Arnold's POV

Me and Gerald just reached the Boarding house and man was it a trip.

*Bus Flashback*

Arnold and Gerald was sitting next to each other when Lila walked in. Dipping her student pass in she walked down the aisle stopping right next to the boys. Arnold who was on the side next to the aisle called Lila over not realizing his foot was stenched out. Sending the pig-tailed girl into an dramatic fall that it could have won an Oscar, landing in some strangle guy's lap. Arnold knowing it was his fault and not wanting to face the embarrassment grabbed Gerald and got off at the next stop even though it was 12 blocks away from the Boarding house.

Shaking my head at the awful memories I opened the door revealing the newly painted green walls. "Hey there short man! Oh and his friend Gerald too! How was school boys?" asked my now 70ish grandpa. I watched Gerald say "Just fine Gramps!" and walk into the kitchen.

Turning my attention to my grandfather I said "I think I need some advice grandpa. I keep making myself look like an idiot in front of this girl."


This wouldn't be the old Pataki girl is it? I always knew you fall for her short man but if you excuse me Pookie's chili always make me run to the toilet you know." He then ran down the hallway knocking into Mr. Smith one of the tenants.

"Hey!" Mr. Smith said but Grandpa continued down the hallway. I then walked passed into the kitchen while hearing Mr. Smith mumbling bad words about grandpa.

I walked in just in time to see Gerald with his hands stuffed with milk and cookies preparing our afternoon snack. I grabbed the glasses and walked up to my room. I guess you could say it looks pretty much the same. All blue wallpaper with some car posters on the wall. I also still have my sofa bed and sometimes watch the stars at night through the window ceiling.

I walked out in the front of the room doing my daily jumping jacks. I'm trying to stay in shape to really impress Lila. Even though right now I was just trying to shake off the embarrassment of Grandpa thinking I was speaking of Helga. I mean sure she got prettier but she totally wasn't for me. Right?

"So..." I heard behind me. I sat down knowing just what Gerald was about to tell me. I bet he's going to make fun of my actions around Lila on the bus. Joining my hands together I prepared myself for the rude remarks.

"So Helga was looking real pretty today right? With that short blue dress made any guy wanna HOLLA!" said Gerald

Wait what!!!

That was the last thought I had before hitting my head.

AN: Okay I know it been awhile and I came back with something very short. But at least I'm back writing. It feels good so expect more from me soon. Kay =)

P.S. Yes I don't like this chapter either.