Sasuke walked into the kitchen, everyone was looking at him, some of the males were snickering.

''About time you made it to breakfast Sasuke.'' Itachi said handing Sasuke his plate of food.

''I'm eating in my room and I need Naruto's food to.'' Sasuke said.

Itachi gave him a confused look. ''Is he sick or something?'' Itachi asked in concern giving Sasuke Naruto's food.

''No, but he's having difficultly walking.'' Sasuke admitted with a grin.

Kabuza, Pein, Kisame, and Hidan busted out laughing.

''Wait a go Sasuke!'' Pein shouted.

''We heard all last night, I didn't know Naruto was so loud!'' Hidan laughed.

''Sasuke!'' Itachi shouted glaring at his little brother.

Sasuke glared at Pein, Kisame, Kabuza, and Hidan for giving it out, now Itachi was gonna flip on him.

''I know you didn't do what there talking about to Naruto!'' Itachi glared sternly.

''It's not like I forced him. He wanted it.'' Sasuke said with a shrug and grinned slightly.

Itachi crossed his arms across his chest. ''Oh really? You didn't force yourself on him at all?'' Itachi asked raising an eyebrow.

Sasuke was silent at the moment. ''Well probably just for that kiss but he could have pushed me away, and he didn't. Plus I gave him a choice. So technically, I didn't.'' Sasuke said simply.

''You know when Kyuubi founds out he's going to be furious.'' Itachi pointed out.

Sasuke smirked. ''I know.'' He said and walked out the kitchen.

Sasuke walked back in his room to see the blonde sitting upright in the bed with his arms crossed across his chest and blushing.

Sasuke gave the blonde a confused look as he but the food on his dresser.

''I heard them laughing.'' Naruto mumbled blushing as he glared at the sheets.

Sasuke snickered.

''Am I really that loud? That's so embarrassing! I'm not leaving here never!'' Naruto shouted pulling the covers over his head.

Sasuke grinned sitting down on the bed and put his head underneath the covers and grinned at the blonde.

Naruto blushed.

''I think it's sexy.'' Sasuke said with a grin and kissed the blonde on the lips.

Naruto smiled blushing slightly and took the covers from his head. ''Well I guess if Sasuke likes it, then it's ok.'' Naruto smiled.

Just then the two heard, ''Ah Sasuke!'' from behind there door and some laughs after.

Naruto blushed red and put the covers back over his head. ''I'm not leaving this room!'' Naruto shouted.

Sasuke couldn't help but grin at the blonde's childishness.

Itachi, Haku, and Konan were now in the kitchen by themselves talking about a subject that they needed to figure out. How were they gonna bring Naruto back home?

Naruto's been here for 5 days now, that's more then enough for a worried big brother to lose it. Naruto needed to go back home with his family, but now that the two actually had sex Sasuke isn't letting Naruto go anywhere.

''If Sasuke even knows were talking about this he'll kill us.'' Itachi reminded them. ''But we have to think of a way to get Naruto back to his home without Sasuke knowing.''

''But how?'' Haku asked. ''Sasuke sticks to Naruto like glue.'' Haku pointed out.

''What about if we say were taking Naruto to the mall or something like that but we actually bring Naruto home.'' Konan suggested.

''That won't work. Sasuke will just come along and if we tell him he can't come he'll just get suspicious.'' Itachi said.

''You know what, someone needs to knock some sense in that kid! Naruto needs to go back to his family, he can't stay here forever he needs his brother.'' Konan said angrily.

''Naruto isn't going anywhere.'' Said a voice behind them.

All three of them looked at Sasuke staring right back at them. He was angry, very angry.

''Listen Sasuke,'' Itachi started trying to calm down his brother before he flipped. ''Naruto's been here for nearly a week. Don't you think it's time to give him back to Kyuubi?''

''No, Naruto likes it here. He isn't going anywhere.'' Sasuke said stubbornly.

''Did you ask him if he wants to go back home?'' Itachi asked.

''No and none of you will.'' Sasuke said glaring at them.

Konan grinned. ''Well I will.''

Sasuke glared at her so hard it could have burned her. But it didn't phase Konan, she was a tough girl. The strength of ten man or more, almost as strong as Sakura.

''If you try don't think I won't kill you, member of Akatsuki or not.'' Sasuke said glaring at her.

''I'm not afraid of you Uchiha, I always did want to fight you anyways. Naruto needs to go back home to his big brother, his family. Even if he likes it here he needs his big brother and Kyuubi needs him and you know it. Your just to damn stubborn to believe it.'' Konan argued glaring right back at him.

''He doesn't need his brother. Kyuubi had him long enough.'' Sasuke argued.

''Sasuke please listen!'' Itachi shouted. ''You know Kyuubi's planning on killing you and the rest of the members of Jinchuuriki! Maybe if you just give Naruto back now he'll go easy.''

''I don't give a damn! Kyuubi could do whatever he wants but I'm not giving him up.'' Sasuke said finally and walked out of the kitchen to stubborn to hear any more of this.

Itachi and Haku sighed.

''I knew something like this was going to happen.'' Itachi said rubbing his temples feeling an uncomeing headache on the way.

''Now what are we suppose to do?'' Konan said angrily as she sat down in her original seat again. ''The damn idiot is to damn stubborn.''

''I don't know. But I will figure something out. Naruto needs to go home and I'm going to make sure it happens.'' Itachi said simply.

Kyuubi was now in his room. Just laying on his bed staring up at his ceiling.

5 days.

5 days Kyuubi hasn't even seen that beautiful smile and shiny silky blonde hair. With all the time he hasn't been with the blonde Kyuubi noticed that his intimate side for wanting Naruto has decreased. He just wanted his little brother back. He didn't want him like he did before, intimately. Kyuubi realized he really only loved Naruto as a little brother. Of course Kyuubi will always find the blonde cute but who wouldn't? He didn't care if he and Naruto would ever have an intimate relationship, just as long as Naruto was with him he didn't care.

Kyuubi sat up from his bed.

And he was going to get him back. He was tired of waiting here while Shikamaru thought out the perfect plan, he was close to it to but Kyuubi couldn't wait any longer. He needed his little brother back and he was going to get him now.

Kyuubi walked over to his dresser and pocketed his gun in his pocket.

Kyuubi walked over to his bed room door then stopped.

Damn if they knew what I was going to do they wouldn't even let me out the door. Kyuubi thought cursing under his breath. Kyuubi quickly thought up an idea and opened his door.

''Hey guys I'm goin' to sleep so don't bother me for a while ok?'' Kyuubi called from his door.

''Alright Kyuubi!'' Sakura called out. ''I'll get you when dinners done!''

When dinners done I'll already have back Naruto. Kyuubi thought simply. ''Ok.'' He called out and closed his door.

He then walked over to his window and opened it.

Sasuke was now at his porch. He was angry. He thought a little fresh air would cool him down. How could Itachi and the others even think about taking Naruto away from him. He just got the blonde back and he's not giving him up. No matter what.

Naruto laid on Sasuke's bed flicking through the Tv channels seeing what's on Tv.

Just then the blonde heard a noise coming from window. He stared at the curtains that covered the window curiously. He got out of the bed and walked over to the window. The noise, like someone was trying to get in, happened again. The blonde pulled back the curtains and the excited and happy expression never looked better on the adorable blonde's face when he saw Kyuubi at the window.

The blonde quickly opened it and pulled his brother inside. As soon as Kyuubi's foot hit the ground Naruto's arms were already around him.

''Kyuu! I missed you so-!''

Kyuubi quickly covered the blonde's mouth and smiled. ''Can't you ever keep quite for a couple of minutes?'' Kyuubi teased. Then he hugged the blonde tight and for a long time. Truth is Kyuubi was close to tears at how happy he was at this moment. But he held them in, this was only part 1 of this plan. Kyuubi broke their long hug.

''I'm getting you outta here Naruto.'' Kyuubi told the blonde.

''Ok. I missed home a lot!'' The blonde smiled. ''But I think I should tell Sasuke I'm leaving.'' The blonde suggested.

''No Naruto.'' Kyuubi said quickly. ''Sasuke can't know or see us leaving here.''

Naruto gave his big brother a confused look. ''Why? Sasuke would be worried if he doesn't know where I am.'' The blonde said frowning slightly.

''Because he won't let you go if he knows I'm taking you.'' Kyuubi explained.

Naruto's confused expression was back on his face. ''Why?''

Kyuubi sighed. ''You wouldn't understand Naruto. Now get on my back, I think I hear someone coming.'' Kyuubi said quickly crouching down on the ground for the blonde to get on his back.

Naruto didn't understand why Kyuubi was such in a big rush but he did what his big brother told him anyways and got on his back.

Suddenly the door opened. ''Naru-chan, what do want for din-'' Haku stopped when he walked into the room, Itachi was right behind him and saw why Haku stopped.

Kyuubi just stared at the both of them trying to decide what he should do next. ''So your gonna snitch on me huh?'' Kyuubi asked the two.

''No.'' Itachi said simply.

Kyuubi looked at him strangely. ''What's the catch?''

''No catch, just hurry up and get out of here before Sasuke gets back here.'' Itachi told the red eyed teen.

''Could I say goodbye to him?'' Haku pleaded looking at Kyuubi.

''I guess.'' Kyuubi said simply wondering why one of the Akatsuki members were acting so nice.

Haku walked up to the blonde that was on Kyuubi's back, he was still crouched on the ground, and hugged the blonde tight. ''I'm gonna miss you so much Naru-chan. You be good and remember who dresses you up the best.'' Haku said smiling at the blonde even though he was close to tears. He knew that this was going to be the last time he ever saw the blonde so it was a very sad moment for him, he really grown to love Naruto as one of his own.

Naruto smiled. ''I will! I'm gonna miss you Ha-chan.'' The blonde smiled cutely.

Tears spilled from the raven's eyes and he gave the blonde one last hug and smile.

''I'm goona keep a look out for Sasuke.'' Haku told Itachi as he rubbed the tears out his eyes.

Itachi nodded, his arms were crossed across his chest as he watched Haku leave the room.

''Why are you doing this?'' Kyuubi asked standing up front the ground with the blonde fully on his back, he stared at the raven strangely.

''I just think it's time Naruto should go to his big brother.'' Itachi said with a smile. ''He needs to be with his family. But he really is a treasure.'' Itachi said moving a strand of hair from the blonde's bright blue eyes. ''No wonder everyone here fell in love with him so quickly. Make sure you take good care of him.''

''I will, and thanks again for this. I didn't know you would betray your gang just to help me get back Naruto.'' Kyuubi said looking at the raven.

''I do whatever I feel, if it's for my gang of not. And I felt Naruto needed to go back home.'' Itachi said simply.

''Hn, well I should get you something in return.'' Kyuubi said with a grin.

''It's ok I don't-''

Kyuubi gave the raven a quick kiss on the lips. Kyuubi pulled away leaving Itachi completely stunned. ''Now were even.'' Kyuubi said with a smirk.

Then the red eyed teen started making his way back to the window. ''Hold on tight Naruto.'' Kyuubi told the blonde as he climbed out the window.

A few minutes passed and Sasuke walked back into his room finding Itachi just standing there staring at the window as if he were in some kind of trance.

''Itachi what's wrong with Haku? He looked like he was crying and he kept stopping me to sing me the alphabet over and over again.'' Sasuke said in annoyance.

Itachi snapped out his trance and looked at Sasuke.

''O-Oh really?'' Itachi asked still a little dazed at the kiss Kyuubi gave him.

Sasuke raised his eyebrow at his brother, then he looked at his bed, where it was blondeless.

''Where's Naruto?'' Sasuke asked. ''I couldn't find him anywhere in the house, I thought he was in here.''

''He's probably in the bathroom.'' Itachi said simply with a shrug.

Sasuke gave him a strange look before he walked over to his bathroom door and knocked on the door.

No answer.


Still no answer.

Sasuke opened the door. No Naruto.

Sasuke looked back at Itachi demanding an answer.

''Where Is He?''

''He's already gone Sasuke. Kyuubi took him back.'' Itachi said simply.

Sasuke grabbed his brother's shirt front glaring at him. ''And you let him go?'' Sasuke growled.

''Yes I did.'' Itachi said simply staring back at his brother right in the eyes. ''You don't understand that Naruto can't stay here forever. He was eventually going to ask for Kyuubi and you knew it.'' Itachi said glaring right back at him.

Sasuke was so angry right now he could kill, but it took all of his strength to take his fist off Itachi's shirt. Fighting Itachi wasn't going to get Naruto back.

With one last glare at his brother Sasuke stormed out the door to go get Naruto back.

''You guys, I'm going to go get Kyuubi for dinner ok?'' Sakura told the gang.

''No problem. I know Kyuubi will cheer up when he finds out Shikamaru finished his fool proof plan on getting Naruto back.'' Deidara smiled brightly.

Sakura smiled. ''He'll be ecstatic. I can't wait to go tell him.'' Sakura smiled and ran upstairs to tell the red eyed teen.

''It's been quite around here without Naruto for 5 days.'' Kiba said sadly and Neji sighed.

''I miss him so much.'' Gaara frowned.

''Come you guys cheer up.'' Sasori told the bunch.

''Yeah. Now we could finally do something about getting Naruto back and with Shikamaru's plan there's no doubt we will.'' Deidara smiled backing his boyfriend up.

The rest of the gang smiled at this.

''Your right Deidara.'' Gaara agreed.

''Yeah! We'll have Naruto back in no time!'' Kiba exclaimed with a grin.

Suddenly Sakura came running into the kitchen out of breath. ''You guys Kyuubi's gone.'' Sakura announced.

''Shit!'' Shikamaru cursed. ''He probably went after Sasuke himself.''

''What do we do now?'' Sakura asked.

''Now we have to go after him before he does something dangerous.'' Shikamaru said. ''And be prepared for battle also. Knowing Kyuubi if he gets a sight of Sasuke they'll be fighting right now.'' Shikamaru added.

The gang nodded and all ran out to catch the red eyed teen.

''Damn I really should have got my car.'' Kyuubi thought as he walked with his little brother on his back. Naruto wasn't heavy at all it was just that they would already be home if Kyuubi wasn't in such a rush to think and forgot his car.

''I could walk if your getting tired Kyuu.'' Naruto offered looking so adorable as he did so.

''It's alright Naruto, I'm not tired. I just want to hurry up and get you back home, where you belong before he comes looking for you.'' Kyuubi explained.

''Who?'' Naruto asked curiously.


''Kyuu I really think I should have told Sasuke were I was going. He's gonna be really worried.'' Naruto thought sadly.

''Naruto why do you even care? He kidnapped you.'' Kyuubi told his little brother wondering if the blonde forgot.

''Yeah but...'' Naruto started looking down on the ground. ''He was really nice to me and he really loves me and I...''

Kyuubi stopped and turned to his little brother. ''Naruto...your not in love with him are you?'' Kyuubi did not lust after the blonde or longed to be his lover like he use to, that's not the reason why he was angry. He was angry because Naruto could actually love someone that put him and himself through that hell.

Naruto didn't say anything and continued to look at the ground.

''Are you?'' Kyuubi asked raising his voice making the blonde flinch.

''Yes...'' The blonde answered.

Kyuubi put the blonde back down on the ground so he could look at him face to face. ''Naruto I can't believe you fell in love with someone that gave me and you hell! He hurt you Naruto do you remember that?! Do you know how much I hate him for hurting you and then had the nerve to steal you away?!'' Kyuubi shouted. He never yelled at the blonde like this before but Naruto needed someone to talk sense to him, he had no idea the kind of guy Sasuke was like.

Naruto stood there looking down at the ground with his hands behind his back listening to his big brother. ''B-But Kyuu you don't understand.'' Naruto said looking at him. ''Sasuke is really nice, he didn't mean to hurt me, Itachi told me. Itachi said he was sad for weeks because he hurt me and wished he could tell me he was sorry. Kyuu he really is a nice guy and he loves me and I love him.'' Naruto finished. He never spoke out against his big brother before, but he really did love Sasuke. Kyuubi didn't understand how kind and sweet he could be.

''Naruto he's probably just after your body! That perv would have sex you and throw you aside after!'' Kyuubi shouted.

''No he wouldn't!'' Naruto shouted which stunned him and Kyuubi. This was the first Naruto ever yelled at Kyuubi. ''Even after we did that he was still nice to me and did kind things for me!'' Naruto immediately put a hand over his mouth as he realized what just came out of it.

Kyuubi just stared at the blonde in disbelief. ''After?'' Kyuubi asked, his blood boiling to the top. ''You had sex with him Naruto?!''

Naruto blushed looking down at the ground.

''That bastard took away your virginity! I'm gonna kill him for taking advantage of you!'' Kyuubi shouted his red eyes blazing.

''Kyuu...he didn't take advantage of me.'' Naruto said blushing darker. ''He asked me if I wanted to do it and I wanted to.'' Naruto admitted not looking at him. Then when Naruto didn't hear anything from him he looked at his big brother and found Kyuubi in complete shock not knowing what to say.

Suddenly in a somewhat far distance stood the person responsible for Naruto's innocents being stolen away.

Kyuubi glared and practically growled at the Uchiha in front of him.

''You! You corrupted my little brother!'' Kyuubi shouted at Sasuke who just glared back at him. ''I'll kill you for taking away his innocents and taking advantage of him, I know you did!'' Kyuubi shouted.

''I didn't do a damn thing! If Naruto liked it then I didn't take advantage of him and I know he did.'' Sasuke smirked decided playing mind games with Kyuubi was much quicker to break him down.

Kyuubi glared

''I'm taking Naruto back.'' Sasuke told the red eyed teen.

''Over your dead body.'' Kyuubi said taking out his gun aiming it straight at the Uchiha. Sasuke did the same thing in half the time. The two stood about 5 yards away from each other both having each other at gun point.

Naruto stood there not knowing what to do looking at the two as tears fell down his cheeks.

''Kyuubi!'' Shikamaru called out as the gang finally arrived getting out there cars. Of course the gang ran straight to the blonde who was there watching the scene crying.

''Don't even try to talk me out of it Shikamaru.'' Kyuubi said not taking his eyes off Sasuke for a second.

Soon Sasuke's gang caught up with the raven looking at the scene with worry.

''Sasuke don't do anything your going to regret!'' Itachi pleaded with his little brother who also hasn't taken his eyes off the red eyed teen also.

''I won't regret doing this.'' Sasuke said simply not looking at him.

Why does this have to happen? Naruto thought as tears continued to fall down his cheeks as he looked at the two people he loved must in the world having each other at gun point. Naruto just wanted the fighting to stop. He didn't want this. He didn't want this at all. Naruto ran out in between the both of them hoeing he could stop what he didn't want to happen.

And exactly at the same time Naruto ran out, without a warning, a gun shot went off, no one knew if it was Kyuubi's or Sasuke's, or both. But until this day they both concluded both guns went off and the blonde collapse right on the ground.


(A/N: I was going to end it right here but then again, I thought of all you kind reviewers that have all always been so kind so I said ''Screw it!'' XD)

The Akatsuki and the Jinchuurikis all sat in the waiting together waiting for the doctor to bring out some news about the blonde.

Kyuubi sat in a chair with his hands in his face.

How could he have let this happen? Naruto could be dead for all he knew and it could have been his bullet that shot him, or Sasuke's. Kyuubi looked over to Sasuke that was pretty much in the same position he was in. Kyuubi glared at him.

''If my brother dies Uchiha I'll kill you with my own hands.'' Kyuubi promised glaring hard at the Uchiha.

Sasuke took his face out of his hands to glare right back at the red eyed teen.

''I'll kill you myself if Naruto dies. Your probably the one who shot him!'' Sasuke shouted angrily at him.

Kyuubi got out of his seat glaring heatedly at the raven. ''Don't even try to blame me on something you did Uchiha! Your the one who shot Naruto!''

''I did not!'' Sasuke shouted jumping from his seat being face to face with Kyuubi as they both glared at each other. ''You were the one to fire first!''

''Don't give me that bullshit! You shot first!'' Kyuubi shouted right back.

''Will you two just shut up!'' Sakura shouted making the both of them look at her.

''It doesn't matter who shot Naruto! We don't know who shot him! But what we do know is that he's in there right now because of the both of you!'' Sakura yelled, she was crying. And both Sasuke and Kyuubi knew she was right. ''I could tell Naruto loves you both or else he wouldn't have gotten in the way of your shooting! He didn't want either of you to get hurt! He didn't want any fighting! And now you two are in a hospital waiting room fighting not even knowing if Naruto's alive or not?!''

The two looked at the ground in shame. Sakura was right. Completer right. They shouldn't be fighting. At least they could do the one thing the blonde wanted, to stop fighting.

Suddenly a doctor came into the waiting room. ''Who's the family of a Uzumaki Naruto?'' The doctor asked.

All of Jinchuuriki and Akatsuki stood up quickly waiting for the doctor to say what he knew about the blonde.

The doctor's sweat dropped having about most of the people waiting in the waiting room stand up. Big family. The doctor thought then he smiled. ''Naruto's going to be just fine.''

Everyone sighed in relief while Sakura, Deidara, Konan, Itachi, and Haku cried for joy.

''The bullet just skinned him at the side of his stomach. He's very lucky. Since the bullet wasn't in so deep it was easy to retrieve. He'll need crutches to support him for about 1 month, after that time he'll be back to normal.'' The doctor reassured smiling.

''Could we go see him?'' Sasuke and Kyuubi asked at the same time.

''Of course. But just make sure your not to loud, he just came out of surgery and he's a little tired.'' The doctor warned.

Everyone nodded in understandment.

The doctor leaded them to the blonde's hospital room and opened the door.

The blonde was sleeping peacefully with his face facing the door and his back on the bed since the nurses said he must sleep on his back so it won't mess with his injury at the side of his stomach.

When everyone was inside the doctor closed the door leaving them with the blonde.

Kyuubi was the first to kneel down besides the blonde looking at the blonde's peacefully sleeping face.

Suddenly the blonde slowly opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Kyuubi.

''Kyuu your ok. I made it in time then. Where's Sasuke?'' The blonde asked looking around the room and smiled when the raven was right behind the red eyed teen. ''I'm so happy you two are ok.'' The blonde said smiling sweetly.

''Naruto...'' Kyuubi started holding onto the blonde's hand. ''Don't ever do something like that again.'' Kyuubi commanded not looking at the blonde and down at the blonde's soft small hand rubbing the front of it softly.

''But you two were going to get hurt and I didn't know what else to do.'' The blonde explained.

''I know I was wrong, me and Sasuke were wrong, for fighting all this time. But just promise me not to do something like that again, I thought I lost you. Just promise me ok?'' Kyuubi asked the blonde looking at him.

''I promise.'' Naruto said with a smile glad Kyuubi and Sasuke were finally getting along.

Kyuubi, Sasuke, and everyone else in the room smiled. Finally,

The war was over.

-((3 Months Later))-

Naruto smiled as he jumped into the pool and floated up right besides Sasuke.

Jinchuuriki and Akatsuki are now all together at the Uchiha mansion at the pool area having a great time.

It's been 3 months, and the whole gang has gotten along. Sasuke and Naruto have been inseparable ever since. Naruto was even allowed to stay over the raven's home for a day or two.

Sakura and Deidara have even became great friends with Haku, Konan, and Itachi. Speaking of Itachi...where was he?

Oh yes, there he is. Right besides his boyfriend, Kyuubi, sitting at the edge of the pool watching Sasuke and Naruto splash and laugh in the water.

Itachi laughed softly to himself.

''Hn, what's so funny?'' Kyuubi asked the raven in confusion.

''I was just thinking...I'd never thought that this was how all of this was going to turn out.'' Itachi explained with a smile looking out at everyone talking, laughing, having a good time.

Kyuubi smiled. ''Me neither. But I like it much better this way.'' Kyuubi said with a grin and met the raven's lips to share a kiss.

~The End~

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