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She had followed him to his house, which seemed to be located in a nice neighborhood in the little city located just thirty minutes away from Tampa. She didn't know if she wanted to be here but she had all ready told him that she would go on this little 'play-date' with him. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a tap at her window. She shook her head and looked over at Adam, who was standing there and looked amused. She blushed a little as she got out of her car and looked at Adam.

"Sorry," she said softly as she opened up the back door to get her daughter out of her car seat.

"No need to apologize to me," Adam smiled as he watched her get her daughter out of her car and he glanced down at the pink car seat he was currently holding onto.

She lifted Raegan up and into her arms. Raegan noticed Adam instantly and a shy smile came over her face. Jaelyn looked at her daughter and smiled before kissing her temple. Adam saw this and smiled before motioning to his front door after shifting the car seat in his muscular arms.

"Shall we?" he asked, his green eyes looking over at Jaelyn and her daughter.

When she nodded her head, he smirked before leading her up to the door, still carrying his daughter in her car seat in hand. She smiled shyly before following him up the path to his front door. She walked up the steps and onto the porch as he fumbled with his keys, trying to find the right key that would unlock his front door. She couldn't help but giggled when a few curse words slipped out of his mouth as the keys dropped from his hand down to the ground of the porch.

"Do you need help?" she asked, giggling a little but trying to stifle the giggles at the same time. "Because I can help you if you want."

"It's all right, the keys are just getting the best of me," he chuckled as he set the car seat down and grabbed the fallen keys. He grabbed the house key before inserting it into the lock and then unlocking the door. "See. I told you it was just the keys."

She giggled a little before walking in as he motioned for her to do so. She slipped her shoes off after seeing the luxurious house that Adam had. She was surprised to see the well kept home that Adam had. She looked at the walls and smiled at the pictures of his daughter, Coco that he had hanging on the wall. She figured it was Coco's first pictures when she turned a month old. She could still remember getting Raegan's first pictures taken and she still remembered the love that she and Randy shared between them.

"I can't believe that she's two months old all ready," Adam commented as he held his daughter carefully in his arms, walking up behind Jaelyn, startling her a little bit.

"It goes by really fast," she sighed softly before placing Raegan down on her own two feet so she didn't have to hold her any longer. "Rae, you're fine."

Adam glanced down at the little toddler with a smile gracing his face and he couldn't deny that the little girl was cute. Even though he didn't know the little girl's biological father, he could tell that she looked a lot like her mother. He looked at Raegan's dark brown hair then looked up at Jaelyn, whose attention was still on Coco's one month pictures. Jaelyn's hair was just as dark as her daughters and Adam also noticed that Raegan and Jaelyn had the same nose, another nice trait of Jaelyn's.

"Your daughter is really beautiful, Jaelyn," Adam said earnestly as his eyes were kept on Raegan now instead of Jaelyn.

"Thanks, Coco's a little doll," Jaelyn smiled softly as she turned to face Adam, a little unsure of what to do.

"Come on, come out back and I'll grill for you," Adam said before he motioned for her to follow him onto the back porch.

Jaelyn took Raegan's small hand and followed him out onto the porch. She smiled when she saw a swing set and playhouse. She looked at Adam as he set Coco in her high chair that he had reclined back so she wouldn't fall out or slip. Raegan tugged on her hand and Jaelyn looked down into the blue eyes of her daughter and then watched as the eighteen month old pointed at the swing set and play house. Jaelyn nodded her head and let go of Raegan's hand then watched her toddle over to the play set.

"You can sit down," Adam said just as his doorbell rang then he shook his head but flashed Jaelyn a smile before saying, "Wait here, I'll go get that. It's probably Jay."

Jaelyn smiled and sat down in one of the lawn chairs that Adam had around a wooden table on the porch. She looked at Coco as she looked around outside, her eyes wide open. Jaelyn smiled at the cute little girl before looking over at her own daughter, to make sure that she was okay. She glanced up when she heard a bunch of laughter then saw Adam and a man who she assumed was Jay walk out onto the porch.

"Coco!" the man shouted before taking the baby out of the high chair and cuddling her in his muscular arms before he finally noticed Jaelyn sitting in the chair. "Well hello there! I'm Jason Reeso but you're more than welcome to call me Jay."

"Hi, I'm Jaelyn Michaels," she said shyly as she looked at the man. She watched him interact with the small baby and couldn't help but giggle.

Jaelyn looked over at the play set and watched as Raegan climbed up the stairs and then toddled over to the slide. She waved at her mom before she went down on the slide. A smile crossed Jaelyn's face as she heard Raegan giggle happily. It almost made her forget about her situation with Randy, almost.

"Adam, why do you have a play set when Coco's still a tiny baby?" Jaelyn asked curiously as she stood up and fixed her jeans before looking at Adam.

"I have to be prepared, JB; you can never be too prepared," Adam said as he started the grill as his doorbell went off once again. "Goddamn doorbell. You want to get it Jay? Or are you too busy playing with my kid?"

Jay shrugged his shoulders before walking into the house to get the door. Adam's house was almost like his own being as they were practically brothers. He took his time before he pulled the door open to see a man he'd never seen before standing there in jeans and a form fitting gray t-shirt and the man didn't look too happy.

"Uh—can I help you?" Jay asked with a frown on his face.

"Yes, I want to see my kid," the man said his blue orbs just staring blankly at Jay.

The statement made Jay frown as he looked down at Coco, knowing that Adam was the baby's father and not this man. He looked back up at the man; the same confused look etched all over his face. He cleared his throat as he heard footsteps behind him then he heard a small gasp. He turned around to see Jaelyn standing there, staring at the man at the front door. He looked back at the man and raised an eyebrow.

"Jaelyn, where's my kid?" Randy demanded as he rudely walked into Adam's house gently shoving Jay aside and stalking over to his ex-wife.

"She's playing Randy; what are you doing here?" Jaelyn asked, her eyes looking over at Jay before looking into her ex-husband's blue orbs.

Randy sighed before running a hand over his face, calming himself down before he glared down into Jaelyn's eyes. He glanced out the back door where he heard giggling and he went to walk towards the sliding screen door but Jaelyn grabbed his tattooed arms and stopped him. Her eyes glanced down and caught her name tattooed on his right arm and then noticed Raegan's tattooed on the left. He noticed her eyes on his tattoos and he ripped his arm out of Jaelyn's grasp.

"Randy please, don't make a scene, I'm begging you!" Jaelyn pleaded with him. She stood in front of him, putting her body between him and the sliding glass door.

He reached out and she flinched a little as he tucked her hair behind her left ear. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her temple, not even caring that Jay was staring at them. He placed another kiss just below her earlobe on her neck before bring his lips up to her ear, pausing for a moment.

"Go get Raegan and meet me at my house," he whispered harshly in her ear before he stalked out of Adam's house.

"Jaelyn, who was that?" Jay asked walking over to Jaelyn who looked shocked but upset at the same time.

"My ex-husband and my daughter's father," she sighed before walking out onto the porch, trying to hide her upset mood. "Adam, I have to go."

"What?! I didn't even get to grill for you; now you'll never get to see my wonderful talents," Adam protested as he looked at her. He instantly stopped talking as he noticed the upset look in her eyes. "Hey, what's wrong, Jae?"

"My ex-husband just showed up; I have to take Raegan to his house so that he can spend some time with her," she mumbled as she walked down the steps and over to the play set. "Rae-Rae, come on, we have to go see Daddy."

"Mommy, no go!" Rae protested as she tried to run past her mommy but Jaelyn picked her up and smothered her little face with kisses.

"I know you don't want to leave baby, but daddy really wants to see you," Jaelyn said as she walked back up to the porch, the squirming toddler safely in her arms. "Adam, I'm really sorry to cut things short but Randy has a short fuse, a really short fuse and I don't want him to do something stupid."

"I'll kick his ass for you, if you want," Adam said with a smirk on his handsome face.

Jaelyn laughed softly but shook her head no; she couldn't have Randy getting his ass kicked because he'd never let her forget it. She sighed and bounced Raegan softly in her arms, trying to get the toddler to stop squirming.

"I know you would but that would only make things worse. I'll see you when you drop Coco off tomorrow at the day care," Jaelyn said as she began to walk down the steps.

"Okay, Jae, I'll catch you later," Adam said as he shook his head, disappointed in the date gone wrong.

About fifteen minutes later, Jaelyn pulled into Randy's driveway with Raegan buckled into her car seat in the back seat. She put the car in park before she climbed out then helped Raegan out and went to put her down but couldn't when Raegan wrapped her legs around Jaelyn.

"Rae, this is your daddy's house, don't be shy," Jaelyn said softly as she walked up the path that lead to the front door. She rang the doorbell before letting herself inside, just like old times. She didn't know what Randy wanted but she didn't want to press his buttons either.

She walked through the extravagant house, searching for her ex-husband. It seemed like it had been ten years since she had been in this house and not just one year. It also didn't help that Randy had made some vast changes in the house and had basically rearranged everything else. She let out an irritated sigh and then, walked into the kitchen where she saw Randy standing in front of the fridge, now dressed in jeans and no shirt.

"I'm here, is there any specific reason as to why you interrupted me at a friend's house?" she asked a little edge to her voice as she stood in his kitchen with Raegan balanced on her hip.

"And why do you think you can talk to me like that, huh Jaelyn?" Randy hissed at her as he turned to face her. "Have you forgotten who I am and what I can do?"

Jaelyn rolled her eyes then set Raegan down on her own two feet on Randy's tiled floor. Randy looked at his daughter as she clung to her mother's legs and he sighed a little before pulling out something from the freezer. Placed the frozen meat on a plate then put it in the microwave and set it on defrost. He walked over and picked Raegan up and he kissed her cheek. Jaelyn watched as Raegan looked at Randy, studying his face for a moment, trying to decide if she was okay or not.

"It's okay, Rae, that's your daddy," Jaelyn reassured the young toddler.

Randy shot his ex-wife a dark look as he held Raegan in his arms. Jaelyn just rolled her eyes and sat on one of the bar stools that were underneath the counter. She propped her head up on her hand as she watched Raegan warm up to Randy and the sight made a smile come upon her face. It was a nice sight to see, even if Randy didn't show up more than half of the time.

"Are you guys hungry?" Randy asked, turning his attention to Jaelyn.

Jaelyn nodded her head and watched as Randy set Raegan down on her feet then watched as he walked over to the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of beer for himself then grabbed Jaelyn a can of Cherry Coke and he set it on the counter in front of her.

"We haven't eaten yet," Jaelyn said as she opened the can of soda then took a delicate drink.

Two hours later, Jaelyn and Randy were seated on the couch and Raegan was passed out on the floor with a blanket covering up. Jaelyn didn't know why she was still there and why she hadn't left yet but she had a feeling Randy liked that she was still there.

"Randy, I should go," Jaelyn said, standing up and then looked at Randy who was frowning up at her.

"Why? Raegan's asleep, Jaelyn. Let her sleep, you can sleep upstairs in the guest room with her," Randy said as he took a drink of his seventh beer.

Jaelyn eyed the bottle of beer and then looked at Randy and shook her head. She grabbed the other empty bottles that were sitting on the coffee table and walked into the kitchen. She threw the bottles away and turned to walk away when she saw Randy standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame, glaring at his ex-wife.

"I'm trying to be nice here, Jae and you're refusing to take my offer to stay here? What the hell is wrong with you Jaelyn?" Randy snapped at her.

"What the hell is wrong with me?! What the hell is wrong with you, Randy?! You're the one that never shows up any more when I asked you what day would be good and what time would fit into your stupid busy schedule," Jaelyn snapped back at him and wrapped her arms around her chest and let out a puff of air.

"Sorry if things come up, Jaelyn but I have a real job, something that requires me to be away most of the time," Randy said, his voice raising.

"Oh like fucking that secretary of yours? What's her name? Maryse or do you have somebody else that you're fucking too?" Jaelyn said, her voice raising as well.

Randy took a deep breath and took a few steps towards his ex-wife, now coming face to face with her. He stared down into her eyes and he tossed the empty bottle of beer into the open trash can.

"Are you jealous, Jaelyn?! Are you jealous of them because they get what you can no longer get?!" he asked, his arms finding their way around her slender waist.

"Yeah right, Randy," she scoffed and tried to push him off of her but to no avail. "Randy, let go of me."

Soon he had her back pressed against the counter, his body pressed firmly against his. He smirked down at her as he now had her cornered in his kitchen.

"Admit it, Jaelyn, admit that you're jealous that Maryse gets what you really want," he whispered hotly in her ear as he placed a heated kiss on her neck.

"I could have had Adam tonight if you hadn't have shown up so rudely at his house," she snapped at him and once again tried to push him off of her.

"You aren't allowed to have sex with anybody but me," Randy growled angrily as his hands gripped her waist.

She smirked up at him, looking into his blue eyes. She knew that it had gotten to him, she knew how to press his buttons.

"Who's jealous now, Randy?" she asked as she continued to stare up into his eyes.

"You," he said before he roughly captured her lips with a kiss.

Her arms wound around his neck, kissing him back, forgetting the argument and going with the feeling. He grunted against her lips and with one swift movement, he picked her up and placed her on the counter. His hands were placed on the counter top beside her legs as he roughly shoved his tongue into her mouth, claiming dominance. He groaned as her hands began to massage his shoulders and he rubbed his hands up her back before he wound his hands into her hair and tugged slightly on the long locks before kissing down her jaw line to her neck.

"Randy, what are we doing?" she asked as she tried to catch her breath from the brief make out session they had just had.

"Shut up and just go with it," he growled as his hands tore her shirt off of her body.

She gasped at the gesture and she looked down at her pink bra and blushed a little as Randy began to fumble with the clasp at the back. She giggled when he gave up and he pulled himself away for just a moment and tugged his belt off of his jeans and tossed it to the floor.

"Take your bra off," he growled in demand as he stared at her in her bra and jeans. "Do it, now, Jaelyn."

She chuckled a little and unhooked the clasp at the back and let the bra slide down her arms and then down to the floor. He looked at her breasts and then looked at her before picking her up, placing her over his shoulder, causing her to giggle as he carried her up to his bedroom, just like that. He dropped her on the bed and he unbuttoned his jeans and wiggled out of them before climbing on top of her. He fumbled with the button on her jeans before tugging them off of her legs and then he wasted no time in pulling off her boy short panties and smirked up at her as she looked down at him.

"Tell me you're not going to have sex with anybody else, ever," Randy demanded, his eyes narrowing at his naked ex-wife as he climbed on top of her again.

"I can't promise you that, Randy," she whispered as she looked up at him. "I'm not your wife any more."

He frowned and he sat up for a moment, looking down at her again. He took his Calvin Klein boxer briefs off and stroked himself, although he needed no help at becoming aroused at the site of Jaelyn's naked body. He pushed her legs apart and maneuvered himself in between them, his cock hovering against her.

"Beg, Jae, I want you to want it too," he growled in demand as he ran his index finger over her clit.

She shuddered at the touch and looked at him, impatient and waiting. She licked her lips as she stared into his blue eyes, not budging either. She felt him push himself forward and then pull back, teasing her as she felt just the head of his cock slide in then slide back out just as fast as he had pushed it back it.

"Randy, don't tease! You should know right now that I want you," she whined a little as she gripped his comforter in her hands.

He smirked and pushed himself all the way in, not giving Jaelyn any time to adjust to his length or size. He watched her face as she looked surprised but then the waves of pleasure began to hit her as he began to thrust his hips back and forth, in a rhythmic movement. He leaned down and roughly kissed her lips and he began to move his hips in a faster pace, becoming a little rougher with each thrust as well. He grunted against her lips as he continued to fuck her, his thrusts continuing to get a little rougher with each movement or sound that Jaelyn made.

"Mmm…fuck, Jae," Randy grunted as he stopped for a moment and moved back so he was kneeling against the bed.

He used his hands and spread her legs further apart then grabbed a hold of her slender wait and began to pound into her harder, eliciting a moan from Jaelyn in the process. He smirked and continued to do what he was doing. He ran his hands up her torso and grabbed a hold of her breasts and continued to push himself on.

He rolled over onto his back, pulling her along with him making sure he stayed inside of her as he made sure she was on top now. She leaned down a little and placed her hands on his chest and she began to move up and down on top of him, using his chest as leverage to ride his cock. Her own breathing became jagged as she worked herself up and down. She sat up and bounced up and down on top of his. He smirked and placed his hands behind his head, enjoying the view he was getting.

"Oh Randy," she moaned out as she continued to bounce up and down.

He smirked as he heard his name come from her luscious pink lips. He reached down and began to rub her clit with two of his fingers as she bounced up and down on his cock. He was getting close to coming and he was enjoying the sexual satisfaction he was getting from his ex wife.

"That's is Jae, just like that, keep going," he coaxed as he continued to work on her clit, knowing it would get her to climax as well.

She moaned out again and began to slow down a little, trying to catch her breath. Randy noticed that she was starting to slow down, so he began to bounce her up and down with his hips. She placed her hands on his stomache, balancing herself as he began to bounce her up and down himself. He sat up and he hooked her legs behind him. He grabbed her waist and began to move her up and down as well as pushing himself all the way up inside, each time.

"I'm so close, Jae," he told her as he planted kisses along her collar bone then up her neck. He took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked softly.

She nodded her head in agreement, trying to let him know that she too was close. He flipped her over, back onto her back and he began to drill his cock in and out of her again, at a faster pace and he thrust hard once as he emptied himself inside of her, coming inside of her.

"Oh fuck," he groaned as he stopped moving inside of her temporarily before he began to thrust softly, making sure he was done before thrusting more and then smirked as he felt her muscles tighten around him and with a few more thrusts, she came too.