His eyes flew open, but he closed them again almost immediately as he was hit with a blast of biting wind and snow. He sat up, his face cold and his eyes stinging, and he looked at the little diamond that still lay in his gloved hand. He looked around. Frost…

He shook his head. It had been a dream. Nothing more. The emptiness hit him like the driving blizzard around him, and he shook with anger and despair. Who would care if he stayed up here in these mountains until he froze to death? Who would miss him if he never came back?

Of course they all would. But would he miss them, too, as he looked upon the Earth from either Heaven or Hell? Would it matter to him that he had let them down if he couldn't be happy living without the woman he loved?

Of course, he wouldn't really dwell on such weak thoughts. Yes, he was hurting. Yes, he was in the worst pain he'd ever endured, but no, he was not one to think seriously about dying. He would feel sorry for himself for awhile, but he knew that the agony would pass eventually, become a dull, distant memory that only hurt when he stopped to think about it. He would move on with his life, the same way he did each time his heart was ripped from his chest, as if he didn't deserve to be happy.

And how fair was it? He would always think he'd found the answer to his prayers, some sort of happiness or closure. He'd find a home, someone to love, to call his family or his friend, and then…His world would shatter, come tumbling down around him, forcing him to move forward in search of that elusive paradise that he so longed to find.

That's what had happened to him once again. He'd found a woman he'd come to love more than life itself, and she, too, had been taken away, ripped from his reluctant arms, and he only had himself to blame for not holding her tighter. Now what was he to do? What was he to look forward to now that his heart was yet again-quite literally-in pieces?

Emma watched the poor excuse for a man as he sat, drowning in his sorrows in the frozen mountains of the Canadian Rockies. It was hard for her to believe that after all that time, he sill held feelings for her. They'd barely spoken a word outside of what was necessary ever since they'd found Jean. She had thought he'd never trust her again, let alone love her the way he'd once said he did.

Sure, she could have read his thoughts. But she hadn't wanted to. She had been afraid of what she might find if she dared to venture into the unknown Wolverine. Would she see herself dying by his claws the way he'd tried to kill her on the island? Would she see something worse? One could only guess at what terrible things the man could come up with within his dark, troubled mind, and Emma hadn't wanted to find the truth.

Perhaps she should have. Maybe if she had taken that chance, she could have seen into his heart as well, could have known that his behavior towards her was due to denial and fear. Maybe she could have had one last night with him.

Not that it would have mattered. Either way, the end result would have been the same. She still would have ended up being destroyed by the Phoenix, and it might have been harder on both of them.

However, Logan didn't seem to quite understand what had really happened to her. It had taken weeks for Emma to focus and concentrate all of her energy into the one shard he kept with him at all times. Being split into a million tiny pieces had also split up her power. Her telepathy was weak, but she could muster enough to communicate with him for awhile the way she'd done in his dream. The hardest part, though, was to communicate with Logan while he was awake.

That's what she attempted to do at that moment. It took a few tries, but eventually, she found herself standing in front of him again as he sat in the snow and ice in the middle of a blizzard.

"Logan…" she whispered.

Funny, he thought, how he could still hear her voice as clear as day even with the wind whistling in his ears. Great, now the mountain was playing tricks on him…Even mother nature wanted to taunt and tease him until he descended into madness.

She tried again. "Logan, look at me…"

He growled and shook his head. "Fuckin' wind! Shut up already! I've had enough of this shit! Leave me alone!"

"Logan." Emma knelt in front of him, her hands resting on his upper arms. "It isn't a trick. I'm here…"

Logan opened his eyes when he felt a touch, light as a feather, but remarkably familiar. He lifted his gaze and his jaw dropped as he saw her before him like a ghost. She wasn't whole. She wasn't solid. He couldn't really reach out and touch her, although he lifted his hand to try to touch her shoulder. But she was there, either way. She was with him. And it wasn't a dream.

"Emma?" he said, his gruff voice cracking. He wasn't sure whether he should be glad to see her or not. She wasn't really Emma…was she?

"Yes, Logan. I'm here. Just like I was in your dream." Her face held a tenderness he'd never observed within her before. She looked half afraid, concerned. But she also looked determined and strong. She had a calm authority in her eyes, and for once, he didn't care if she ordered him around. As long as he could hear her sweet, feminine voice soft upon his ears, he would gladly jump off a cliff is she told him to.

"How? How are ya here? If I'm aint' dreamin', and I aint' hallucinatin'."

Her full, blue, glossy lips turned down a little in a frown. "I told you…I'm not dead. Just broken."

"What's the difference?"

"The difference is, I'm still here. My spirit, my mind, my power; it still lives. I simply don't have a body in which to put it all together."

His face contorted as he stared back at her, not quite comprehending what was going on. "How is that possible?"

She raised her arms to cup his face is her hands with an expression that conveyed deep love and understanding. She wanted him to understand, to know that she was safe, that there was still a chance for her.

"It doesn't matter, Logan. All that matters is that you and I are together again. I love you…I truly do. And if there's any way for me to be whole again, then it's worth a try, if only I can be with you. You're all that means anything to me. Don't you understand? I'm not the woman I used to be."

Logan tried to touch her again, to hold her, but he couldn't, and the ache in his heart only grew despite the fact that they were speaking face to face.

"Yeah…I get it, Frost." He looked at her with desperation in his eyes, as if begging her for forgiveness. "I'm sorry, Emma… Dammit, I feel like a fuckin' idiot for not telling ya the truth-how much I love you." Pain flicked across his face. "I'd give anything in the world if I could just hold ya again…" His fingers came up to her cheek, and although she could feel it, she knew he could not. This time, the pain stayed with him, making her own heart ache a little more.

"Shhh…You don't need to say more. I know…And I promise you, it will all be okay in the end."

"Tell me how?" he demanded. "How will it be okay? How can-"

He was cut off by a heavier gust of wind, and Emma cringed as she stood. He shot to his feet as well, and stared at her in shock as she began to fade from sight.

"My power…it's fading. I can't…"

He called to her, reached for her to no avail. She vanished, a tiny light remaining and floating to the shard in his hand, sinking into it, the vessel that held a part of her mind. Could it really be true? Was there a way to save her? Or was it all just wishful thinking?

There was only one way to find out if what she said was true. As the storm raged on around him, he headed back down the mountain. It was time to return home, where he belonged, and where there was a chance that maybe-just maybe-he could retrieve his happiness once again.


Dr. Henry McCoy and Miss Jean Grey worked together down in the subbasement with Forge as they worked and reworked a new invention that could possibly help with fighting the Sentinels that still remained a threat from the MRD. So far, they weren't having much luck. In the past weeks, they'd fought a few of the giant robots, and each time, they only barely escaped alive.

"Ah, I'm beginning to think this is hopeless, guys," Forge sighed, shaking his head.

"We can't give up, yet," said Jean. "We need to find a way to beat those things. Otherwise, it could mean the destruction of all mutants."

"She's right," said Henry. "We have to keep trying."

The whoosh of the motion activated doors behind them made them all turn to see who had joined them, but they were taken aback when they saw that it wasn't either Scott, Rogue or Ororo.

"Logan!" Henry exclaimed in surprise. "You're back! Welcome home."

Logan stormed into the room breathing heavily, sweat on his brow. "Where are the shards?" he demanded as he reached the three of them. Jean and Henry exchanged worried glances, then Jean frowned and walked over to a wall in which drawers were hidden. She entered a code into the keypad and one of the drawers opened, revealing the fragments of Emma's diamond form.

Logan took a few large strides over to the drawer and peered inside. He didn't know if all of the pieces were there, but he hoped they were. He turned back to the others.

"She's not dead! She's alive!"

Again, Jean and Henry exchanged looks of concern, turning back to Logan with regretful faces. "I'm sorry Logan, but…she is gone," said Henry. "We all saw-"

"Forget what we saw!" Logan barked. "It was only partially true! She's still here!"

Forge stayed silent, not daring to say a word, and Henry's expression twisted into something like pity. Jean stepped forward, her head lowered a little, and put her hand on Logan's shoulder.

"Logan, we know you miss her-we all do-but…there's nothing we can do. It's over."

"No! It's not!" He looked at each of them, growing frustrated very quickly. They didn't believe him. They thought he was going crazy-desperate. They thought he'd lost his mind to heartache. He growled. "You don't believe me? Then take a look for yerself," he challenged, holding the diamond out to Jean.

Jean shrunk back a little, afraid of trying, afraid she'd find nothing and leave Logan angry and bitter once again when he seemed to hold hope within his heart. Reluctantly, she did as he asked, taking the diamond in her own hand and closing her eyes. If Emma was still there, then a piece of her mind would be locked within the shard, although she doubted that that was a very likely scenario. The Phoenix had probably destroyed her mind, since that's where the force had been stored.

She searched the shard, afraid to stop looking, afraid of disappointing Logan and hurting him again. She was about to give up though after awhile. Her eyes were on the verge of opening.


Within her mind's eye, the redhead found herself gazing into the icy blue eyes of a beautiful blonde telepath. She gasped, covering her mouth with her hand in disbelief.

"Emma…So it's true…"

Emma nodded. "Yes. Logan didn't lie to you. I'm not dead."

"But how…? You were destroyed. We all saw you."

"The body is simply a vessel in which a spirit is able to communicate with the rest of the world. Just because it is destroyed doesn't mean a person is gone. My body may have shattered, but it wasn't destroyed, so therefore, my mind and my spirit were able to remain where they should be…simply…divided."

"That's incredible…" breathed Jean as she stared back at her long lost friend. "So then…Is there really a way to bring you back…?"

Emma closed her eyes, feeling slightly selfish. But why should she feel guilty about wanting to be alive again? They all seemed to want her back just as much as she wanted to be back.

"There…might be a way. I'm not sure. But there is only one possibility that I can think of. But it will be difficult, Jean, and it will be you who has to do it."

The other woman blinked. "Me?"

"Yes. Your telekinesis."

After a moment of thought, Jean seemed to understand what Emma was telling her. A determined look took the place of astonishment upon her features and she nodded to the blond.

"I see…Do you really think it will work?"

"I don't know…But I suppose it's worth a try, don't you?"

Jean thought about Logan, about how upset he had been since they'd lost Emma. She had to try…She just had to, for Logan if for no other reason.

"Yes," she agreed. Then she frowned. "Emma…Thank you…for what you did for all of us…and for me. I've wished that I could have the chance to tell you how much your actions meant to me. If you hadn't stepped in and stopped me from taking in the Phoenix…Well, I don't think there would be any chance of bringing me back. I would have burned, not shattered…"

Emma took Jean's hands and smiled kindly. "No thanks is necessary. They'd just gotten you back, and Scott…You two deserve to be together again."

"And you and Logan…"

Emma stepped back her smile fading. "My power, I've expended the portion I have in the shard. Goodbye for now, Jean. And good luck…"

Jean's eyes opened in shock as she stared blankly across the room. "It's true…" she whispered, and Henry and Forge looked at her as if they couldn't believe what she was implying.

"So you saw her then?" Logan questioned frantically.

"Yes…I did." Her face took on that look of determination again. "And you're right. There may be a way to save her."

There was one possibility of bringing Emma back to "life" again, but before they took things even further, it was best if they consulted someone who might be able to tell them whether they had a shot at success. They were all gathered in the infirmary where Xavier lay, still in his coma, lost in the future. All the X-Men were expectant, waiting to see what their wise leader would say.

They decided it was best if Jean spoke to the Professor, since it would be she who would be taking on the task of trying to put their friend back together again. Silently, telepathically, she called out to the future Xavier, and he responded, the infirmary fading away until they were surrounded by the familiar white light, compliments of Cerebro.

"Jean," began Xavier in pleasant surprise. "So good to see you. How are things?"

"Alright I suppose. Hopefully they will be better soon." Xavier raised his brows in question.


Jean paused, wondering how to phrase her thoughts. "Emma…she's still alive. Her mind is just divided among all the pieces of her body. I've spoken with her telepathically, and she seems to believe that, possibly, I could put her back together with my telekinesis."

The Professor seemed to give this some serious thought. "Hm…I suppose it's possible. I can't say I've ever seen such a thing done before, but…Perhaps if you could fuse the pieces back together again…"

"So you think it's worth a shot?" Jean asked hopefully.

Charles smiled. "I think so. It couldn't do anymore damage to the situation. Why not give it a go?"

Jean smiled and hugged Xavier, grateful that he was still with them, even though his mind was somewhere in the future. "Thank you Professor. I'll do my best…"

"I know you will. I have faith in you."


All were in agreement. Charles had given his consent to the plan, so they had no reason to object. It took weeks. Each day, every member of the X-Men put forth the effort to fit each shard of diamond together, piece by piece, reconstructing the body of the fallen telepath. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle, only it was much more difficult to solve.

Only one piece was kept out of the reconstruction until the end, and that was the one that Logan kept with him, the one that linked Emma's mind to his.

He began to sleep peacefully, his nightmares gone and replaced by the sweetest of dreams. Each night, he found himself in her arms, holding her, kissing her, making love to her. And each morning he would wake up in good spirits, hoping, praying, that all their efforts to bring her back would not end in vain.

With the reconstruction of Emma's body came the reconstruction of the bond they'd forged on the island so long ago, and the rekindling of the fire that had sparked between them. There were no more secrets, no more miscommunications, no more hurt feelings and anger. No regret. No guilt. No hatred. Only love, wonderful and pure.

Now they lay together somewhere in the most beautiful green forest in a bed of tall, soft grass. It was on a hillside, so they lay, gazing up at the rays of hazy sunlight that shone through the canopy, brightening the peaceful place and adding a new kind of serenity. Their hearts were light and warm, like the sun itself, and when they looked at each other, their eyes were filled with hopeless devotion and love.

"Hey," said Logan, nudging her with his shoulder. "Frost."

She turned her face to his and smiled. "Yes, Logan?"

He grinned back at her. "Have I told ya I love ya yet?"

Emma chuckled, a hand over her mouth. "Only about a thousand times, darling."

"Well guess what? I'm gonna say it about a thousand more."

She lifted a fair brow. "Only a thousand?"

"Heh. You wish."

"Oh dear me," she sighed, looking back up to the sky, her arm over her forehead as she spoke a bit dramatically. "Whatever will I do with so many 'I love you's?"

He laughed, and the sound was infections and comforting. "If ya don't know by now, then I guess you're not as smart as I thought ya were."

"Hey, watch that smart ass of yours, Logan, or you may find me taking over YOUR body instead."

"Ha! I'd like to see ya try that."

"Oh, I could do it. And I'd let your hair grow long, paint your nails-after a mani pedi of course. Oh, and the blue eyeliner and lipstick would go wonderfully-!"

"In your dreams, Frost!" he snorted, turning away from her. "There's no way in hell I'd let ya do that to me!"

It was Emma's turn to laugh. "Oh darling, don't fret. I'm not that cruel." She rolled over onto her side, wrapping her arms around him. "Besides, I love your wild, sexy hair just the way it is. In fact, I love all of you, just the way you are…"

He lifted his brows. "Heh. Is that so?"

"Yes, Logan." Her hand came up to cup his face, her loving smile touching her eyes. "I wouldn't change one hair on your head."

"Good. Cause no one touches my mane."

She chuckled again, deliberately running a hand through his hair as she kissed him passionately.


At last, the time had come. In the subbasement, Scott, Jean, Logan, Kitty, Bobby, Ororo, Hank, Forge and Rogue were all gathered around the table on which they had pieced together Emma's body of diamond. The moment of truth was upon them, all in silence for awhile as they each prayed that the proceeding would bring good fortune.

At last, Logan stepped forward and placed the last piece of the puzzle into its place above her right breast. It was a part of her heart, which explained why her spirit was so strong within the shard. Logan ran his fingertips lightly along the diamond in which Emma's spirit slept. What if it didn't work? What if they were unable to bring her back to the real world again?

His face grew hard. No. There could be no "what ifs." It would work. He was sure of it. They all had to be sure of it. He looked around at all his friends, and they nodded to him, assuring him that everything would turn out okay.

He nodded in return and stepped back, Jean taking his place at Emma's side. She looked down at the broken body of her friend with confidence that she could do what needed to be done.

"Are you ready?" Henry asked quietly, and Jean met his eyes, her own full of determination and sureness.

All was quiet as Jean raised her hands out above Emma's body, focusing all of her power into her palms. She let her telepathy feed her telekinesis, giving it more strength. Jean's eyes closed tightly as she concentrated on the mass of hard diamond beneath her hands, pulling each fragment together, one at a time. It was a slow process, and Jean had to regulate how much power she used at one time.

A half an hour later, the silence and the stillness began to drill into their brains, making them question whether they had been foolish enough to believe they could conquer Emma's tragic fate.

But just as they began to squirm with uneasiness, Jean lowered her arms to her sides, trying to keep from fainting out of exhaustion. Scott stepped forward to hold her up, and she looked at the now fused, sculpted diamond before her through half-lidded eyes.

More silence. Their hope began to diminish, little by little, and Logan began to shake. No…Could it be? Had they really failed? Had it all been a waste? All that work and effort down the drain?

No…No, it couldn't be over. That couldn't be it. It just couldn't be.

He wanted to scream. He would scream very soon. He would yell and he would break down and cry right there in the infirmary in front of everyone, he would no longer care. His heart would be in so many pieces, there would be no putting it back together again. He would welcome death at that moment after all they'd been through only to end up with nothing.

His face twisted as he stared at her lifeless body there on the bed, holding back a growl. His body was shaking even worse than before, and a tear fell from the corner of his eye, creating a hot, wet trail down his cheek before falling to the floor.

As the minutes ticked by, he cracked. He couldn't hold it in any longer. He did scream then. It was a scream of rage, pain and sheer agony-a heartbreaking sound that had all of the X-Men cringing, a few of them having a hard time holding back their own tears as they watched their friend fall to his knees beside the bed and bawl like a baby.

Kitty covered her mouth with both hands, and Rogue stood there, clutching at her chest as she tried so hard not to cry. It was difficult. Logan was her dearest friend, her brother of sorts. How could it not pain her to see him in such a state? Logan, the strong, tough, hard headed Wolverine? Forge, Henry and Ororo's own tears fell silently as they lowered their heads, and Bobby looked away awkwardly, sad, but feeling like they should leave Logan to grieve in peace.

Jean didn't try to hold back her tears, but she sobbed quietly, Scott behind her, his arms wound around her waist as he, too, looked on in despair. Jean felt like she had failed. It had been her job to resurrect their fallen friend, but obviously, she had been unsuccessful. And now, because she'd gotten their hopes up, Logan was crushed. She closed her eyes and turned her head into Scott's arm.

Logan still knelt beside the infirmary bed, sobbing, his arms over her body, his hand clutching one of hers. Let him die, he thought. Let him die so he wouldn't have to suffer another day without her. Let his poor heart rest in peace with hers, and let the Good Lord take care of them both, granted he wasn't sentenced to an eternity with the Devil.

His tears fell upon her chest, and he refused to let her go. It couldn't be over, it couldn't be… But it was. She was gone. It was hopeless. It was done. There was nothing more they could do for her now.

Ororo's eyes shifted from Logan's weeping form to Emma's hard, lifeless one. What a shame, she thought. A match truly made in Heaven-and she didn't just mean Emma and Logan. Emma had been a perfect fit with the X-Men. She'd touched their hearts and had guided them along the way to saving the future in which the Professor now resided. It was a pity to have to lose her now, after all they'd been through.

A tear fell from her eye, too, as she looked on, but then her eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of something most unusual. The last piece that Logan had set into place began to glow very faintly.

"Look," she whispered frantically to the others, and they all followed her gaze, their eyes wide with shock. Logan's face was buried in his arm as it lay upon her, and when he heard their gasps and Ororo's one whispered word, he lifted his head slowly.

The spot of light began to grow, spreading across her body, engulfing her entirely. It became so bright, and the force so great, that Logan had to rise to his feet and take a few steps back. Soon, the entire room was enveloped in the white light, and they shielded their eyes from it.

When it had diminished, they trained their gazes back on the bed and the woman of diamond that still lay there. For a few long moments, nothing happened. But then, the diamond began to transform. There was skin and cloth and hair, and blood began to flow through her cheeks filling them with the red flush of life. Her fingers twitched, her feet moved slightly.

Her eyes, gently, flitted open, adjusting to her surroundings. The others continued to stare in disbelief as she sat up slowly, looking around at each of them. Finally, her eyes found Logan.

She smiled up at him wearily.

"Emma…" he breathed, his mouth open, his eyes wide. Was she…? Was she really…?

She stood carefully, looking down at herself, examining her body as it was, whole and completely intact. Then she looked back to Logan, her smile returning. She took a step toward him.

"Don't be frightened, darling. It's really me. Just like it always is…" She touched his cheek lightly with her fingertips, reassuring him that he wasn't dreaming. This was real.

He said nothing. He couldn't. He was speechless. He had thought…he had been sure that they had failed to revive her. But now, here she was, once again, standing in front of him. It was real life, not a dream. And he could touch her in this real word. Did miracles such as this really happen?

Instead of telling her of his happiness, he showed her. He threw his great, big, bear arms around her and pulled her into him, one last tear of joy falling to her shoulder.

The other X-Men dried the last of their tears, except for Ororo who cried tears of joy at the heartwarming scene before them. They were all smiles now, filled with a newfound hope and happiness. They'd done it. They'd brought the shattered woman of diamond back to life.

And Logan swore he'd never let anything bad happen to her again.


They stood side-by-side out on the balcony of Emma's bedroom one evening as they stared out at the cosmos that shown divinely out across the sea. The night was warm, clear, and held the sort of magic that one only hears of in fairy tales. No, their life was far from a fairy tale, but as for their love…

Emma was sure she'd found her prince charming…no matter how unconventional he was for a prince.

She scoffed a bit at the idea. Logan was no prince. No, not at all. As she turned her head slightly to look at him, she smiled as she deemed him a king within her eyes. And he was the king: the king that had shown her-the White Queen-the rarest kind of love. And for that, she would be endlessly devoted to him.

Logan's gaze found hers as she stood, leaning against him, her head on his shoulder. He gave her that drop dead gorgeous crooked smile, and she flushed.

"And just why are you all smiles?" she asked playfully.

His blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight, his black hair stained silver in places, making him seem older, wiser: the leader he'd grown to be for the X-Men. Emma admired him in all ways possible, because he had grown into the position had Charles bequeathed to him, along with allowing his heart to expand to include her, to forgive her.

"Why shouldn't I be?" he retorted.

She shrugged against him. "Oh, I don't know. You tell me."

He turned his entire body to face her, taking her shoulders in his grasp and looking deep into her eyes. He grinned. "Sure, my life aint' exactly perfect…Hell, it's far from it. But Darlin', I got the best thing in the world in my arms, and I aint' ever letting it go."

Her smile remained as she gazed back at him. "And what's that, dear?" she asked quietly, even though she already knew the answer-without reading his mind of course.

His grin widened. "You."

The warmth rose in her cheeks and flooded her entire body at the utterance of that one word-one word that said it all. Who would have guessed that the Wolverine could be so sweet? As if he had a heart under those cold, metal bones?

Then again, he'd never really fooled her. She'd always been able to see right through him, to his heart. She just hadn't really cared to look hard enough until recently. And now she was glad she had.

Their heads drifted closer in the night beneath the stars, each one lost in the warm glow of hearts united by fate, untouchable and unbreakable by any force, large or small. Love flowed between them, around them, like a veil that only served to bring them closer to one another.

Emma. Come quickly.

She closed her eyes and sighed, pulling her head away slowly. Logan blinked and looked back at her in confusion.

"What's the matter?" he asked, his voice worried.

She shook her head slightly with an amused smile. "It seems our romantic evening has been cut short," she stated matter-of-factly. Then she turned toward the open French doors and began to walk inside, glancing over her shoulder at him. "It seems we have a mission to attend to."

Logan frowned irritably, then sighed, following along beside her. The job of an X-Man was never done.


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