This is the story of Raemond, the Somebody of Xed and Xradenom. She, like them, is my OC and belongs to me, so no stealing her. It's going to take a while to get to the point where her story ties into the KH plot, so please be patient. Thank you.

I also recommend reading 'Bring Me To Life', which is the story of what happens after this story. You can wait until this is done, or you could read it now and make guesses as to what happens in this story. Whatever floats your boat.

The title, All That I'm Living For, is inspired by the song written by Evanescence. I suggest you go listen to it.

Thank you, and enjoy.

~ Xed (aka, authoress)


I never gave much thought as to what dying would feel like.

Sure, many times I would dream of death. Want it, crave it, desire it… But the actual dying…it never occurred to me to think of that. And, although I was sure I wasn't dead, not yet, anyways, this was probably as close to the feeling as I would get to experience. At least for now, anyways.

People believe that, when you're dying, your life flashes before your eyes. You get to see all your accomplishments, all our regrets, all your loved ones…

The life that flashed before mine was blurred with pain and sadness and anger.

Some life, huh?

I wish I could tell you a happy tale. One with a little girl that was loved dearly, who had tons of friends and people who cared about her. Who never had to grow up feeling pain of any kind, to never have to feel lonely and afraid. And she would grow up happy and healthy, dreaming of her prince charming and her future, and always imagining her life would end '…and she lived happily ever after.'

But that'd be a lie. I almost want to laugh thinking about it. Almost.

No…my story is of a sad, painful nightmare that you can't wake up from. It's about abuse and neglect and loneliness. It's about being different, about revenge, about crime and punishment. It's about a bad guy and all the bad things she did. And it's about me.

But perhaps I'm getting too far ahead of myself. It'd only be fair if I laid the pieces out for you, so you could line them up yourself. Because at the moment I don't feel like I could. I don't have that strength.

So, I apologize in advance if you're disappointed that this won't be a fairytale. But this isn't fantasy; it's an ugly, brutal truth. But, if you're still interested, I can tell you it all. In fragments, in pieces, in memories that I wish would all just go away. And maybe, if you stick around until the end, you might learn something.

And so here it is. The story, of a girl named Raemond. Destined to be nothing, to be a nothing. And I'll tell you right now.

There's no 'happily ever after' for me.


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