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Dearest Claudia,

I fear this letter will reach you in the middle of your "study sessions" with Vincent. Oh yes, I know of your whoring ways. Wretched girl, how could you give yourself to that vile boy, when you have a respectable man wondering where you are every night, ring in hand. Yes, a ring, quite the beauty if I do say so myself. Platinum banded, with a blood diamond. I was going to propose to you. I thought you really loved me, as I love you. Jokes on me, of course. I hope that you also know that Vincent's girl, Heather, pines for me. I am what Vincent is not. Go ahead, defile yourself with Vincent's dirty touches while I show Heather a perfect romance. The rest of your belongings will reach you with this letter, while Heather wears my ring. Farewell, Claudia Wolf.

Walter Sullivan.

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