This starts out about a week after Jacob phases for the first time. Imagine that for once, Bella doesn't have luck on her side. That someone comes knowing what will happen and decides to help. This is my take on a non-boring New Moon.

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To know the future is not always a good thing. To change the future is sometimes a bad thing. To look into the future of your family and friends and know that they among hundreds and hundreds of people might die....that a whole race might become extinct if you don't do something is a terrible thing.

When you make the decision to race across a whole country to save a family that you have never met and just learned of, fell in love, and met someone that should have died long long ago. Then save hundreds of families and lives....sometimes you have to make the hard decision. Is one life worth more than another? Is a motherless child worth more than a mother with children? Just because someone robs a bank does that make him a bad person? What if that person robbed the bank because his daughter was dying and needed the money to pay for medical bills? Is his life worth saving?

What if you have the ability to save these people? Knowing that your actions will most likely let someone die in their place. Would you still do it? Would you save the lives of people you don't know? Would you save whole towns? Even though you know, that if you interfere, hundreds of people will die. That because of your actions, hundreds of families will be destroyed. Just to give yourself a happy ending?

This is the story of Mary Anne. Who as a psychic, was face with a decision. Save her family and the families in the surrounding area, and let hundreds of people die, running the risk of exposure. Or, let three cities be wiped out and entire race of creatures be destroyed. Including a family she never knew existed. What would you do?