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It's now saturday (in the story...keep up with me!)

Kira tossed and turned all night. For reasons unknown she couldn't fall asleep, the weather was getting worse every hour. Stupid RAIN! She sighed when she heard a knock at her door. Kira pushed aside her jade green comforter and opened her door, to see a tiny Rose, rubbing her eye with a fist.

"Rose, what are you doing up?" Kira whispered, her voice full of sleep, that never came to her. Rose shrugged and yawned. Kira kneeled down and smiled. "Would you like me to walk you back to your room?"

But Rose shook her head. "No, Kira there's monsters..." Kira sighed and held her arms open. Rose took this as a sign to be hugged and walked into Kira's arms.

"Rose there are no such things...but why don't we walk to your room and get Tubby?" Rose pulled out of Kira's arms, but held firm on one of her hands. "Then you can have a sleepover in my room!" Kira whispered excitedly. Rose smiled up at her older step-sister.

"T-that sounds fun." She rubbed one eye again and smiled, "Should we invite Jesse? He'd like to sleep over." Kira paused when she reached Rose's room, too stunned for words. "He says so when he sleeps." Kira blushed.

"He does?" Kira shook her head. Get a girp on yourself girl, of course he doesn't! Her mind screamed. "Nevermind, where's tubby?" Rose pointed to her bed and Kira let go of her tiny hand to get the stuffed tiger. "Look here's tubby!" Rose smiled again, showing off her tiny dimples.

"Thank you Kira." She yawned again and Kira held out her arms.

"Here I'll walk you back..." Kira picked up the young girl as the door to Jesse's room opened. Rose yawned once more, before shutting her eyes and mumbled somthing about 'sleepovers'. Kira placed a finger over her lips as Jesse smiled down at her. "Shhh, she's sleeping." Jesse reached for Rose and Kira passed him the sleeping child. "Thanks...she was heavy." Jesse didn't say anything, but walked back into Rose's room and set her down on her princess bedding.

"Night Rosie..." He whispered.

Jesse knew the foot steps that were hushed against the wood floors. Kira. His brain screamed for him to open the door, and see what she was up to, then again, he heard the other foot steps and guessed that Rose was awake too. Seeming to come to his senses, well he wasn't sleeping anyway, he opened the door to see Rose sleeping on Kira's shoulder. A smile spread across his lips when he saw them. She looked so beautiful. Her hair messy from sleep, and her shorts...NO. No stop thinking that way Jesse.

"Shhh, she's sleeping." Kira whispered. Jesse automatically reached for his sister and Kira handed Rose to him silently. "Thanks...she was heavy." Of course she was, silly, beautiful girl...Rose almost outweighs you. He just smiled again and walked into Rose's room to set her down on her bed. Stupid princess and frills. He hated the color pink.

"Night Rosie..." Jesse whispered and then shut the door behind him. "Sorry, I don't know why she woke you." Kira smiled and shrugged.

"It's no problem. I couldn't sleep anyway." She turned and started to walk downstairs.

"Hey wait! Where are you going?" Jesse whispered as he silently ran to catch up with her. He grabbed her waist and stopped her.

"What?" She asked when she turned around in his arms. Jesse swallowed hard when he saw just how close their mouths were...and the fact that his arms were around her...God she was so tiny.

"N-nothing, I...would you like some company?" He asked. Kira looked like she was debating her answer and then nodded.

"Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks." She made no move to walk away...which excited Jesse even more. Maybe I could pull her closer and- "Jesse...let's go watch a movie." Kira suggested tugging on his shirt. That halted any thoughts that lived in his mind, all he could think of was the girl in his arms, tugging at his shirt.

"Okay." He replied and let his arms unravel themselves from around her. She shivered and her tanktop moved on her skin, sending tingles all over his body. "What do you wanna watch?" He asked once they were downstairs.

Kira shrugged and sat on the couch. "I guess anything, just pick." Jesse walked over to the tiny movie selection his mom's house offered and shuffled through them. Dracula...Superbad...28 days later... He continued to shuffle though them when he heard Kira laugh. "Hurry up before you make me fall asleep!" He smiled and picked out Dracula, it was her favorite...that he knew. He'd always walk in and see her watching it, saying all the lines.

He put the DVD in and pushed play, then walked over to sit down by Kira. Each teenager was on the other end of the couch, as much space as possible was between them. This really blows, Jesse thought as the first scene played through. He heard Kira yawn and scoot closer, untill her head was against his arm. Not uncomfortable, he smiled thinking to himself of the beautiful girl, sitting right next to him. "Kira are you already falling asleep?" Jesse asked poking her in the thigh. Her eyes fluttered to a close for a split second and then opened again.

"No." She said smiling.

"Just go to sleep..." Jesse demanded. Of course he hated seeing her like sleepy. He wouldn't admit it to her, but she looked beautiful and peaceful when she slept. "I'll make sure Dracula doesn't get ya." Kira smiled again and laid against Jesse.

Kira snuggled closer into her pillow that laid next to her. Of course, pillows don't usually expand and contract, just like a person would... Kira shot up and opened her eyes. There lay Jesse eyes shut, asleep, and smiling. His one arm was out, as though it was her pillow, the other was laid against his chest. Kira decided that she better wake him up, just incase Mariel or her father walked downstairs to see them. So, Kira poked Jesse in the side once and he stirred. "Jesse..." Kira whispered as she lowered her head to his face. "Wake up." His eyes fluttered open and looked about as suprised as one would when woken up by means such as this. "Hi." She turned her head and her brown hair spilled out of the bun she had it in.

"Morning..." He said groggily. He rubbed his eyes with his hands, allowing his arm muscles to flex a little. Which then made Kira moan, out loud. "Kira are you okay?" Jesse asked concerned. Kira blushed and nodded.

"Yeah, morning...sleep...stuff." Kira shrugged and stood up. She smiled to herself and turned to look back down at Jesse. "You make a comfortable pillow, thanks Jess." He blushed the brightest red she's ever seen in her life. "Bye..." Kira waved and walked up stairs. Leaving a very stunned Jesse on the floor.

So she thinks I'm comfortable? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Jesse debated as he walked up stairs to his room. He walked past Kira's door and hear some soft rock music playing...which means she's either getting dressed, or showering. And both, in his mind...well hell, he wanted to witness. When he reached his door, he opened it and got to dressing himself. He decided that today, would be hot...and rainy, so he pulled on a orange shirt and beige cargo shorts. He really never cared what he looked like, becase the girl he would hope to impress only liked Jock boys. Of course Jesse could play sports. He was really good at soccer and football, it's just that he hated the rules.

He'd always run outside the lines...he'd always been that way, too. A rebel. That's Jesse. "Hey Jess.." His mom's voice called from outside the door. "Kira and I are going to do some shopping...is there anything we can get you?" Jesse sighed and wiped a hand over his face. Sure there were alot of things he'd wished Kira could get for him...but- "Come with us Jesse...it'll be fun!" Kira's small voice eurpted his current thought process.

"Uh, sure..." Jesse sighed again, weary of this shopping excursion.

OMFG! what will Jesse and Kira run into the store? HMMM. who knows, Hell, I don't even know :)

Listen to Forever by Chris Brown...because that's what I listented to while writin' this. So with author authority...I say listen!