You cannot correct motives of those who refuse to change

You cannot change someone who is without the human heart

You cannot fill a hollow soul with practices of alteration

We may connect our chains to make them ours, but there will never be logical trust. We cannot win this war. If we should ever kill them, we will have failed. In death, they win. It is always death.

Night One: {Another Side Of The World}

His cool azure eyes stared blankly at the scenery around him. He looked at the blackness surrounding him, so much more tasteful than his white uniform. He wanted to tear into the darkness swelling around him, their pitch uniforms gracefully stroking his hungry intentions to kill. His starved hands clenched as he restrained himself from trying to kill them all. The matching white of the captain's suit straying slightly before him made him realize the fate that would occur if he allowed his killer intentions to consume him. Then again, to watch the only bit of white in their world turn cold red made him smile in an unconcerned manor towards his life. If he could destroy part of them, even if his own life was taken in the process, he figured it would be far more worth it than standing around, waiting for his mind to rot away in the drone life of perfection. I bet Ulquiorra has that plan in pursuit. He scoffed at the idea. He wanted his out to be as bloody as possible. He wanted to show that they couldn't be trusted, he wanted to cause hell for the other cowards who were planning to stick it through until they could escape with survival insured. A feral smile claimed his face as he planned how he could make his way out. Of course, after killing someone important, he would attempt escaping, but he wasn't arrogant enough to believe in possibilities like that.

He could observe them further, watch their behaviors, and figure out the most important aspects of the squad he planned to destroy. Of course, the captain and lieutenant would be his best choices, but he wanted to ensure he killed them in a manner that would make him full of pride as he caused his final deaths. If he was going to make only a few more kills, he wanted them to be worthwhile fights, something he could die from, and retain his upmost level of pride.

"Where will we be keeping him tonight, Captain?" The strawberry blonde that had been following behind him had moved in closer to the captain, her crystal eyes blazingly curious, but she refrained from looking directly at their Espada.

"Tie me outside like a dog," Grimmjow huffed, his eyes gleaming with arrogance as the feral smile so recognizable on his portrayal began to linger on his lips, "A nice chain should hold me well."

"You can put him back in his cell for the night," the Captain turned around, his blue-green eyes relaxed, but condemned by a business-like quality, "I don't trust him to stay out yet."

"Yes, Captain," she began to walk off. Grimmjow passed by the captain with the full extent of his feral grin claiming his face and mischief dancing in his eyes. The captain watched them walk away, keeping a close eye on the back of the Espada, but deciding not to hover too much, to allow his lieutenant to handle matters on her own.

Grimmjow stared with tasteful envy in his eyes at the Lieutenant. She was no longer hesitant to meet his eyes when she turned to him before throwing him back in his prison. She looked him over with serious crystal eyes. His grin faded as he realized her evaluation, and the slight fear chilling the air around him.

"What are you so afraid of, Soul Reaper?"

"I am not afraid," she said, and turned away from him, opening his prison cell, "I will be back in the morning to get you."

He sneered at her as he crossed her path, and then fell into the back of his cell immediately. He said nothing, but managed to make her eyes linger on him as he gave her the same fierce velocity in his eyes that he planned to use in action later on. She left the room, her thoughts racing on what he could have been grinning about.

Blood may be shed for us, but the chains will always be connected. Through life and Death, we are forever bound together to test time on good and evil.

Morning Two: {We Cannot Trust}

Yoruichi stretched diligently, her body lean and lingering in the motions like those of a cat. Her golden eyes reflected the same feline instincts, as she stared across the room at their prisoner. He was leaning against the wall, still not allowing himself to be too comfortable around her. She figured he would have given up over the night, but he hadn't changed his posture. She wanted to roll her eyes, but instead she looked away from him and persuaded herself to get up and make herself presentable before she began worrying about him.

He watched her as she strode out of bed, already full of energy. She's so vulnerable around me, why would she put herself in that position. He mused as he watched her, her back turned to him, her body relaxed and her motives far from defending herself. Does she suspect me of anything? She must assume I am waiting before planning any moves. Maybe she already has me figured out.

A small rap on the door made both of them turn their attention toward the disruption.

"Come in," Yoruichi sighed, she already knew who it had to of been. She finished her hair and turned to the opening door, a slight breeze flooding in the room with her guest. "You don't have to knock, Soi Fon."

"Sorry, I just thought I should…" Ulquiorra observed the nervous tension in her when she spoke. It was clear to him who had the higher authority, yet the one woman wasn't even part of the Soul Society as far as he knew. He had seen her before when he visited Karakura, and she definitely had the power to be a Soul Reaper, yet she didn't even wear the matching uniform. She didn't carry a badge, a captain's uniform, nothing resembling a Soul Reaper. Yet, she seemed to have the younger woman under some control. He could already assume that if he took out the apparent guest, he would have significant rage against him. Rage, wanting to get revenge, that could easily be a downfall for this squad. If I take out the leader, the loyalty in the Captain will surely make her too upset to compensate a battle.

"This is part of your barracks Soi Fon. I don't think you should be asking permission to enter part of your own quarters."

"Yes, right," she said, and averted her eyes towards their prisoner. "He didn't try anything?" She looked back towards Yoruichi, and this time she looked closer at her, almost thankful she was still standing.

"Why don't you just ask him?" Yoruichi turned to look at him. She would be annoyed if people talked about her as if she wasn't there. Soi Fon had been treating him almost like an animal, almost as though he couldn't comprehend their words, or he didn't deserve the right to be involved with their conversations. If she were him, she would have come up with some witty remark on the idea, to show Soi Fon how much idiocy she was presenting with that question. Instead, he remained quiet, his glance no longer on either of them, as though he was trying to ignore them.

Soi Fon was once again amazed by how smoothly Yoruichi took the situation. She was treating him as though he wasn't a threat, and making everything feel so casual. She always did that. She always maintained a safe barrier of comfort, yet also kept alert and didn't slack on her behaviors. Soi Fon could hardly tell she even cared that he was a threat, but it was there. Her way of keeping track of him was to try to keep him involved, instead of constantly watching him.

"What do you have planned today, Soi Fon?" Yoruichi changed the subject to keep from getting more annoyed by Soi Fon's lack of interest in persuading the Espada to become involved with the Soul Society. She could still feel the hatred pouring out of her.

"There's a captain's meeting this morning," she was almost hesitant in telling her, "So, I won't be able to join you until later."

"Sounds good," she smiled, almost thankful for getting time alone with the Espada, she had so much she wanted to learn about him. She hoped that if it was just her, she could get him to speak. Even if she couldn't, she could open his mind to other ideas. She could still see the bloodbath in his motives every time she looked at him.

"Just be careful," Soi Fon warned, taking one last glance at Ulquiorra before stepping out of the room again.

Yoruichi sighed, and turned her full attention to Ulquiorra. "Perhaps she has some reason to be like that. Your silence is rather annoying. I suppose we can take a walk around, see how the others are being treated," she suggested. He stood, as though automatic to her words, and strayed behind her as she walked familiar paths. He was evaluating everything again, charting out maps and people, weak spots and spots where it would be more difficult to escape. He figured they would change out people, mess with his mind a little since they had been planning for him to observe, but eventually he would understand a pattern. He was thankful she wasn't trying to pursue him to speak; he didn't have any reason to talk to anyone. Observing meant everything. He knew Grimmjow would be the first to die, the first one to slip up. He was too impulsive with his behavior. He wouldn't be able to stand walking around his enemies and not crave to see their bloodshed. Ulquiorra, on the other hand, was calm about the situation. He understood he would need time, but it was worth it if it meant he could escape and reform a plan for himself.

What he planned to do after escaping was an arrangement for the future. Perhaps he could hunt Aizen down himself. Revengeful thoughts were easily pushed aside, however. He didn't want anything more to do with Aizen. He simply wanted to go on the same path he had been, to consume more power than he would ever need. He would have to figure out where they had placed his sword, as he needed its power as well. In time, he hoped they would return it to him. If they expected him to battle well, they would certainly return his sword to him. Unless someone did think clearly, and realize that could be exactly what he was waiting for. He was hopeful for stupidity.

They walked along semi-busy streets, squad members of lower ranks staring at both of them, as though her orange suit and his white were too foreign to allow without them flustering over it. Yoruichi walked by without noticing the envious eyes, but Ulquiorra carefully counted out their spiritual pressure. They are all trash.

Yoruichi wasn't into staring him down, or walking beside him even. She didn't mind that he could turn around and kill countless numbers of the lower ranks, it hardly crossed her mind that he would. If he is to attack anyone, it will be one of us. She understood his ways already, because if she were in his situation, she would have been thinking the same things. He had an intelligent air about him; she could sense he was interpreting everything around. She knew they were more similar than most would have liked them to be. She also knew she was one of his targets, at any moment he felt secure enough to pursue an attack.

Even with the population around them, there wasn't another Espada in sight. Perhaps no one else felt safe enough to allow such danger to walk on their streets. Perhaps no one else understood that it was only them in trouble, not those around them. Of course, anyone around them could face danger when the initial attack was performed, but she knew he wasn't ready to attack just yet. She figured she would do the same thing as him. She would evaluate everything, and figure out where she would be planning escapes. If she tried to put herself in his mind, in his situation, she could stay at the same level as him. If she was in step with his thoughts, or at least close to it, she could have a better idea of when she should start worrying. She could also break patterns and mess with his strategy to her best abilities. Luckily, she was paired up with an Espada that was calm and collective, much like her own way of thinking.

"It seems as though no one else trusts enough to allow the others to get out," she said as she stalled her pace. They were hitting a more open area, clear of people and commotion. She stood near a wall, facing him with curiosity.

"Why are you so trusting?" He asked, his voice dark and elegant. She studied the vibrations and the tones, as they were a rarity with him. He was observing her as well, wondering what gave her the impulse to allow such freedom.

She looked at him as though uncertain where his motives were going with that question, but she only knew of one answer when it came to trust. "I cannot trust you, and I may never be able to. However, I see no point in walking in fear. Besides, I doubt your strength would match mine," she eyed the bracelet on his wrist.

He realized she thought things through as well. She didn't jump to conclusions. He had hoped he would be part of a squad with lesser intelligence, perhaps he was thinking too highly of himself. He had doubted he would be matched up with anyone matching his intellect. He was the one jumping to conclusions it seemed. Perhaps this will be more of a challenge than I presumed.

"Though, I suppose when we have to take that off, I will have to take you more seriously," she admitted. He wanted to know just how long that would be, but he decided it would be best, more safe on his side, if he refrained from asking. "That won't be for a while yet, unless Aizen appears, but I doubt he's ready to show himself just yet. I'm sure he has a lot of work ahead of him if he plans to build up another army."

She stretched, and stepped away from her resting point on the wall, looking vaguely at the sun that was directly overhead, beginning its way back over the horizon. It was into the early afternoon for sure, though it seemed as though they had just woken up.

"I suppose we should head back before Soi Fon returns. Perhaps another time, I will show you my favorite place, and we can practice there," she smiled a competitive grin at him. She wanted to battle him just for the sake of doing so. It was in his blood to do so, so she figured it would be interesting enough, even if he had restrictions. She was happy for his calm personality, since she didn't have to hassle with constantly reminding him to settle down. In the same aspect, she also wished she had a tougher case, or at least, one that tried to act out. He was almost too easy to deal with.

We can never let ourselves be attached to the idea that we will ever be the same.

Night Two: {Another Side of The World Begins to Crumble}

Another day of meaningless walking, and he was holding in revenge again. He wanted so desperately to take the captain out, but he was nowhere to be seen. It was just him, the lieutenant, and wandering pieces of garbage that he had no interest in. Perhaps I will take out this lieutenant while I have the opportunity. His untamed smile was unknown to her as he clenched his fists, trying to hold off on temptation. It had only been two days he was released, two suffering days of a drone life he could no longer handle. He looked down at his arm where it itched from self-preservation. Damn bracelet. He tried to hold in a snarl as he tugged on his energy outlet. Killing her will have to wait longer than I wanted. They are all too damn scared to handle me without diminishing my strength. How worthless.

"If you show eagerness like that, it's only going to stay on longer," the lieutenants voice made him look up, and his eyes flared with vengeance.

"You too scared to take it off now? Why try to tame a beast when you're afraid to see his power?" He wasn't afraid to talk back, and show them that he was untamable. He loved the bitter tone in his own voice, and the power behind everything he said.

"If you try to cooperate, I can remove it soon. If you keep presenting yourself in a threatening way, I wouldn't be too hopeful on ever getting your full power returned to you." They were standing inside the prison walls again. It seemed as though he would have to be locked up regularly, always left to think about his mistakes, always left to diminish in resistance. The blood in his veins was screaming for destruction. He wasn't meant to be tied down, away from his freedom. He wasn't meant to be chained to lesser beings, forced to become lower ranked like them.

"Heh. This damn thing probably doesn't hold in as much power as you think it would," he threatened. His piercing azure eyes stared at her with resilience as he noted the calculations running through her expression. He got her to stall, to fear for a moment that he had a point. Maybe he did. Perhaps the bracelets weren't all they were meant to be. Perhaps he still had the power to destroy the Lieutenant anyway, and make his escape. Sure, he could feel it draining him, but his stubborn vigilance did not allow his mind to stutter on that idea for long.

She opened the prison doors for him, and stepped aside to let him through. She nearly had her fingers wrapped around Haineko, but she decided to hold off on making herself look frightened, even if it meant she couldn't react as fast. He grinned at her, noticing her hesitation, and walked through the door obediently. She gave him a hard stare before locking the door again. A second night went by without death. A second night of threats that weren't even close to empty. He didn't plan on too many more nights like that.

End Day Two


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