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Author's Note: So this is the story I had in my profile a while back. It's totally in AU or whatever. I'm not sure about the title 'Lessons Learned' is a song by Carrie Underwood. I was debating on Lessons Learned or Take Me There to be the title. This story isn't going to be a happy and up beat story but it will have it's moments. Jaelyn does still have feelings for Randy but the pain he had put her through when they had been together (when she was like 19 years old) was painful. She is now 21 years old in this story. The next chapter should be a flashback of the day she left Randy. I'm not sure of the final pairing but Adam and Jeff are in the hat as well.

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Jaelyn sighed as she picked up one of the crying infants that seemed to just want to be held all day. She kissed the little boy's head as she walked over to the changing station and laid the baby down and then grabbed a diaper from the baby's cubby. She smiled down at the infant as she began to change his diaper.

"Calm down Eli, I'm right here," she cooed to the baby as she picked him up then tossed the diaper into the trash can. She grabbed the disinfectant spray and wiped down the surface of the changing station.

"You shouldn't cater to his needs, Jaelyn," Maria said as she rocked a grumpy year old to sleep. "Eli isn't the only baby that needs you back here, JB."

"I know Maria but I would rather not have him screaming bloody murder when Trish comes back here," Jaelyn said as she sat down in one of the rocking chairs and began to rock Elijah to sleep. "How's little Piper doing?"

Jaelyn turned her attention to the one year old Maria was rocking to sleep. Piper was a cute little red headed little girl. Piper's parents both worked at a hospital nearly thirty minutes away but lived in the little city located in Florida. Piper's father was a surgeon and her mother was a baby nurse, working on the labor and delivery floor in the hospital. Elijah's parents had different jobs, his father was a lawyer and his mother was a school teacher, working with junior high students rather than little kids.

"She's all right, just cranky. I wish that all these babies could be like Ian and Ireland," Maria sighed as she continued to rock Piper to sleep, who's eyes continued to get heavier and heavier with every moment.

"Every baby has their moment, Maria," Jaelyn reminded Maria and then set Elijah in a bouncer as the door opened and two men walked in, each with a car seat in their hands and had Trish behind them.

"Maria, Jaelyn, Melina, this is Jeff Hardy and Adam Copeland and their babies are going to be coming here starting tomorrow," Trish informed the baby staff.

Maria, Melina, and Jaelyn were the main three people that the Shining Stars Daycare center had hired. A few other people lingered in the baby room but mostly as fillers. Jaelyn had dark brown hair highlighted with red, blonde, and a few pink strands. Her eyes were a soft blue color and her skin was naturally tanned year round. She was about 5'7 and only weighed about 114 pounds. For the day, Jaelyn was wearing tight ultra low rise medium wash flared jeans and a yellow short sleeved top that showed an inch of her stomache with a white tank top underneath. She had her dark brown hair curled and had placed a yellow headband in her hair to accent her shirt.

"Oh! That sounds wonderful," Jaelyn said cheerfully and walked over to the two guys and squatted down to peer into the car seats. It was obvious that the man with the shoulder length, wavy blonde hair had a daughter due to the pink car seat. She looked up at the blonde hair man. "What's her name?"

"Coco," the man said, looking down at the woman who was looking at his infant daughter. "I'm Adam by the way."

"Jaelyn," she said as she cooed at the baby as she reached in and took the small little hand in her hand, her attention back on the baby and not the baby's father.

Adam watched her interact with his infant daughter and a small smile graced his lips before Jaelyn moved over to the other man and peered into the green car seat and smiled at the six month old baby who was much bigger than the two month old Coco.

"Hey little man, what's your name?" Jaelyn asked looking up at the multi colored haired man.

"His name is Rowan and my name is Jeff," Rowan's father introduced them both, the southern accent thick in his voice, causing Jaelyn's attention to be focused on Jeff instead of the infant.

Jaelyn stood up and looked around the baby room and saw Raine, a seven month old little girl, crawling towards her. A smile graced Jaelyn's face and she leaned down and picked up the infant. She smiled at the little girl before turning her attention back to Jeff, Adam, and Trish.

"So, what are the rules for the infant room?" Adam asked his eyes still on Jaelyn.

"Rules? Their babies, Adam but mostly, for the ones that crawl and have teeth, they're not supposed to bite and if they do, they go in their crib for five minutes and then we write up a report," Jaelyn explained as she bounced Raine in her arms a little to keep the little girl from crying.

"You guys don't have to worry, JB is the best that we have and Maria and Mel are very good as well. This daycare has the best infant room in the small city," Trish praised a little as she was proud of the baby room that she had created and got the best staff for. "If you guys want, I'll leave you in here for a while so you can monitor what happens."

"That would be great," Jeff said, his eyes as well on Jaelyn.

Jaelyn shifted uncomfortably as she noticed both of their eyes on her. She moved to the side to allow them to come in further and she looked at the small marker board that had these names on them: Piper, Elijah (Eli, for short), Raine, Ian, Ireland, Mason, Caleb, Amelia, Liam, Kylie, Kolton, and Sydney. Eli and Ireland were almost 3 months old and Raine, Liam, and Syndey were around six months old. Kolton, Mason, and Amelia were nine months old. Kylie, Piper, Ian, and Caleb were a year old or older.

"Take a seat," Melina instructed as she brought Ian, Kylie, and Caleb out of the back room where they were eating lunch.

"That's Melina and the other girl is Maria," Jaelyn pointed out as she set Raine down on the floor to crawl around to play.

"It's nice to meet you," Jeff said warmly as he squatted down to get Rowan out of his car seat. "Hey little man, does it feel better to get out?"

Jaelyn smiled as she watched Jeff interact with his son. She heard Ireland begin to cry and she motioned for them to wait a minute as she walked over to the crib where Ireland was in. She picked up the small, crying baby and cradled her in her arms.

"Hey baby, did you have a good nap?" Jaelyn cooed happily at the infant. She smiled at the infant as she carried her over to the changing station. She was about to change the infant's diaper when she heard yelling in the front of the daycare. "Hey, Mel, can you do me a favor and change Ireland's diaper? I have a feeling I know who's yelling."

Melina nodded her head and Jaelyn handed Ireland to Melina before walking out into the front of the daycare. She stopped in her steps when she saw her ex husband, Randy Orton arguing with Trish. He wasn't really arguing with her but more like yelling at the blonde woman. She glanced into the Toddler room to check on her 18 month old daughter, Raegan. She let a relieved sigh escape her lips as she saw her daughter playing with another little girl. She shook her head when she noticed that Raegan had her hot pink pacifier safely in her mouth.

"Mickie! Why does my daughter have her pacifier?! It's not nap time," Jaelyn playfully scolded her friend and co-worker.

"Sorry, JB, she was crying for you again. What is her father doing here?" Mickie asked as she stole glances at the front of the daycare.

Jaelyn shrugged her shoulders before walking towards that direction. She didn't know what she was going to say to her ex but she didn't care; he couldn't be causing a scene at her job. She sent Trish an apologetic smile as she finally made it up to the front of the building.

"She's my daughter and I can see her if I want to see her!" Randy shouted at Trish and was about to continue until he saw Jaelyn walk up to the scene. "Jaelyn, tell your boss that I am allowed to see my daughter."

"What makes you think that I even want you around my daughter, Randy? You had your chance to see her last night. Remember? You were supposed to come over and spend some time with her but you didn't show up so you lost your chance to see her," Jaelyn said then took in a deep breath.

"Are you kidding me?! I made her Jaelyn, don't you remember? You were there too. You were lying flat on your back and moaning in pleasure like the slut you are," Randy said angrily while glaring at his former lover.

"That is enough, Randy. This is a child care facilitation and there are little children here and they do not need to hear that sort of language," Trish said, intervening. "If you want to talk to JB, you can take it outside but I will not be having you using that language in this building."

Jaelyn looked down at her feet, trying to keep her emotions under control then she motioned to the door and Randy nodded an unpleasant look plastered all over his face. Jaelyn pushed the door open and walked outside and crossed her arms over her chest the minute she turned around. She hated that her ex husband had showed up at the place where she was employed and caused a scene and it was embarrassing.

"Why did you come here, Randy?" she asked the minute the door was shut.

"I came to see my daughter," he said smugly as he too crossed his arms over his broad chest which caused her to roll her blue eyes as she didn't believe that he would pull a stunt like that.

"You should have seen her yesterday," she said with a harsh tone to her voice. She didn't let the unhappy look falter from her face as she stood in front of him.

"I was busy yesterday, I couldn't make it," he shrugged his shoulders as he didn't seem too bothered by the situation at hand. If he had it his way, he'd be able to see Raegan whenever he pleased and not on Jaelyn's schedule; he was a busy man.

"So which whore were you screwing all day yesterday or was it a multiple number of them this time?" she snapped at him, a venomous tone slipping back into her voice as she glared into his blue eyes.

"It wasn't anything like that Jael, come on, you know me better than that. Remember when you were my wife and the things we would do?" he asked with a smile as he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her in against him. "I miss you, babe. I always miss you."

Jaelyn rolled her eyes once more before pushing him away from her, not wanting him to touch her any more. She didn't believe anything he said any more; she wasn't his wife any more and she wasn't as naïve either. She was immune to his charm now.

"Don't, Randy. I am not your wife anymore so you don't get the privilege to touch me like that. And I do remember what it was like being your wife, it was horrible after the first three months. You were the worst husband alive and it wasn't like I didn't know that you spent your afternoon shacking up with some other woman while you were supposed to be working. Granted, you did make money but you sucked at being a husband and now you're starting to suck at being a father," she hissed at him. She didn't want to deal with his lies, not at that moment.

"Well, I'm here now aren't I? So why can't I spend time with Raegan now?" he asked and he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

"Because, you can't come and go as you please, Randy. You are her father, not her uncle or cousin," she tried to explain to him.

"Fine, if you don't trust me with her by myself, ask your boss if you can have the rest of the day off then you can monitor my time with her," Randy said with a shrug of his muscular shoulders, his hands shoved back into his pockets.

"No, that is not how it works. You want to see your daughter than you will have to wait until I'm off work," Jaelyn stated before walking back into the daycare, leaving Randy standing there. The tears that had been pooled up in her blue eyes, were threatening to spill down her face.