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Far From What We Could Be

Guiltless sapphire eyes torn from the coliseum and drank in the rest of the sight before him. Gold statues of warriors the size of whales, white marble pillars and an open blue sky stretched out before him.

Keeping his cheerful smile Ven started to walk toward the doors of the colossal stadium. That's when he felt something. A presence was behind him, harboring something dark.

Heavy boots crunched into the sand a few yards behind Ven. So this presence wasn't trying to sneak up on him.

"Long time no see."

The voice was deep, mature, and vibrated with hidden wisdom. And...familiar?

The blonde boy frowned and turned around. A old man stood there, garbed in black and white. Immediately though Ven was caught by the eyes, orange eyes paralyzing him before he knew it. He collected himself with a strong face.

"Who are you?"

Suddenly Ven gasped to a stop, as if something shot through his heart and mind. It was silent and harmless, yet it commanded his heart to cease his voice. Like a bullet of light or memory. Ven wasn't sure.

"Seems that you're losing it," the old man observed, flexing his strong fingers. "However you haven't lost it permanently."

The little Chaser fully turned to him, wide eyed and silent.

"In order to obtain it, give up."An orb of dark, crackling light appeared in the old man's hand. Transfixed Ven only watched with an open mouth and dilated eyes. "Now! Recover everything, and discover the truth!"

Ven didn't run away.


Sloppy footprints were imprinted on the sand dune. The creator of the trail ran blindly up the dune for her dying life. Dry wind blew on the woman's side, stirring grains of sand up in her swaying blue hair. Her aching side was spilling red sprinkles onto the sands, coming out faster than her pathetic breathing.

She was dying.

She was going to die here in the vast outskirts of the Olympus Coliseum she lost herself in. Die in the claws and jaws of an Unbirth.

Her heart seemed to squeeze while the fear shivered down her spine. She realized her situation: she was going to die alone.

With that thought Aqua's eyes burned. For the first time, her heart felt fear.

Tears blinded her blue irises with sparkling mirages. She kept seeing bright-eyed Ven laughing and Terra smirking in the shimmering sands as she staggered along.

Pathetic. She was losing her mind to illusions.

Cruel cruel cruel cruelcruel light wasn't supposed to betray this way. Now here it was, mocking her that death was almost here.

It wasn't fair.

Aqua winched, holding in a cry of pain. She slowed down, feverishly praying she could still outrun the Unbirth. She didn't dare look over her shoulder and instead glanced down, peeling away her palm from her bleeding side.

A gasp rustled out, seeing her gloved palm pasted rosy red—her wound wouldn't stop bleeding.

Aqua gulped and reached back for her spare sash she had tucked away to stop it. Squinting through the blazing sunlight she wrapped it around her middle, biting her lip as she tied it tight. Her mind kept hearing those two. Memories of peaceful times flooded out the echoing screech of the monster tracking her.

Patting the dark sash a few times Aqua took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and wiped the sweat off her forehead, urging her heart to calm down. She needed to get ready to fight for her life.

She thought of Ven's innocent optimism, of Terra's dire determination. It was then that her Keyblade glittered to life in her hands.

With a sudden surge of valor Aqua turned around, seeing the snake-like Unversed slithering across the desert for her. The blue skin seemed to glitter in the sunlight, a flash warning for her. The blood-red eyes were set on Aqua.

Her eyes narrowed in response.

Their master told them to find Master Xehanort and his cohort. And the Unversed were to be dealt when need be.

Aqua swung the Keyblade and held it out parallel to her body, meditating a moment.

In answer the Unversed lashed down its tail, sending a hot wave of sand in Aqua's direction. She threw an arm over her eyes and made a snort of impatience; the longer she waited was more chance for her to die or faint from blood loss and heatstroke.

She needed to stop this thing now!

A flash of glistening fangs extending for her made her lose her breath, a frightening hiss emitting from beyond the teeth. Gritting her teeth together Aqua leapt out of the way at last second, staggering few feet away on the slope of a sand dune. The thing was only slight bigger than her but it was not acting like a nice customer for the Chaser.

Aqua staggered abruptly while stepping forward and almost lost her footing. The dizzy spells from the high temperature were pulsating a migraine in her skull.

"No," Aqua begged to her body, shaking blue bangs out of her face. "I can still fight on."

She gripped her forehead and took a deep breath. Slowly, Aqua closed her eyes, and a wry smile pulled her lips up. Might as well take it down with her.

With fluid grace she held out her Keyblade.

"I'll rip you to the ground!" she swore and rushed out in earnest to meet the monster. The Unversed reeled its head back, watching Aqua run when a sudden gust of sparkling light danced around her feet.

She zoomed swiftly around the creature, hovering over the sand with her powers. Her Keyblade flew at her side as she sized up her opponent. Aqua didn't need physical contact to wield her Keyblade.

Wincing she glided above the Unversed, letting her blade spin around, the air blurry and bright around her body. Swallowing once she raised her arms to grab her Keyblade in her grip and power up. The pit of her stomach churned, magic and spirit mingling as she called out her might.

Before she could throw her arms out the monster's tail lashed backwards, hitting into her back. Aqua felt muscles being ripped from the sharp tip of that annoying tail.

This thing was smarter than she thought.

The Chaser screamed out pain at the surprise attack, her cry cut off when she fell into the burning sand. Her body was also screaming fiery pain, telling her to stop and stay down. This was hurting too much.

The blue haired woman gritted her teeth, pushing on her elbows to spit out involuntarily swallowed sand. Excruciating pain boiled her flesh hotter within this desert air. Aqua groaned, setting her head down, feeling too light-headed and queasy to think of a plan to survive.

Just then her weapon plopped down into the shimmering sand right in front of her.

Slowly, shimmering blue eyes cracked open to her weapon, devoid of life.


The tips of her nails grazed along the vane. Aqua's eyes shuttered down, sweat, blood and heat now starting to take its toll for her reckless attempt in fleeing. Her fingers scratched off her weapon as she muttered a word. A flurry of green magic engulfed her tattered body instantly like a much welcomed cool breeze. Aqua groaned quietly, pushing up on her elbows with violent trembling.

"Once more," she gasped, knowing she'd only be able to execute one special attack on a Cura spell. With bared teeth she snatched her Keyblade and rolled over. "Come on!" As she jumped up on aching feet she gasped aloud because of two things.

One was she lost much of her vision in her left eye. The female Chaser guessed (mainly hoped) it was because she was about to have a stroke and not because of its attack. Two was that the actual Master Xehanort was standing mere feet in front of the snake Unversed.

The woman gaped at the old man, standing with strong arms folded behind his bent back. If she didn't know better she'd have thought him weak at his crooked stature.

"Master Xehanort!" she yelled, anger lighting her eyes up.

A grin melted arrogance over his smug features. "So, you're here trying to be the savior instead of the saved. But the part you play, it seems...I can't let you interfere with my future."

"Don't talk like you know me!" Aqua shouted in a vicious snap. She didn't want to hear the rest of his sentence, afraid of being tricked by this man. "I heard, sir, you're after the seven of pure light! After Kingdom Hearts! It can't...I need to be sure. Please, deny it if it's a lie."

A wind blew against her back as he studied her with something unreadable in his eyes. Slowly, Master Xehanort closed his eyes to Aqua, a hard frown stuck on his lips.

Aqua gasped without any scream, shaking her head in horrified disgust. Terra was telling the truth.

"Please..." The young woman held her hand out. "Master, return home with me. Master Eraqus is waiting."

The Keyblad master before her opened his eyes with disapproving apathy. Aqua stretched her hand out, hopelessly wishing he'd have a change of heart, even now.

"Sir, come back to the light."

Xehanort's glare frosted over, jeweled bright in no emotion. He took a step back in answer as a breeze of sand blew between them. It was like a bullet to Aqua's heart.

Water and saline stung her eyes as she curled her hand back quickly into her chest. Trembling she swallowed and started to shake her head.

Now it was perfectly clear to the female Chaser that this was war. They were betrayed.

"N-no, no...this is, it can't, ngh!" Her last scrap of strength gave out and she crashed down on her knees. So tired, so confused, so hurt and devastated now that the object of their mission was standing before her. Even if this wasn't her master he was a Keyblade wielder.

He was one of them.

This man was someone she and Terra admired and heard stories of during training sessions. This couldn't be happening. Not like this. Not one of their own causing all of this turmoil in so many worlds.

"You would betray us all?" Aqua whispered in a bleeding plea, like a child trying to beg a parent not to leave.

He didn't answer—he wasn't listening to the light. He was long gone. He was too far in his pursuit to stop.

A single tear trailed down her cheek. He was listening to darkness and killing light. Purity died wherever he searched. For what? What was driving him to this madness of hunt and thievery of innocents?

Slowly, Aqua breathed out, wiping her hands over her sweating face. He wasn't coming back to the light. People would now think of Keybladers as bringers of ruin instead of good people.

Taking the hint he wasn't going to verbally answer she wedged her knees together. Devastated anger boiled her blood and hands danced over the sand, pressing down on her Keyblade resting on the desert bed.

"Before I kill you, tell me the real reason why you're doing this."

The traitor raised an eyebrow, stunned at her open honesty of her decision. But it was very foolish.

"You dare to think that you have the power to stop me, Aqua?" Master Xehanort asked quietly, soft and smooth, like silk sliding over an unsheathing sword. Under heat, fatigue and partial vision, it made Aqua feel like he was a grandparent scolding his granddaughter.

It made her smile.

Shaking his head Master Xehanort laughed a cruel, firm laugh as the Unversed coiled around him for Aqua.

"So you choose death over truth...well, if you're offering!"

Aqua's smile widened, eyes shining with tears of anguish forever locked on his, even as the Unversed neared her. Even as blue scales blocked him from her vision and razor sharp teeth dug into the soft flesh of her right arm, the smile strained on.

She felt so betrayed and yet she couldn't stop smiling. It scared her because she had no idea how she could smile through pain until now.

The Unversed wiggled around a little to get a better latch on her. Aqua could feel wet teeth rubbing through her flesh and bone roughly. She wanted to scream. Two tears plopped down her knees as the teeth tore through flesh, tissue, bone marrow. It hurt like hell.

She knew she wasn't going to survive this.

But now she felt nothing of fear. She wasn't sure why she felt so ready, but she went with heart.

Still smiling Aqua executed her plan with eyes jammed shut, curling her shaking hands up while keeping her grip on her weapon. Her Keyblade cut upward in a jagged, slow arc into it belly, ripping skin and tearing the flesh underneath. The snake finally unfastened its jaws and screeched in a piercing wail, loud enough to low out Aqua's ear drum in her right ear.

"Stand down, Aqua!" Master Xehanort called out as the creature disappeared in a puff of dark smoke.

Blue eyes narrowed back at him. She didn't dare look down at her right arm; she didn't need to look down to know rivers of sticky blood were flowing down her broken, open skin. She couldn't even lift it up without the sensation of thousands of white-hot knives scraping around in it.

She wanted so bad to scream the pain out.

"Master Xehanort," Aqua strangled out in a fearless voice. She lifted her Keyblade up in her left hand, pointing it at him. "I refuse to give up!"

The man responded by summoning his Keyblade and started to walk for her.

"Answer me!" she screamed. Waves of light weaved around her Keyblade and gathered at the tip. He continued walking toward her. Aqua steadied her arm.

One last shot.

One chance.

She had to make this hurt!

She wasn't going to see Ven again. She was never going to be able to make Ven laugh again.

She was never going to be able to walk or talk with Terra again, to tell him...tell him...

Aqua felt a sob wash over her beaten body. Her mouth opened to drag in air now. Beads of sweat dribbled down her petal soft cheeks and smooth neck. Strands of blue hair stuck to her damp skin.

With each surge of power that gathered at the tip of her Keyblade, between the ragged, dying breathes, a memory flashed and spoke through her spirit.

Thinking of them...she didn't want to go.

Then and there, Aqua knew that...wherever she'd go once her breathing stopped...she was going to miss them.



Terra...his name became her beloved mantra as she watched Master Xehanort come for her, his wicked Keyblade held out as a signal she would die in less than a minute.

Thinking of him...she realized she didn't want to miss him. She couldn't.

There was a constriction between her lungs and ribs at the thought of being in a life without him.

She wanted to see his face...feel his breath...hear his deep voice...touch his skin...her heart felt like it was breaking.

"Goodbye...Ven...Terra...I love you both. But, Ter—"


Her eyelids fluttered up and blue irises dilated, rejuvenated at that sweet scream.


Why do angels have to take on the voice of the person a dying soul last thinks of?

Halfway to her the Master stopped and looked out to the west where a figure was full on sprinting for him. Aqua didn't look at what was distracting him. Maybe the angels are helping her achieve her last act.

She'd take it.

Digging her toes into the sand Aqua pulled and released the energy ball. The light shot for Master Xehanort, who simply glanced back at the attack and disappeared in the bat of an eye.

"What?" Aqua shouted, trembling at the superhuman speed. Her Keyblade vanished from her grip, now completely drained from her failed attack.

For the first time she failed and she was going to die a failure. Another tear fell from her eye as she cursed her failed attack; she'd just have to trust her friends to handle the rest.

"You cannot comprehend what I'm capable of, Aqua," Master Xehanort's voice echoed around her before his body reappeared mere feet in front of her bleeding, sweating one on the sand. He held his weapon out above her, serving a nice shade from the sun from her. "You are not the one fit to correct my mistake." Aqua raised an eyebrow at his cryptic words."Your heart is that of a protector, it can't stop me. Yet if you can pass through light and dark—ARGH!"

The man suddenly fell on his hands and knees with that yell of agony. Aqua shuffled back slightly, stunned to see his back was smoking. It had to be from a powerful energy attack.

Curious Aqua brought her glazed eyes up and felt her breath taken away when she saw a panting Terra on the ground, his Keyblade still held out from his last minute swing. He must have slid across the sands to knock her failed frontal attack back at Master Xehanort when he was speaking to her.

Aqua couldn't help but realize Terra was going to have nasty burn marks on his left arm for that sand slide move.

"Xehanort I'm the one you want!" Terra roared as he scrambled up on his feet. To the blue haired woman he sounded at the far end of a tunnel. This moment was so surreal, it took her heart by such surprise when she suddenly saw his dark, mysterious blue eyes shining back at her. She wanted to call out his name, but Xehanort was trying to stagger up to his feet. And he was laughing. Aqua tried to move away.

As she knelt upward her right arm swung out limply. It sent an agonizing heat wave through her, so painful she would have cut her arm off if she had the strength to take Xehanort's Keyblade and chop it off.

Aqua simply cringed and fell over on her left side. She knew it was pathetic of her, but she was done. Drenched in blood, heat, sweat and tears, Aqua was ready to roll over and die.

The pain instead of Terra was all that was on her mind now.

Guy already had his moment. He could save the day and get another one if she somehow survived this.

"Aqua hold on!" Terra yelled out, his voice getting louder as he ran toward them. Groaning she flicked her gaze up, seeing past her blue bangs the man that she wish held affection for her sprint toward her. Eyes only on her.

She felt so beautiful under his panicking gaze.

"Terra, run the other way, you idiot," Aqua whispered through the sand. If she had more energy she'd have laughed at his usual hardheadedness.

Mouth dry Aqua set her head down as Master Xehanort at last got on his feet and turned around. His cape and boots swished over the approaching Terra as her vision dimmed dark a few times.

She could barely hear Terra yelling at her to hang on when her vision faded to black.