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This is my tribute to Bella and Edward's story. For bethaboo and TheEdwardEmmett's Make It Count Contest.

To Love An Angel

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He created man, and from man he created woman, so he would not be alone. God did not intend for us to be alone.

He gave us the Word so that all who heard it would know and be glad, and so that man and woman could speak in tongues the other could understand. He brought them together so that they would not be lonely. God did not want us to be lonely.

Then God created sin, so that we would know wrong from right. Man opened his eyes and was afraid, but God had given him woman to comfort him. God did not want us to be afraid.

For the man loved the woman and married with her, as long ago the sons of God had married with the daughters of men. He saw that she was beautiful and he kissed her and he was happy with her. God intended for us to be together.

And when she wept, he held her, and when he hurt, she him. Each drew strength from the other, and together they felt safe and comforted. God wanted us to find solace in one another.

One day, the man left, and he cried, for he knew he did wrong, but the woman did not cry. By the grace of the Lord, she did live, but in silence, her soul calling out for its other half. God did not intend for us to be in pain.

She was brave, the woman, and God pitied her as she waited. He was sad for her and granted her a new lover, but she would not take him. She sat, day by day, watching for her love's return on the horizon, and one day he came for her. She saved him and he loved her and God smiled on them. He did not wish for them to be broken.

And troth the woman loved the man, though he deserved her not, but did not spurn her heart. He took her as his own and loved her as no man ever loved a woman. He would watch her as she did sleep, knowing not his eyes were upon her, and he did call her his angel. The Lord was well pleased and decreed that they should be promised, one to the other. God intended for us each other, for to love you with all my heart.

As in the beginning was the Word, so in the end was Silence. No words were needed; none were said. The man and the woman did pledge themselves unto one another, and God did bless their union. In Silence, he kissed her sweet lips, and with the silence, they began their lives anew. And the man did take the woman into his arms, and let his love surround her, and he was complete.

And they were with God in the end.

Thanks to Cullenista, my amazing beta, without whom I would never have found the confidence to post anything. Your support and help are so very much appreciated.