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The Reeducation of Jocelyn Possible

1: Hard news over breakfast

The apartment was cloaked in shadows, hugged by the night like a gentle lover. Everything was still…well, almost everything. The apartment was not the only one being held by a gentle lover.

"Oh, god!"

Passion-fueled, earth-shattering moans followed what could have been mistaken for a prayer…or someone just enjoying taking the Lord's name in vain. The words bounced off of the walls, but missed the ears of the source each time they returned. The mouth speaking would actually be surprised that words were flowing; was the brain capable of instruction with such a delicious distraction? Apparently so.

"Oh, god!"

Blonde locks spilled over a pink-covered pillow as the owner thrashed about wildly as more loud "prayers" erupted from a wide open mouth. Tears gathered and fell from eyes that were seared shut from the fiery pleasure burning through lively veins thanks to receptive nerves. The tears mixed with the thin glow of sweat coating the writhing, pale body, making the squirming form's joy known in every possible way.

"Oh, god!"

Small hands slammed against the headboard of the large bed and then shot back downward, entangling themselves in an unruly mop of ebony hair that was going in every direction, upsetting gravity with its disobedience. Feeling the pressure, the response to the hands losing themselves in onyx locks, a tan hand crept upward from underneath pink covers. The tanned appendage trailed a hot path from the creamy abdomen to a bouncing breast. Strong fingers stilled the excited mound and entertained the soft hill with deep, tender kneading.

"Oh, god!"

As more "prayers" flowed, the devout follower felt more and more like the worshipped. The warm, knowing worshipper that was turning her inside out with the simplest of movements had to be divine. She was convinced of that; only a goddess could do something so perfectly, so absolute.

"Oh, god!"

Nectar, the libation, was taken in with fervor as it flowed from the goddess. The worshipper wanted nothing more than to drink the sweet wine forever, to hear those ardent screams forever, and to feel the fair body writhe due to her for all eternity. Alas, that was not meant to be; the clenching around her, like heaven beaconing her, told her that nothing lasted forever. But, things could be prolonged.

"Oh, god!"

The "prayers" were the same, but the motion of the worship changed. The pace was sped up, mouth murmuring, beseeching for glory—and forgiveness. Hands pressed, begging for peace—and amnesty. A final "prayer" was offered, undoubtedly loud enough to touch the heavens as paradise was achieved—and salvation should have been attained. Movement ceased as the session was winding down. Glory and peace were reached, but forgiveness, amnesty, and salvation still seemed like a dream.

"Baby, you are a love goddess," Trin muttered as she continued to try to catch her breath.

There was no verbal response, but Tatsu did try to bury herself deeper in flushed skin, cuddling into burning flesh. Trin giggled a little because of her lover impersonating a mole and reached down, wanting to bring Tatsu to her level. It was no easy task since Trin was not really attempting to do any lifting and Tatsu did not seem very interested in moving.

"Baby, I can't return the favor if you stay down there," the blonde pointed out with a pout on her face. She was looking forward to returning the favor.

Tatsu, again, did not respond verbally. She wrapped her arms around Trin's waist and buried herself as deep as she could in the warmth of the body beneath her. Her hands took up residency on the cushion of Trin's ass and she held on for dear life, like she was scared if she did not Trin would disappear.

"Baby—" The blonde did not get to go further than the term of endearment.

"Sleep…" Tatsu muttered. She was quite content where she was as she leaned against wonderfully hot flesh.

Trin watched as her lover drifted off to sleep, head resting on Trin's pale thigh. The blonde smiled softly at the sight, but a sigh escaped her lips as her shoulders slumped. She made sure Tatsu was covered as best she could be with the sheet on the bed while she supposed that she lucky it was such a warm night since she was going to be sleeping bare to the room.

"Why won't you let me touch you anymore, baby?" Trin asked in a low, sorrowful voice. The hot air that still smelled of her passion offered her no answer. Tatsu's light breathing was not of much assistance on the matter either.

The blonde could not recall the last time that she had been able to bring her love to climax and it was hurting her places that she did not even know existed until recently. Their encounters lately consisted of Tatsu making love to her and then falling sleep as soon as she possibly could without making their time together awkward. Trin was not sure what to make of such behavior, but it was troubling her. Troubling her enough that her mind pondered it almost every night and came up with strange theories as often as possible.

"I would think that if she doesn't find me attractive anymore, she would stop touching me rather than stop me from touching her," the blonde thought. "Wait, she hasn't stopped me. It's not like she's ordered me not to touch her."

No, true, Tatsu had not said anything in words, but as always, her body and her actions told most of the story. The mechanic hardly ever looked her in the eye anymore, especially when they were being intimate. Tatsu kept her eyes on her task, which usually involved some body part of Trin that was well below her head.

Whenever Trin initiated an intimate moment, Tatsu somehow—and quite rapidly—turned things around, so that she was in charge and she was touching Trin, making sure to keep the blonde unhinged enough for Trin to keep her hands to herself beyond pulling Tatsu to her for more. Sometimes, the shorter woman went as far as pinning Trin's hands above her head. At first, Trin thought this was just Tatsu trying out some old kinks, back from when they first met, but after it happened frequently, she knew something was wrong. She just could not figure out what was wrong.

"The baggage of being with me might actually be getting to her. Is she hinting that she wants out? She doesn't want me touching her anymore. But, if she wants out, why did she agree to come live with me for the summer?" Trin wondered. In fact, it had been Tatsu's idea!


"Baby, you know you didn't have to come all of this way to help the idiot-wonder pack," Trin told Tatsu as the mechanic entered the apartment. Tatsu shrugged, knowing she did not have to come, but she wanted to help get Shin out of the place as quickly as possible.

"I heard that!" Shin shouted from his room. They could hear him moving back and forth in the area.

"And I'm supposed to care?" Trin called to him while rolling her eyes.

"Shut the hell up and help me pack, shrew!"

Trin rolled her eyes again and motioned for Tatsu to go first. Tatsu sighed and shook her head while steeling herself to enter the wasteland that was known as Shin's room. Trin smiled at her.

"I cleaned it before you came over," Trin promised.

The mechanic exhaled thankfully and then marched into Shin's room. It was surprisingly clean, enough to make her pause and blink hard as she took everything in. She doubted that she had ever seen so much of his furniture and was shocked to find out that the floor was carpeted with a dark blue rug.

Shin was already wrecking the room like the force of nature that he was as he ripped through his closet and all of the drawers in his dresser. Suitcases lay open and waiting on his bed, but did appear to already be coughing up clothing. Blue eyes rolled when they noticed the suitcases.

"Help him pick out clothing that is practical for hot weather while I fold this stuff," Trin requested as she started straightening out his luggage.

"Warm like Florida?" Tatsu asked quietly while turning to the closet. She could not for the life of her remember where the hell Shin was spending his summer this year. It might have had something to do with the fact that she really did not care. She just wanted him out of the apartment and her blonde bombshell all to herself.

"Warm like Texas. He's going to be New Mexico for the summer," Trin reminded her love.

"Oh. Are you sure Booker will be able to stand him all summer?" Tatsu asked, quite seriously. She hoped that Booker did not send the crazy half-Japanese man back before she got all of her time in with Trin.

"It's not Booker I'm worried about. Can you imagine how Booker's mother is going to react to sharing a space with this one all summer?" Trin motioned to her friend, who was tearing through a drawer, spewing freshly washed tee-shirts all over the place. Trin's lip curled in fury, but her mouth did not voice her feelings.

"Hey, I'm damned fine company!" Shin declared and then it looked like he had an epiphany…or a stomachache; it was hard to tell with him. "I need my bathroom stuff!" He rushed out of the room to get his other travel supplies.

"Hard to believe he has to leave in less than two hours. If he got any more unorganized, he would come full circle and end up anal," Trin remarked and she did not bother to apologize for the pun. Tatsu missed it anyway because she had other things on her mind involving Shin's departure for the summer.

"Um…" Tatsu inched closer to her lover. "…Um…what're you gonna do while he's gone?" she asked shyly, glancing at her girlfriend and then at the floor.

Trin did not seem to think the question was so odd and continued folding clothes. "Me? I'm going to actually keep the apartment clean for three months and I do have classes to keep me busy. I'm also going to try to help Kim adjust to taking summer classes, not that I think she'll need much help."

"Oh." Tatsu sounded dejected, eyes remaining on the floor now, searching for something, but she was not sure what. "Yeah, you would have your clone around and Shego…"

"Baby, is something wrong?" Trin asked as she glanced up to see her girlfriend was eyeing the floor with a hard look of concentration in her ice-blue eyes.

"I was just thinking that you might get lonely here. I mean, three months by yourself is a long time…" Tatsu paused to push around an imaginary rock with her foot. She looked like such a shy little girl that her lover could not help smiling. She then continued. "…Um…Maybe I could…you know…stay with you…to make sure you don't get lonely."

"Baby, I would love for you to live here for the summer!" Trin threw her arms around her lover and placed a fiery kiss on Tatsu's mouth. They melted together like always and before Tatsu could pull away, Shin burst in.

"Dude, not in my room! This is my sanctuary!" Shin cried as if he was completely and utterly disgusted.

----(End Flashback)

"Why would she want to live with me over the summer if she's getting bored with me? Well, maybe it's the living together thing that's bothering her. She's not used to seeing me every second of everyday. I'm not very entertaining either…" Trin thought. Most people would probably consider her downright dull when she was left to her own devices.

Tatsu had been living with her for couple of weeks and Trin was certain that she had not changed her habits to include her lover. She went about living with Tatsu how she lived with Shin…or so she thought anyway. She cooked breakfast in the morning, left for class, came home, curled up on the sofa with tea and a book, did homework, and then went to bed. It was routine. It is wrong.

"Baby, I will make this up to you. I won't give you up without a fight," the blonde silently vowed. She would make it a point to pay more attention to her lover, to show that she was pleased with the mechanic's presence.

Trin drifted to sleep thanks to the exhaustion of Tatsu's earlier efforts. In the morning, she woke up first as always; Tatsu would not rise until she smelled breakfast. Trin suspected that Tatsu went right back to sleep after breakfast now. Trin left for class right after breakfast when she did have school and Tatsu was not used to rising in the morning when she was back in Middleton.

The blonde put her glasses on before anything else and then made sure to turn the alarm off of her clock. She usually woke up before the thing went off, but always set it just in case. She looked down at her resting girlfriend to see that Tatsu was knocked out in the same spot that she had fallen asleep last night.

Trin was able to slide out of bed without waking her love. She then made her way to the bathroom for her morning shower. She undressed and then spent a long time looking at herself in the full-body mirror that hung on the wall in the bathroom. She sighed and ran her hand through her hair.

"Same old me…mostly," Trin said to the air as her hands trailed to the most recent additions to her body, things that had been absent when she and Tatsu first started dating.

The first things her fingers traveled to where her gun shot wounds. The evidence that she was not invincible, immortal, or terribly lucky, even though she lived through it; to her, being shot in the first place proved all of those facts. Two small holes of wrinkled, rough skin marred what she used to think was her perfect physique.

Then there was her latest misadventure that happened a little over a month ago when she had gotten reacquainted with the man that helped create her by his teaming up with Shego's favorite former employer. Nothing was broken at the time…nothing bodily anyway; minds were another matter. There were still some scratches and marks dotting her body, though. She was not sure if they would ever go completely away, much like the mental scars.

"The one thing about me that could have truly been perfect, gone. Reminders of how crazy my life or being around me can be. Why would she want to stay with me? I'm broken, shattered, so why?" Trin shook her head. Just once, she wished that the damned air had an answer or two to help fix her life.

She let it go and went about her usual morning. She got dressed and was not surprised when she went into the dining room, Shego was sitting at the table and reading the paper, like she was at a café waiting for her meal to arrive. Kim was at the table too, cramming her English homework by reading a short story and trying to write what she believed the underlying message of the story was. By the look on the redhead's face, it was pretty clear that she had no damn clue what the story was about.

"Shego, what the hell?" Trin said while motioning to her little sister with a short sweep of her hand.

"What?" Shego grunted, knowing what the blonde's problem was immediately. "Don't try to blame that shit on me. Kimmie decided to go play hero last night. I went to bed thoroughly unsatisfied, I'll have you know."

"Mini-me," Trin scolded the redhead in a sharp, even tone.

"I know, I know! But, it was an emergency and I didn't think a little short story would be so hard to interpret!" Kim replied. She took a moment to bang her head lightly against the table.

Trin sighed, knowing that it would not help to reprimand her little sister anymore. She just went to start breakfast. The apartment was quiet for almost a half-hour. Trin served everyone when breakfast was done, giving Kim a plate of pancakes and a separate plate for her scrambled eggs; Kim hated getting syrup on her eggs. Tatsu's plate had six pancakes with eggs going all the way around the short stack; everything was covered in a generous amount of syrup. Shego's plate was similar to Tatsu's, except there was no syrup; Shego surprisingly hated the stuff. Trin's plate mirrored her little sisters; certain foods and condiments were never supposed to touch.

"Sis, don't forget that we have to pick up Joss tomorrow," Kim said while cutting her pancakes into eight perfect triangles.

"Joss?" Trin echoed and it was clear from the look on her face that she had indeed forgotten about their little cousin coming for a visit.

"We have to get her tomorrow. Her plane should come in at one. That should give us plenty of time," Kim reminded the blonde. Plenty of time for them to mentally prepare for Joss staying with them.

"Oh, right. When does that program of hers start again?" Trin inquired. Joss had gotten into a special summer program that allowed her to take college courses for college credits. Of course, the program would have to be held by their university, she thought; the universe had to love irony.

"Monday. Did you get the room ready for her?" the redhead countered. This caught the attention of Tatsu.

"Room?" the mechanic mumbled.

"Trin, you didn't tell Tatsu that Joss was going to stay here?" Kim asked incredulously. This was so unlike her big sister!

"Damn." Trin removed her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "I had other things on my mind," she admitted, but she refused to say what those other things were. They mostly involved on waking up to find her lover gone forever and the fear and pain that spread through her every time she imagined that happening.

"Why's your cousin staying here? She doesn't like Trin much," Tatsu pointed out. Shego scoffed; that was an understatement.

"Well, Uncle Slim couldn't afford to put Joss up at the dorms while he's still having the ranch rebuilt after our little adventure there," Kim answered. About ten months ago, her uncle's house and property had been ruined by DNAmy, who was in search of a baby Bigfoot that had taken a strange liking to Tatsu.

"But, why here? Why not you?" Tatsu asked the redhead. She thought that Joss liked Kim more than Trin, but then again, that was not saying much considering how the cousins parted with their family in Montana.

"We don't have the room. Our spare room is a gym and a poor excuse for a study. Trin agreed to let Joss stay here because she knew Shin's room would be open," Kim explained. "Sis, I can't believe you forgot to tell Tatsu all of this."

Tatsu's eyes drifted down to her food, even though she was suddenly not as hungry as she had been a moment ago. Her stomach felt like it was now digesting itself as her mind tried to assure her that she had not been left out of the loop on purpose. It looked like her lover truly had forgotten all about these plans she made with her relatives. But, that did not explain why she had not been told about the plans when they had been made sometime ago, enough time for Trin to forget.

"I've just had a lot on my mind," Trin tried to defend herself. She knew it was not a good excuse and if someone offered it to her, she would call "bullshit" right to their face.

"Bullshit," Shego coughed, earning a glare from the blonde.

"Anyway, Trin, don't think you think you have something to say?" Kim pressed.

Trin sighed and turned to her girlfriend. "Baby, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about Joss. I agreed to this before I knew you were going to stay here. If you don't want her here, I have no problem with paying for her to stay at the dorms."

Really, Trin was lying. She had a little problem with it because she knew that her uncle wanted Joss to stay with her and Kim. Slim wanted Joss to accept her cousins and also go back to viewing Kim like the hero she was. Slim was actually embarrassed that his daughter was pushing Kim away just because Kim was gay…well, gay and dating her former nemesis.

"It's your apartment," Tatsu mumbled worse than usual since her mouth was now full of pancakes. She needed something to keep her from talking, something that would keep people from saying anything to her.

"Baby, you're living here. If you don't want her here, I will pay to put her in a dorm," Trin insisted. Doing what her uncle wanted or upsetting her lover; there really was not a contest, especially not when she thought that the relationship was slowly slipping away.

"I don't mind. She can stay," Tatsu replied.

Shego was about to say something, but Kim glared at her, which kept the words at bay. Something was wrong, both Kim and Shego could tell. They wondered what it was and decided that they were going to try to find out…after breakfast.


Next time: Joss arrives and brings a storm with her.