson. He settled for sitting still, letting her cry it out.

She was so embarrassed, she didn't even care that she was draped half naked across Malfoy's lap. She sobbed bitterly, tiredly, exhaustion and stress and pain all coming together in an agonizing knot and then pouring out. She bawled, hurting too much in every sense to feel anything else.

" Come on Granger, pull yourself together. I didn't flay you." He put his hands under her shoulders and helped her stand up. She wavered slightly and he tightened his hold slightly.

Standing up alerted Hermione to another problem, namely the fact her bum was on fire. It BURNED! She couldn't stay still. Her hands flew back to rub and she helplessly "Owww"'d , dancing a little in place.

Could this day get any better? Watching the little mud blood dance after her arse blistering was officially his new favorite memory. Remembering something from his childhood, he leaned over and trapped her hands.

" No you don't. No rubbing, unless you'd like to sit down in the corner rather than stand. Would you?"

She stopped moving. "Corner? You can't be serious!"

He swatted her sore behind hard. "Oww!"

"You actually expect me to pass up a chance to utterly humiliate you? You really are naïve." She looked uncertainly at the nearest corner.

"Don't tell me you never had to stand in the corner either."

Draco shook his head in disgust. No wonder she was such an irritating bitch. Bloody muggles, something else to put at their door…

He grabbed her shoulder. " Nose in the corner, hands on your head, no talking."

She tried to reach down to get her panties and he swatted her hands away. "Last warning, Granger. You still have those extras coming. I'd be good a good girl, if I were you." He smirked at her, enjoying seeing her rage fighting her sense of self preservation. She swallowed hard, averted her eyes, determined to get done with this nightmare as soon as possible.

" I think a lesson in humility is in order." He caught her hem and deftly tucked it into her waistband, baring her again. Her panties, long since kicked off, he tucked into his shirt pocket. "Think I'll keep these."

He let her stew a good half an hour, reading her notes which were, of course, perfect. The shame of it was awful, worse than anything. She fought back convulsive sobs and pictured ways to throw Malfoy in the lake with the Squid. Mmmm, yes, picturing the putrid little toe rag being torn asunder by the enormous cephalopod, how wonderful…

" Granger, stop smiling!" She tried to make her face blank but couldn't. Malfoy called her over to his side once more. That'd stop her smirking, he'd warrant!

He was right. Suddenly it seemed a lot less funny, somehow. She just wanted it over and came when called. He could see the hate and helplessness in her eyes, burning. It pleased him more than any declaration of love ever could. He had finally beaten the mudblood at something.

He turned her up and briskly reheated her steaming backside, ignoring her yelped protests. " This is for kicking me' he told her calmly before he tanned her left sit spot. "This is for trying to run away' he gave the right the same treatment. Finally he shifted her slightly and said, a bit louder than usual to be heard over her sobbing "And this is for that damned attitude."

He paddled her thighs mercilessly, half way to her knees. She kicked, sobbing harder than ever. The break made it worse than she could have imagined, having given her just enough time to cool down a bit. She went limp.

He let her cry a little, but not as much as before. He wanted to savor the look on her face, the utter shame and agony. He locked his hands on her arms. " Look at me."

She did. Her face was swollen and blotchy, nose running. Horrible.

" I did you a good turn tonight, mud blood. However much I made you suffer, it would have been a thousand times worse with Umbridge. You know that, don't you?"

She nodded still sobbing hard. "I think you should express a little gratitude. For having taken the time away from my duties and all that."

She froze. "You want me to—to t-thank you for--"

"You may start."

She could see an end in sight. "Th-thank you."

" For what, Granger? And to whom are you speaking?"

" Thank you for punishing me. Sir."

"Punishing you how?" He looked her in the eye, reveling in her humiliation. He'd learn to use a pensieve and live this moment again and again.

"Thank you for spanking me, sir." She nearly spat the words. He grinned. "You're quite welcome, Granger. I enjoyed it. You really do make the most wonderful sounds while you're getting your arse warmed, did you know that?"

She turned to go. "Granger?"

"Yes, Malfoy?"

Picking up his wand he murmured a spell. A jet of light hit her, and she felt a strange tingle. " A glamour, in case you get any ideas about trying to show anyone. Now only you and I can see it."

" Will that be all?"

" For now. How does next Tuesday at midnight sound, perhaps by the humpbacked witch statue?" He still had her wand.

"Sound for what, Malfoy?"

He gave a predatory grin. "You don't honestly think I'm done with you?"

She felt herself going pale. "What? You can't!"

"You made the oath. Never said how many times, did you?"

She felt rage building within herself. "How dare you, you miserable, wretched, slimy, sodding little son of a---" He lazily flicked his wrist and she found herself immobilized.

" My my, we are a slow learner. If I let you up, will you behave?"

He let her lie there another minute before he undid the spell.

" I'll have to think up something really special for next time, Granger, to pay you back for those nasty things you said. Or I'll simply go to Umbridge tomorrow morning and tell her everything. Do you suppose you can defend your parents if something were to happen?"

She went pale. " You can't! I went through with your damned bargain!"

" I agreed never to tell what went on while I punish you. I never said I wouldn't tell that you were out after curfew."

He stretched like a cat. " You made a deal and never thought to read the fine print. No one to blame but yourself, mud blood. Shall I walk you back?"

They left in silence. Hermione was fuming, filled with helplessness and anger. Draco was in high spirits, whistling even. He left her by the door to the common room, finally arming her again when her back was to him.

"Midnight, Granger. Every extra minute is another ten with the brush…or perhaps something you'll like even less."

She didn't want to think about what he could concoct. "Don't get any ideas about healing yourself, either. I want to watch you squirming on your stool tomorrow during class."



"I wish you could know how much I hate you right now."

He laughed. "Do you think I care? Good night, mudblood."

He left, happy as a child on Christmas day. After all, he had a shiny new toy to play with, didn't he?